Romain Grosjean, Lotus, Nurburgring, 2013

Rate the race: 2013 German Grand Prix

2013 German Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Romain Grosjean, Lotus, Nurburgring, 2013

What did you think of the today’s race? Share your verdict on the German Grand Prix.

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2013 German Grand Prix

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186 comments on “Rate the race: 2013 German Grand Prix”

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  1. JPedroCQF1 (@joao-pedro-cq)
    7th July 2013, 15:19

    Great race, really good fights for position all over the field, everyone was pushing as far as I could see. Again, we had a close finish. One more lap and it would have been even closer.

    And look at it, no punctures today!

  2. Fantastic race! Not too much drop off by the tyres, but enough to make things interesting. Further to this there was a huge difference in both performance and longevity between the compounds which led to such an exciting finish. The last 10 laps were truly edge-of-your-seat thrilling! This is what a great Pirelli race looks like, and what should be aimed for.

    Although Vettel winning was the worst possible outcome for the Championship battle, you can’t take anything away from the man today. Composed, hard fought win by him. Relieved that the cameraman is ok.

    1. Forgot my score. I gave it a 9.

  3. I gave it a 7 . Brilliant racing from vettel ,grosjean and kimi to a nail biting finish . Tough luck for webber as usual . Red Bull have brains all over ! they can design a car which works even on the moon ( Please don’t counter me with some gravity laws , I bet they have an answer for that too , they did some tests with felix baumgartner ) .

    Just could have been better with a couple more laps in the end . That’s why a 7 instead of 8 from me .

    1. you think the webber incident was tough luck? when I saw him pitting with a change to come ahead of his teammate I said, i bet the farm it’s going to be the longest pitstop since the Flintstones. Well RBR owe me a farm.

      1. Yeah . I predicted they would ruin his start . but maybe they needed him to squeeze lewis for vettel to get the job done . Also maybe they didn’t wan’t him to loose too many points . Unfortunately Webber can’t control these things . That pitstop was so bad . How come webber gets these always . Nothing is a coincidence . But vettel was omnious today irrespective of webber

        1. The reason this things happen to Webber is because Vettel is priority and they put their full concentration on giving Vettel the best they can do that they subconsciously relax when it is Webber and make mistakes.

  4. A solid 8.

    There was a bit of a dull moment just after the safety car which gave way to the tension of the finish.

  5. Gave the race 9 out of 9 for all the different tyre strategies and the safety car intervention.
    I must add that felt very bad for Massa and Webber for their problems.

  6. 9/10

    This is what F1 is and should always be. No ridiculously easy DRS overtakes or SC shuffles.
    10 -1 for the incident with Webber’s rear tyre.

    And what the hell happened to Massa? Such a shame.

  7. 8/10

    Lovely to see karma come and bite Mercedes.

    1. Are you refering to the test which gave them a clear advantage and solved their tyre issues? Couldn’t have been more obvious..

    2. @davef1 I don’t see your point . Their test has not given them too much as we saw today . Their car , unlike red bull is still temperature dependent ( Imagine what will happen in asia where temps are high) . They gave got a just penalty now with all the other cars also going to test with new tires and race drivers . They have enough karma for now . I guess they need some 1-2 race finishes to keep ahead .

  8. Anele (@anele-mbethe)
    7th July 2013, 15:33

    Lap after lap of nailbiting action, constant pressure on the leader till the last lap. The only thing missing was the lead changing hands a couple of times and it would have been a perfect 10. 7/10

  9. +1 for getting to see Kimi’s new haircut :P It was a nice race, i feel sorry for Massa and Webber, generally a nice race anyway, Kimi’s charge in the end looked incredible but he never seemed to threaten Vettel’s victory chances.

  10. I gave it an 8. It was a very good race with intrigue and good solid racing throughout the field. Thought the Hulk had a really good drive as did JB, they were both very good drives. Surely the track temps hindered Mercedes as they struggled throughout the race but that played into Lotus’ hands and Grosjean showed his speed today with a great drive.

    Kimi was a little unlucky in the end but a solid drive from the Iceman. Lotus as of now could really challenge at the Hungaroring and could be really quick.

    Did anyone see a replay of Massa spinning it looked bizzare from Alonso’s onboard. However Ferrari’s strategy just didn’t work I think because the pace isn’t in the car. They have stood still since Barcelona and the championship is slipping away from Alonso. Ferrari have to up their game.

    Vettel was asbsolutely brilliant today, that in my opinion is the best win of his career and he was top class. He really is starting to get closer to a 4th world title. This annoys me he wins his home race and they give him a Santander trophy. Hope the cameraman is ok.

  11. Brilliant race, 9/10. I was on the edge of my sofa until Vettel crossed the finish line. Tyre choice for this race was perfect, just well-judged. And it produced a variety of strategies, which I haven’t seen for a while. Also drivers were able to push quite hard. Classic track added even more appeal to this race.

  12. Shreyas Mohanty (@)
    7th July 2013, 15:43

    By suddenly, I meant a little while later. Alonso was 4 secs behind way before they pitted. I am an Alonso fan too. But atleast I am not in denial of the facts.

  13. What’s a shame in my opinion is that when Grosjean performs well, he is at some point in the race always told to let Raikkonen pass. Hope he can put on some good performances like this one without the team orders getting in his way.

  14. GREAT race by Lotus. I loved their team performance, but strategy was off a bit by running options in Q1 and not doing their usual one less pit stop. glad they finally getting quicker stops. if Lotus can keep up this kinda double podiums for the majority of races, they will definitely finish 2nd in the WCC and could be pretty close behind RBR.

    Seb had a up-close and personal experience and how Kimi would push him in the same car(Kimi makes it seem like Lotus is on par with RBR, imagine when they in the same car…Kimi could be a ahead)

    1. Actually Lotus was the fastest car today, even Eric Boullier said it during an interview.

      1. true. but man Kimi cant catch a break here. I think the radio problems made them panic a bit and pitted Kimi way too early cuz Romain went longer and came out 2nd. that 1st stop is what lost the win for him. im hoping for similar hot weather in Hungary and Belgium…and NO RAIN!

  15. 8/10 a lot of things going on, a lot of overtakes, and Webber really took advantage out of the SC period, fantastic stuff

  16. It was a really great race.
    A lot of strategies, great overtakes, fights for the lead.
    It was good.
    Very good. 8/10

  17. Loved that. Overtaking, different strategies, funny moments (Bianchi) and a battle at the front. 9/10 for me

  18. Absolutely awesome race, drivers were able to push throughout the whole race, as mentioned by vettel on the podium. No tyre failures and no stupid gp2 style crashes. There were only two things i didn’t like about this race one the cameraman getting hit by the tire(luckily he is still alive) and two the sc period was way too long i think after one lap the safety car had to come in.
    8/10 for me

  19. Kimi justifies Lauda’s comment he is a wimp. Such a good car and still fails to win.

    1. All Lauda said was: IF Kimi doesn’t join RB, he will be a wimp. Which is ok to say.
      Nevertheless dislike Lauda.

    2. And Kimi “Couldn´t give a ****” what Lauda says or thinks.

    3. I think you are the only sane person ( Lauda blabbers like a toddler to pass his time ) to call kimi a wimp . Guess what kimi told the reporters about the tire blowing on his face last GP . He said “that’s why we wear helmets”

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