Romain Grosjean, Lotus, Nurburgring, 2013

Rate the race: 2013 German Grand Prix

2013 German Grand Prix

Romain Grosjean, Lotus, Nurburgring, 2013

What did you think of the today’s race? Share your verdict on the German Grand Prix.

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2013 German Grand Prix

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186 comments on “Rate the race: 2013 German Grand Prix”

  1. Fantastic strategic race, very tense! It was a slow burner, unfolding for quite a while. Haven’t gave it a 10 only because of the quality of the actual track battles – nature of the circuit (front-limited) prohibited the drivers to drive side by side more often – most of the passes were DRS-assisted and trivial. But it was great fun to watch this race, so i gave it 9\10.

  2. 8. I’m not particulary impressed but this was for sure one decent race. We’ve had it very close for most of the time between the top 4, shuffles in the field, mixed strategies and thus a very present element of surprise.

    – 1 for the immense amount of mistakes in the pit lane (Williams throwing away points, the Webber incident, etc.)
    – 1 for a sort-of anti-climatic ending.

    If we had a three-way battle for position between Vettel, Raikkonen and Alonso, and no wheel incident, then it would have been a 10.

    Otherwise, a race how they should normally be.

  3. 9/10 This was without a doubt the best year of the race. Every lap was 200% tension. However there is a point I’m keen on making. We all know pitstops can be a dangerous thing but are teams not chasing impossible speeds by trying to do a 2.4 second stops? Over the past years we’ve seen more and more wheels roll down the pitlane. Today it was close but one of these days someone in the pitlane is going to get a pirelli tyre to his temple and then it is going to be game over. I’m not going to say we need some stupid restriction rule but perhaps we need a revision of the wheel guns, to make them a bit slower so we are actually sure the wheel stays on the car. I know something has to happen.

  4. boring! vettel led out of turn 1 and i said out loud “well, there’s your winner”.

    i remember when the winner wasn’t decided until the first round of pit stops. it’s sad that red bull domination makes the refuelling era look action-packed and unpredictable by comparison.

      1. they were only as close as vettel wanted them to be. after the safety car, he quickly put them back at arm’s length. this victory was never in doubt, despite what the commentators would have you believe.

        1. @f1yankee – Well, he just got a good restart, being able to dictate the pace once the SC pulls in. Lotus knew they had the car to win today, and were often in DRS range later on having closed in before and after the SC.

        2. I doubt any driver would want the chasing car to be within the DRS margin. Also Vettel had a KERS failure on some laps. He was being asked a few times by his engineer to push more to pull away from Grosjean.

    1. It wasn’t as much RB domination as it was Vettel all the way this time. It was he who beat both Hamilton and Webber into turn one, made it stick and fought very hard to win it in the end. Didn’t really see any ‘domination’ and calling it that is just looking for excuses for the fact that Vettel was by far the best driver out there today/yesterday.

  5. Nice race from Lotus… too bad for Lewis and tired of seeing Vettel winning… It’s the God damn Schumacher Era All Over Again… I hope Merc and Lotus (Kimi) can still take the title’s fight to the end…

  6. 8/10

    Good race, not the best one I’ve ever seen, but definitely one of the best of the season so far. I think the safety car was what made it interesting: it effectively cut the race into two bits, with the latter being pretty much a GP2 feature race. Everyone made one stop, some did medium-medium, a few did medium-hard. And as in GP2, that produced some fantastic racing, because the different strategies still had to overtake plenty of cars to make their strategy work.

    Too bad nobody could challenge Vettel for the win. Grosjean seemingly didn’t have the pace and Raikkonen just ran out of time. Lotus team orders weren’t particularly nice either – I wonder what if Grosjean could have done the medium-soft strategy? And of course, thank goodness no tyres exploded.

  7. It was a mini-sports car race without the interest of different technologies. It almost got exciting at times but eventually became the ususal high-speed train. Gave it a 5

  8. Yet another event dominated by tyres, tyres and tyres. Wearing very thin this narrative. So they didn’t blow up, hallelujah! A tyre manufacturer has managed to make a tyre that doesn’t explode when used. Congratulations.

    How about making a tyre that race drivers can use to race instead of this contrived artificial substitute for water sprinklers.


    Wimbledon provided a more interesting and exciting event. Next thing I know I’ll be rooting for thrill a minute cricket at this rate.

    1. Are you kiding the new Kevlar belted tyres proved to be way better then the old compounds :-o They could push way longer and better compared to some of the races this season where drivers were doing delta timed laps.

      1. I just want to go back to 2010 when every sentence related to F1 wasn’t obliged to have the word “tyre” in it.

        Doh, there it is again!

        Just put them all on the same tyre that will last the distance and be done with this illusion.

      2. Let me quote Nico Hulkenberg:

        However, having to fight for positions all the time is never good for the strategy, as it’s tough on the tyres and you loose time.

        So the drivers want to race but can’t because they have to nanny the tyres.

  9. Decent race 7/10.
    Reminded me an awful lot of Bahrain.
    I think had it run 62 laps we may have just seen Kimi take it, which would have been a far better result for the championship.
    It was awful to see Mark have such dreadful luck, again.
    It was utterly painful for me to see Lewis drop so far back again, although his last stint passes were really impressive.
    Fantastic drives from Romain, Kimi and Fernando once again, popping out of nowhere.
    I honestly thought Mercedes were in with a shout of the title this year, this race has now changed my view completely.

    1. As we have seen today and past races, on race day the teams are:
      Hot track/weather:
      Lotus – Very good
      Ferrari – Good
      Red Bull – Almost as good
      Mercedes – ****

      Cold track/weather
      Lotus – Average
      Ferrari – Average
      Red Bull – Good
      Mercedes – To the top!

    1. @chaddy Massa spun due to his own error by locking up both rear wheels, he would have continued but his gearbox was stuck in fifth and wouldn’t budge.
      I think Alonso just ran out of fuel which isn’t rare at the end of a race and I don’t think it’s a problem

      1. Thanks for the info on Massa.

        Regarding Alonso, he couldn’t have run out of fuel, because leaving less than a litre would be a big problem, and so far we haven’t heard anyone talk about it, suggesting that it wasn’t something that is going to have him unclassified.

      2. I’m starting to wonder if Ferrari are doing something odd with their brakes. Massa has been having all sorts of problems with brake lock-up this season, something which he has never had before.

  10. I voted 8/10
    Would have been a 9, but I am still shocked by the violence of the impact on the cameraman.
    Apart from that, the race was extremely exciting; it was really tense between Kimi and Vettel, and also Grosjean and Alonso, some great defensive driving by Hamilton to have been able to hold Alonso off about mid-way or so through the race.

  11. “Yes Yes and Yes again” The cream rises to the top yet again. Decent race overall 7/10. When Vettel wins his 4th championship this year even the doubters will have to recognise his quality.

    1. I’m sure no one doubts his quality.
      I for sure see that he is an immense driver and certainly deserves the titles he has to his name, I just think it’s immensely irritating when he wins races.
      Thankfully I am not alone.

      1. Finding it irritating when he wins is pefectly fine but unfortunately there still are some people out there who don’t recognise his achievements. Lots of people make sweeping statements like “Vettel only wins because he has the best car” blah blah blah, which is so easy to say but the reality is he had the best car in 2010/2011 perhaps but in 2012 McClaren had the best car. As regard this year Lotus, Ferrari and Mercedes are all just as good as Red Bull.

  12. Awesome race 9/10 we were all sitting on the tip of our chairs those last few rounds,and seeing Kimi miss the DRS detectionpoint in the penultimate lapbij 0.016 sec was heartbreaking!!!

    Vettel really had to fight for this one !

    And great racing all around!
    And we laughed so hard with the marussia rolling down the hill!

    give us moreof this this year!

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