“I’m going through a really tough time” – Hamilton

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Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Montreal, 2013In the round-up: Lewis Hamilton says he’s going through a difficult time emotionally.


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Lewis Hamilton Q&A (Sky)

“I wear my heart on my sleeve and that gets me in trouble a lot of the time and I generally find it very, very hard to fight my emotions. I’m going through… I’m trying my hardest to be positive but I’m going through a really, really tough time at the moment with the loss of someone really, really special in my life. My world’s turned upside down, but I have a job…”

Hamilton dogged by tyre trouble (The Telegraph)

“I?m not really thinking about the championship now. There?s really no point thinking about it ?ǣ especially as he [Sebastian Vettel] is over 60 points ahead.”

NB. Hamilton is 58 points behind Vettel.

2013 German Grand Prix – Post Race Press Conference (FIA)

Kimi Raikkonen: “After the Safety Car we were pretty OK and the cars, three of us, had similar speed and it’s very difficult to overtake anybody. I could run longer and we had a think about it, if we can try to run until the end but we had a massive problem with the radio. I could hear them but they could only hear me between two corners. So I’m wondering if we should have done it, take a gamble and try to go to the end because the tyres were pretty OK, my speed was pretty OK so it was hard to know what happens in the next ten laps.”

Ferrari must start winning – Alonso (BBC)

“To recover you need to win two or three races and at the moment it seems we are not able to do so.”

KERS issue forced Vettel to push (ESPN)

“I felt the push from the crowd and I tried to focus during the last couple of laps, knowing it would be very close with Kimi once he had passed Romain. Incredibly tough and the Lotus was incredibly quick and good at looking after its tyres.”

Injured cameraman to stay in hospital (Autosport)

“An FIA spokesman has confirmed that Allen suffered two broken ribs, a broken collarbone, concussion and bruises.”


Comment of the day

@Giuseppe asks what can be done to prevent drivers losing wheels in the pits:

Unless something is done to stop/prevent it, this sort of problem will keep happening in this mad dash for shorter pit stops.

Could it be possible to implement a safety system that simply prevents the car from starting if one of the tyres hasn?t been properly secured to the hub? I’m not engineer, so I have no idea how it could be done, but I’m thinking of some sort of hub sensor that prevents the car from shifting into gear (or otherwise prevents the car from starting) if it detects a fault.

From the forum

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Ev!

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On this day in F1

Mark Webber won the British Grand Prix for Red Bull on this day last year:

Image ?? Daimler/Hoch Zwei

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125 comments on “I’m going through a really tough time” – Hamilton

  1. Joshua Mesh (@joshua-mesh) said on 8th July 2013, 7:17

    At the start of the year Hamilton kept saying how he would be fighting to get into the top 10. Now he’s angry that he cant WIN? hahaha he’s too weak minded.

    • Hamilfan (@hamilfan) said on 8th July 2013, 7:30

      @joshua-mesh Things change quickly in f1 . Perez wanted to win the title earlier. He just can’t keep saying now ” I want to win, I want to win ” He knows what Mclaren can do this year and has to maximize . Similarly , Lewis knows that the merc can win , so he wants to win . Nothing wrong there mate .

    • Tyler (@tdog) said on 8th July 2013, 8:12

      Now he’s angry that he cant WIN? hahaha he’s too weak minded.

      You can’t seriously be criticising a 21 times winner, and former world champion, for wanting to win can you? No, it appears that you actually ARE serious.

  2. Pit stops should not affect the outcome of a race. they should simply be service stops for tyres, bodywork, aero changes and the like. They should certainly not be mad dashes against the clock which can result in work being incomplete and possibly fatal to any number of people.

    Each pit stop should be a standard 30 seconds long. Driver brings the car in, tyres are changes, visor cleaned, whatever work is done on the car can be done, and done properly, making sure everything is bolted on tightly, and then the driver his held until 30 seconds are up, and the car can then be released safely.

    No-one is disadvantaged because everyone has exactly the same pit stop time, and there are no more mad dashes in the pits trying to get that extra half second so your driver can get the jump on someone… that’s what the track is for… overtake out there.

  3. zoom (@zoomracing) said on 8th July 2013, 10:26

    The only thing that works properly in Ferrari is Alonso, until the realize that they have to fire people and get better tech staff, they are doomed.

    Another problem with them is that they are slow with everything.

  4. JackySteeg (@jackysteeg) said on 8th July 2013, 10:39

    Gosh, how often do we hear that modern F1 drivers are just corporate machines without any emotion? But when a driver does show emotion and humanity, then oh no, he’s an idiot and should be focusing on the racing. I guess Hamilton can do no right in some people’s eyes.

  5. MazdaChris (@mazdachris) said on 8th July 2013, 10:45

    The removal of non-essential personnel from the pitlane does seem a sensible way of addressing some of the safety problems. As others have said, there’s not really that much need for cameramen to be in the pitlane. And indeed, at the very least, why are they not subject to the same requirements (fireproofs, helmet, etc) as the pit crews? Similarly, there seems little reason why there should be a need for personnel to cross the pitlane.

    Trouble is though, this will only ever go so far. Look at the safety car period – half the field came into the pits at once. The pitlane suddenly filled up with hundreds of mechanics. Having fewer cameramen (camera-persons??) is hardly going to make that much of a difference in situations like that.

    Personally I think the whole thing needs to be cracked down on. Refuelling was gotten rid of on the grounds of safety – far too many incidents where cars drove away with the hose attached, and the ensuing carnage was always horrific to watch. But now in virtually every race we see unsafe releases. It’s one thing to allow a driver to go down the pit apron side by side, but it sets a dangerous precedent – you end up having cars effectively racing each other in the pitlane. It’s not part of the racing track. It’s a service area. And where the driver on the outside has to cross past a driver on the pit apron to pull into his pitbox, you have a very dangerous situation. You only need to look at the number of people you can get in the pitlane, just metres away from the cars, to see that having two cars racing each other is an accident waiting to happen, and that’s without things like cars being released without all the wheels attached.

    The best way to deal with this is by giving a proper punishment to the teams. Not just token fines which mean absolutely nothing to them. Genuine competitive punishments. Maybe incorporated into the driver points system being introduced next year. Or perhaps a ‘three strikes and you’re out’ type of punishment – if a team releases a car unsafely three times during a season, the team will get a race ban. Harsh, yes, but I think it’s the only way to really put them off pushing the boundaries so much.

    Or change the pit procedures so that we avoid it happening again in the future. How about bringing back refuelling, but this time look at how you can prevent the car from driving away with the hose attached. I mean, the cars are all drive-by-wire, and all have the same ECU, so why not have electrical contacts on the refuelling nozzle which, when they attach to the car, disable the driver’s throttle control? With refuelling you have plenty of time to make sure all the wheels are bolted on, and if you mandate standard parts for fuel rigs, and put in place a simple technical solution to prevent drivers being able to drive away with the hose attached, then all you need to worry about is punishing people for releasing one car into the path of another.

    Of course, if the tyres were more durable, with an average of 2 stops per race, you’d see far fewer incidents anyway since cars would spend less time in the pits. I’d say that at the moment it’s only a matter of time until someone is hurt. But then, this weekend someone was hurt, and no meaningful action was taken to punish those responsible. Does nobody think this is a problem?

  6. Chris (@vintly) said on 8th July 2013, 14:34

    Girlfriend trouble – yawn. He wouldn’t be talking about hi emotions if he’d won, that’s for sure.

    Overall, Mercedes have made a brilliant start to the season, way above anyone’s expectations pre-season. Keep it up Merc, Lewis just drive the car and keep growing up a bit by bit.

    Only Red Bull have the three ingredients to win the championship at the moment: a fast quali car, a fast race car, and a fast driver.

  7. Chris (@ukphillie) said on 8th July 2013, 19:30

    Is Lewis more suited to F1 or The Only way is Essex?

    Drama Queen. I’m sure you’re having a really hard time in your Swiss mansion driving around in your Top Spec Merc and having 100’s of millions of quid in the bank….

    Yeah…Hard life eh Lewis.

    • Howard (@howard) said on 9th July 2013, 9:52

      I’ve always thought same, he’s got a complicated ego and it’s exacerbated by the ego stroking he’s had since he first entered F1 with McLaren. He’s a F1 driver not pop star so why has he got XIX celebrity pop management building his image? Why does he try to be like Jay Z and Kanye West? His self entitled ego will be his undoing, outside Britain he’s not the mega pop star that he thinks he is. If he lusts mega attention and pop star status than he needs to go and live in LA.

    • FormulaLes (@formulales) said on 9th July 2013, 11:18

      When it comes to feelings and emotions, I don’t think the amount of money you have makes one scrap of difference. I’m speculating now, but I would assume that he had pretty strong feeling towards his ex, given he brought a private jet so he could spend more time with her; in his head, he might have had a whole life mapped out with this girl, and now he has to come to the realisation that none of that is going to happen. He seems like he is someone that dares to dream, and sets himself lofty goals, and dealing with losing someone that he really cares about is probably a massive blow to him, like it is to anyone that has lost someone that they really care about.

      I think he was very honest and dignified in the answers to the interview, and it must be massively difficult going through a break up, especially when being in such a public position, while still performing at the high level that he is. I think it’s pretty impressive.

  8. jpowell (@jpowell) said on 9th July 2013, 22:52

    Give it up Lewis you will never win another championship with these tyres, even against this bunch of cruisers.Mark’s given it up as a bad job ,see the light ,move on .

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