Mark Webber, Red Bull, Nurburgring, 2013

FOM change pit lane practice after accident

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Mark Webber, Red Bull, Nurburgring, 2013In the round-up: Bernie Ecclestone says his cameramen will work from the pit wall after one of them was struck by a tyre during the German Grand Prix.


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TV crews to work from pit wall after Germany accident (The Guardian)

Bernie Ecclestone: “There was a whole bunch of mechanics and the tyre could have hit any one of those guys. The cameraman just happened to be looking the wrong way at the wrong time. In future, all our camera crews will only be allowed to film from the pit wall.”

Martin Whitmarsh fears F1 is becoming ‘complacent’ after cameraman is hurt by bouncing tyre at German Grand Prix (The Independent)

“We have become a little bit complacent. Those of us who were around 25 years ago without speed limits could smell the inherent danger.”

Mercedes hopes to win testing reprieve (Autosport)

“Mercedes team principal Ross Brawn has admitted, however, that Mercedes’ only real chance of getting some running would be if the test ran into a fourth day – something that is unlikely to happen.”

New tyres key to title – Ferrari (ESPN)

“What happens from Hungary onwards, I don’t know because we know what the construction is and we know what the compounds are but we have never tested them together. We see how things can change so quickly with a couple of degrees [in track temperature] so you have one car that is very quick on Friday and then struggling on Sunday. I think this is really the challenge that all the engineers at the teams will have to face over the next few weeks.”

Montezemolo: “I have faith in the team: now it?s time for results” (Ferrari)

Stefano Domenicali: “There is a crucial test which we must exploit to the maximum, in terms of both the performance of the tyres and the technical development of the car.”

Changes costing Force India (Sky)

Deputy team principal Bob Fernley: “The tyres obviously have an effect but how big an effect is difficult to determine. Is there a great deal of point in making the effort to try and figure it out, when we’re going to have a completely new set of tyres as well for Hungary?”

Gary Anderson: Pit stops should be slowed down (BBC)

“I would suggest reducing the number of people allowed to work on the pit stop to two on each wheel, a front and rear jack, and the ‘lollipop’ man who controls the driver.”

Helmets and Overalls (James Moy Photography)

“Which is more dangerous? The F1 pit lane with 12 highly experienced cameramen providing imagery to a world audience? Or the Le Mans pit lane full of amateur photographers with a desire to snap a nice photo for their bedroom wall?”


Comment of the day

@Guilherme says too much time was wasted behind the Safety Car on Sunday:

The Safety Car stayed far too long to remove a car that, once stopped by the advertising board, shouldn?t warrant a safety car in the first place. And that was just because of the “lapped cars may overtake rule”, which in my opinion is unacceptable whether it is Chilton or Webber who is lapped.

In reality that safety car should have stayed just long enough to remove the Marussia and for the field to catch up. The two extra laps it took for Webber to catch up were two racing laps thrown away.

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