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2013 German Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

The disastrous consequences of Red Bull’s botched pit stop for Mark Webber were captured in this video shot by a fan at the German Grand Prix.

Webber’s right-rear wheel was not properly attached to the car before it was released and it came off as he rejoined the pit lane.

The video shows several people jumping clear of the wheel. It then struck an object and bounced into FOM cameraman Paul Allen. He was taken to hospital with broken bones and bruising but according to an FOM statement yesterday he is “expected to make a full recovery”.

Red Bull were fined ??30,000 (??25,830) for unsafely releasing Webber’s car from the pit box. It is the second time this year a wheel has come off one of their cars following a pit stop.

Webber also lost a wheel following a pit stop at the Chinese Grand Prix. On that occasion the wheel came off while the car was on the track. The team were fined ??5,000.

Red Bull claimed a new record for the fastest ever four-wheel tyre change in an F1 race during the Malaysian Grand Prix. They changed Webber’s tyres in 2.05 seconds.

They have been the quickest team in the pits in six of the nine races so far this year.

Following the incident FOM have decided their camera crews will operate from the pit wall during future races.

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