Red Bull “pushing hard for Raikkonen” – Boullier

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Kimi Raikkonen, Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Nurburgring, 2013In the round-up: Lotus team principal Eric Boullier says Red Bull are making a big effort to secure Kimi Raikkonen’s services for 2014.


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Eric Boullier on keeping Kimi, 2014, and more (F1)

“I don?t think that there is a fundamental change to what I said before. It is true that Red Bull is pushing hard to get Kimi on board and I am sure that they will put together a very nice proposal for him, even easing his PR life. But again: it will be Kimi?s decision.”

Lotus attempt to secure Raikkonen (BBC)

“Boullier also confirmed that the team had been late in paying Raikkonen his salary, which insiders say had not been paid since the beginning of the year. ‘It was paid late, yes,’ Boullier said. ‘But it has been paid. We have to if we want to keep him.'”

Hamilton still adapting to car (Sky)

“I’m driving a car that’s been built and designed around another driver, Michael [Schumacher] and Nico [Rosberg], so I’m trying to adapt all the skills and driving methods that I have to work with this one.”

Wimbledon champion Andy Murray has an easier job than me, says F1 driver Lewis Hamilton (The Independent)

“I?m in a different position to Andy Murray. He?s been very solid, but it?s just him and his racket. There are so many elements in racing ?ǣ the car, the suspension, the electronics, the engine, the tyres ?ǣ that have to be performing for you. It doesn?t matter if I?m in the same head zone as Murray, it all gets taken away by the tyres.”

Sauber won’t block Hulkenberg exit (Autosport)

Monisha Kaltenborn: “He has been doing a fantastic job so far. But we never stand in anybody’s way.”

Sauber facing ‘difficult time’ (ESPN)

Kaltenborn: “We all endorsed these changes and what we should really do is not wait until it is too late for some teams. In many situations we always wait for something to happen and then react, but in this case there are so many teams struggling that I think we should really do something about it before anything happens. We shouldn’t always wait for the big bang.”

Josh Hill, Fortec, FIA F3 European Championship, Red Bull Ring, 2013Hill’s son gives up dream of following father (Reuters)

“British racer Josh Hill has given up the dream of following world champion father Damon and late grandfather Graham into Formula One with the announcement on Tuesday that he was quitting motor racing.”

A longing for Schumacher (MotorSport)

“Some German journalists said last week that ticket sales weren?t good at the Nurburgring as none of the German drivers on the grid at present were really that popular. It seems there is still a longing for Schumacher.”

Formula 1 mid-season review: Back Vettel to clinch 4th consecutive driver’s championship (Unibet)

I take look at the state of play as F1 reaches the halfway point in the season for Unibet.


Comment of the day

What’s behind the FIA suddenly taking a more proactive stance on matters in F1? @Andae23 has a view:

The FIA has been doing a lot over the last few months. They have assigned some new committees and they are being very quick to respond to things like the Pirelli blow-outs and the pit lane incidents ?ǣ which is a good thing. The only real question is: why now? The Pirelli and pit lane safety issues have existed for months and forever respectively. Re-elections coming up… I?m not suggesting anything, but it?s a bit of a coincidence, isn?t it?

What we need is an FIA that is exactly like this, but then throughout the entire year. The only improvement we need is taking evasive action instead of dealing with problems when they come up, which should be fine if the FIA continues like this (read: that?s not going to happen).

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On this day in F1

Silverstone marked the halfway point in the 1988 world championship and McLaren continued their unbeaten streak as Ayrton Senna romped to victory in a streaming wet race.

Team mate Alain Prost pulled out of the race, citing handling worries but objecting more to the conditions.

Ferrari at least managed to keep McLaren off the front row but they were nowhere in the race. Instead it was Nigel Mansell who drove a stirring race from eleventh to second in the unfancied Williams-Judd. Allessandro Nannini was third for Benetton.

Here’s the start of the race:

Images ?? Red Bull/Getty, FIA F3 Europe

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187 comments on Red Bull “pushing hard for Raikkonen” – Boullier

  1. William (@william) said on 10th July 2013, 3:12

    Buemi thinks that Raikkonen is going to RBR. While Nico Hulkenberg is a real chance of going to Lotus by replacing Kimi and Grosjean is going to the Lotus sister team

  2. wsrgo (@wsrgo) said on 10th July 2013, 3:39

    Disappointed for Josh Hill, he was having a pretty good debut season in European F3, after finishing 3rd last year in the Formula Renault 2.0 NEC. I wish him the best of luck in the future in whatever he does.
    In a side-note, what’s it with Fortec Motorsport’s drivers in European F3? First Dmitry Suranovich announced retirement (okay, I’ll admit I wasn’t too sad about that), now Josh Hill..

    • Sergio Perez (@sergio-perez) said on 10th July 2013, 4:51

      Was looking forward to see him in the Macau Grand Prix… Anyway, this is what happens to the descendants of great legacies… They have it all and have the “luxury” of “following other interests”. Seems like he had talent- not easy to win or finish on the podium on International F3 at all. Just lacked the commitment and passion…

    • Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 10th July 2013, 9:33


      First Dmitry Suranovich announced retirement (okay, I’ll admit I wasn’t too sad about that)

      Good news for Conor Daly!

    • Bendanarama (@bendana) said on 10th July 2013, 10:06

      I’m a bit gutted about Josh Hill quitting. he’s always seemed like a really nice guy, and very talented – his overtake through the chicane at croft in Formula Renault was immense!

  3. Hamilfan (@hamilfan) said on 10th July 2013, 4:07

    @omarr-pepper dream coming through (kimittel) ? I just want nico and bianchi to have a good seat in f1 . They just deserve it .

  4. Sergio Perez (@sergio-perez) said on 10th July 2013, 5:01

    About Sauber, and also seeing what is happening to Catherham- and their need to “hire back” Kovalainen for testing- I hope this is also a good warning for teams to hire sub par pay drivers for their seats. Results matter. They have one talented driver in Hulkenberg, but he didn’t know the team, the car, the mechanics, so all car development had to start from scratch. They did a mistake by letting Kobayashi go. Williams I have a similar feel about it: By the looks of it, the “brains” behind car development and input was probably… Bruno Senna. Word of mouth- I don’t know the guy- is that Bruno is an intelligent and with mechanical knowhow individual. This makes a world of difference in setup and communication with the engineers. I remember I read somewhere that Mclaren would purposedly handicap their cars on track days when testing new pilots to hear their feedback. They would go for the driver that would do the fastest time AND give feedback and identify the problem. This is the difference between a great and a merely raw talent kind of driver.

  5. sumedh said on 10th July 2013, 6:17

    Regarding the safety car rule of unlapped cars, why is it necessary that the lapped car ACTUALLY has to make one extra round of the circuit?
    For eg: In the previous race, Mark Webber was 21st in the queue behind the safety car and one lap behind the driver in 20th place. Now, instead of Webber going around the circuit and again joining behind the driver in 20th place, can’t we just tell Webber “You have now gained an extra lap, safety car in this lap”.

    In a scenario where say Webber was 2nd in the queue and lapped by the driver in 1st (but not lapped by anyone else), instead of him going around the track, we can just tell Webber “let everyone through and join at the end of the queue, you are no longer lapped, safety car in this lap”.

    Won’t it save us a lot of time? esp. at tracks like Spa.

    • HxCas (@hxcas) said on 10th July 2013, 7:59

      That’s actually a pretty good idea. The whole idea of gaining a lap back when you’ve lost it fair and square is pretty artificial anyway so why not save a bunch of time and just have them feed to the back. It may be easier to have all other cars overtake the lapped runners though as I’m sure its easier to go forwards than backwards in those queues

    • MartyF1 said on 11th July 2013, 0:00

      In principal it sounds like a good idea, but in reality it means that Webber would have essentially had to complete 1 less physical lap than everyone else, and implications with fuel load and tyre wear mean that if he did finish high up on the podium someone would kick up a stink.

  6. Sri Harsha (@harsha) said on 10th July 2013, 6:35

    I should say First Lewis needs to keep a Distance from Media. Yes, He is a Celebrity in UK but he also have a Work to do. With all this Interviews every week coming out only make it harder for him. He was making his life difficult with Saying the Thing not in the Right way and trying hard to correct them again. so the Less he speak the better his life will be.
    Also Media should LEAVE HIM ALONE. If Lewis was struggling let him be. Let him know why he was struggling and let him and his team find a solution for that. The same goes for him when he was Succeeding. He was a Driver who can solve his issues all he needs is Confidence in team and Him self which he has currently.

  7. Aya (@ayatoybox) said on 10th July 2013, 7:25

    :( very sad see hill gave up always wish see him on F1 top podium like his father and grandfather

  8. Makana (@makana) said on 10th July 2013, 8:00

    If I was Ferrari right now, I’d consider swapping Massa with the contract free Hulkenberg immediately, like today, before the Silverstone test. The Hulk would get three days of testing and in my opinion help Ferrari more.
    I know it’s more wishful thinking as the contract with Massa stands but for humanity’s sake, Felipe has been toying with his red car for years now without any consistency or improvement… It’s about time that Nico also gets his chance in a big team. He and Di Resta deserve it.

  9. verstappen (@verstappen) said on 10th July 2013, 8:10

    From Benson’s article:

    The reports they are getting from Sauber about Hulkenberg have not been positive, …

    Hulkenberg made the wrong call and just doesn’t fit well with poor Sauber. I know people don’t like Benson, but he wouldn’t make it all up?

    • AdrianMorse (@adrianmorse) said on 10th July 2013, 8:34

      @verstappen, I’m getting the impression that a) Hulkenberg is very frustrated this season, and b) he isn’t being very constructive about it towards his team. In Malaysia, for instance, I was very surprised by his rant on the radio (after he finished in the points, I believe), about some things being “unacceptable”.

      If I’m right about him, and it’s hurting his chances to get into Ferrari, then that’s a shame. I would not only like to see what Nico can do in a competitive car, I would like to see Alonso being pushed in his team for a change. Not sure Fernando would be too keen on the idea, though.

  10. HiPn0tIc (@hipn0tic) said on 10th July 2013, 8:11

    Altough i understand why the RedBull interest in Kimi, i hope they could turn their attention for STR and give JEV or RIC a chance…

  11. Ron (@rcorporon) said on 10th July 2013, 8:27

    Some reports stating that Buemi claiming Kimi signed by RBR:

    Hopefully true!

  12. Prisoner Monkeys (@prisoner-monkeys) said on 10th July 2013, 8:40

    I’ll take Boullier’s comments with a grain of salt. By creating a threat of losing Raikkonen, he can easily lure more investors in, because he’s pitching it as “hey, the best team in the sport wants our driver, so we must be doing something right!”. And he never actually commits to his claim that Red Bull want Raikkonen. He just speculates.

    It’s worth noting that during the build-up to the German Grand Prix, James Allen said that his sources indicate that Red Bull want Daniel Ricciardo alongside Vettel. And he said it in an interview with Ricciardo, whose reaction made it pretty clear that there is some truth to Allen’s comments.

    • Deej92 (@deej92) said on 10th July 2013, 17:26

      I haven’t heard about these sources but I hope they’re reliable as I do want to see Ricciardo alongside Vettel. I can’t see Red Bull hiring a 34 year old when they surely want stability in the driver line-up, and would Raikkonen really want to challenge Vettel at this stage of his career?

  13. tobinen (@tobinen) said on 10th July 2013, 9:06

    Does anyone know which drivers are out of contract at the end of this year?

    Someone has suggested these:


  14. frow1967 said on 10th July 2013, 15:36

    Can anyone shed any light on why Di Resta seems to be overlooked all the time, McLaren last season and no real mention of him going to RBR, Lotus or Ferrari this year, is it a personality thing or do they think he not quite there as a top driver ( I think he could be)

    • Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 10th July 2013, 22:31

      Leaving questions of his ability to one side, his obviously fractious relationship with his race engineer would surely be a concern for any prospective employer (examples here and here).

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