Red Bull change pit stop practice for safety

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Mark Webber, Red Bull, Nurburgring, 2013In the round-up: Red Bull identify why their pit stop went wrong during the German Grand Prix.


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Motor racing-Red Bull change pitstop procedures (Reuters)

“When the mechanic with the wheel gun removed the nut to put another on, the gun slipped in his hand and he accidentally depressed a trigger that sent a ‘go’ signal to the man on the front jack.”

Honda to base F1 operation in Milton Keynes (F1)

“Honda plans to begin operations in Milton Keynes in June 2014, with the facility – already being used by Honda associates Mugen – providing a base for their trackside support operations, as well as a suitable location to rebuild and maintain power units.”

Ecclestone: Sauber need help (Sky)

“Ecclestone, however, will not be lending a helping hand as he said: ‘We have agreements that require us to treat all the teams equally’.”

In Brazil… (Joe Sward)

“The current contract runs out in 2015 and the work is necessary for the city to secure another five year deal. The new facility will include 40 pit garages with VIP hospitality above it, plus a new race control and podium area and a new media centre.”

How the pitlane TV ban will affect F1 fans (The Buxton Blog)

“At the end of last year, we as pit reporters lost a key tool with the end of Fanvision?s deal in F1. Having lost one critical link to real time information we had to rely on what we could see again with our own eyes in the pitlane in practice. Now this tool has been taken away, too.”

Lotus and Ayrton Senna agreement, 1987 (University of California)

This PDF of Ayrton Senna’s contract to drive for Lotus in 1987 is part of a large archive of documents from tobacco companies on the University of California’s website which includes more on other F1 drivers and teams who had tobacco sponsorship over several decades. Have a search through the archive here.


Comment of the day

@Colossal-Squid is surprised how much assistance drivers receive from their engineers:

You could take the view that the engineers are micro managing their drivers to an almost ridiculous degree. You often hear Rob Smedley telling Massa exactly when, where and how much KERS to use, or what gear to use going round a corner.

It?s shocking to me to hear a driver (as an F1 driver, supposedly one of the best in the world), being told how to drive their car, or take a drink.

From the forum

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Abishek, Sohan and Speeder_76!

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On this day in F1

Michael Schumacher scored a controversial win in the British Grand Prix 15 years ago today.

The race was run in soaking wet conditions and led by Mika Hakkinen until he went off and the Safety Car was deployed. Schumacher was given a drive-through penalty for passing overtaking under yellow flags but contrived to serve it on the final lap after he’d already won the race.

Hakkinen survived to take second ahead of Eddie Irvine.

Image ?? Red Bull/Getty

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87 comments on Red Bull change pit stop practice for safety

  1. Bendanarama (@bendana) said on 12th July 2013, 13:48

    Was having a nosy through that documents archive, and I found this little Gem: a document specifying exactly which HAT he wore for interviews, and how long those interview were allowed to be!

  2. GT_Racer said on 12th July 2013, 13:55

    I know of more than a few people, Including FOM cameramen who work in the pits who are unhappy about the new pit restrictions.

    Seen lots of comments around the net about using drones & wire-cams.
    I know that FOM have tested remote drone’s but I believe there are restrictions to where these cameras can be used & thats why there not widely used in MotorSport coverage.
    The problem with Wire-Cam’s in the pits is that you can only put them where you can fit the equipment. You need 2 cranes at either end of the cable & if there’s nowhere to put them at either end of the pit lane then you can’t use them.
    Same with rail-cam’s, If there’s nowhere to mount them securely on the pit buildings then you can’t use those either.

    Halmet-cam’s on team members & other wireless cameras on pit equipment is possible but you could not have that many because your limited on how much bandwidth can be put through the RF systems.
    This is the same reason only 9 in-car cameras can be active at any single time, Thats the max you can get through the system before you start losing both picture & signal quality.

    The reason FOM still used manned cameras in the pit lane is because thats what gets you the best shots, Other may get more interesting shots but they will never be as good as someone down on the ground holding a camera & thats why thats still what you see 99% of the time.

    The problem with the new restrictions is that were now going to have less information available from the pit lane.
    In practice were no longer going to be able to see shots of new upgrades & people like Ted Kravitz & Gary Anderson are not going to be able to show or tell us about whats going on down there & thats going to see a drop in quality of the practice broadcast which is where we always got told & shown those sort of things.

    If a car has damage & its not on the pit-wall side, Were not going to get any decent shots of it so again thats a negative for the coverage.

    The restrictions are purely badly thought out, knee-jerk over-reactions which will do nothing but hurt the TV broadcast & the information available to the fans.

    I’d be amazed if these restrictions last long, If the TV broadcast’s so suffer as badly as I believe they will, We’ll be back to normal by 2014.

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