Sauber ‘need ??20m to finish season’

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Nico Hulkenberg, Sauber, Nurburgring, 2013In the round-up: German media reports claim Sauber don’t yet have a budget to finish the season.


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Sauber-Rennstall fehlen angeblich 24 Millionen Euro (Spiegel, German)

Sauber face a ??24m (??20.8m) budget shortfall to complete the season according to this article.

F1’s pitlane ban: missing the point? (Autosport, subscription required)

“Rumours have long abounded that FOM wishes to control media accreditation ?ǣ as it does TV/radio outlets, who pay heavily for the rights ?ǣ and this could be yet another step in that direction, with the biggest payers (note, not players) enjoying privileged access.”

‘Put a lid on it’ (McLaren)

“As the sport progressed, the linen caps of the 1950s were overtaken by fibreglass open-face helmets, used in conjunction with goggles. They became the sport?s mainstay through to the late 1960s.”


Comment of the day

The British Grand Prix got a positive rating from readers on average but @Mike-Dee disagreed strongly:

I gave it a two, with the only positive being that it kept the drivers’ championship open. Anything else was ridiculous and had nothing to do with racing:

– Leader drops to back due to tyre blow (this is annoying as it passed the lead to someone less deserving)
– Two more cars have blown tyres
– safety car comes out which hurts some and helps others (I hate safety cars!)
– Leader retires with blown engine (see above)
– Safety car comes out, which some use to pit (see above)
– Frantic last seven laps with super easy overtakes by people on fresh rubber compared to those on old tyres (hailed as superb racing by many but frankly it was very predictable)

End result: Top finishers mostly in positions that flatter their performance as those positions were gained mostly by blown tyres/engines of others, and luck in two safety car phases.

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On this day in F1

Peter Revson scored his first Grand Prix victory 40 years ago today at Silverstone driving a McLaren M23. Team mate Denny Hulme was third behind Ronnie Peterson.

But the talk of the race was the multi-car pile-up caused by the driver of the third McLaren, Jody Scheckter:

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110 comments on Sauber ‘need ??20m to finish season’

  1. Owen Conwell (@skitty4lb) said on 14th July 2013, 14:02

    It almost seems like teams are paid their constructors cash on a race by race basis, considering Sauber had a decent car last year and this year it’s rubbish. You didn’t hear a thing about them being cash strapped this time last year. Or maybe Sergio Perez sponsorship was worth more then we thought?

  2. liam (@) said on 14th July 2013, 18:48

    Time for Ferrari to create a second team. Think of the benefits if they made Sauber a Toro Rosso. I’m sure it’s been discussed.

  3. Nimba (@nimba) said on 15th July 2013, 12:53

    Sauber F1 Team is facing all these Financial and Performance Issues because they are using a livery that is so much like HRT’s . If they revert to their last year’s still they can find some hope. Its a curse from HRT

  4. Wasn’t Renault banned for a race for repentantly having problems in tightening the wheels on? I think there are 2 very simple solutions. The first is to set a mandatory minimum pit-stop time and the second is to severely penalize offenders. There is no other way because setting up a common system through the paddock is an unrealistic long prospect to achieve not to mention not foul proof or impervious to cheating.

    • HoHum (@hohum) said on 16th July 2013, 0:05

      @peartree, I recently counted 16 personell involved in an ordinary F1 pit-stop to achieve a sub 3 second tyre change, 16 wages,superannuation,insurance, transport, accomodation,and food will not make much difference to RBRs budget but it must be a drain on resources for the tail-end teams.
      A minimum pit-stop time of 20 or 30 seconds would save money, make more durable tyres more desirable and improve safety.
      Unfortunately Bernie thinks pit-stops are entertaining.

      • @hohum I just pointed out 2 ways of solving the loose wheel pit-stop safety issue. I was replying to the autosport link. My comment was about safety not money.

        • HoHum (@hohum) said on 17th July 2013, 7:59

          @peartree, I agree with you on safety grounds, cutting the number of people per team from 16 to say 6 in the pit row would greatly increase safety, as would reducing the number of pit-stops,( zero pit-stops would mean a zero% accident rate) and since most of this post has been on money matters I thought I would mention the associated cost benefits.

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