Peter Sauber, Sauber, Shanghai, 2012

Sauber: Situation “serious” but team will continue

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Peter Sauber, Sauber, Shanghai, 2012In the round-up: Peter Sauber admits the situation facing his team is “serious” but believes they will remain in F1 for years to come.


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Sauber will be in F1 “for many years”, says owner (Reuters)

“The situation is serious. It is one of the most difficult situations since I’ve been in motorsport.”

Speed traces show Lotus getting too close for comfort (James Allen on F1)

“Despite falling just short in Germany, these fuel corrected traces show that the Lotus was as fast, if not a shade faster than the Red Bull. They are likely to contend for victory with Red Bull again in Hungary, although Mercedes looks a shoe-in for pole position in Budapest.”


Comment of the day

@Atticus-2 spies a missed funding opportunity for Sauber:

The price paid for Fangio?s Mercedes a couple of days ago would almost fill up Sauber?s budget hole.

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On this day in F1

The non-championship Solitude Grand Prix held on this day in 1962 saw a popular victory for the locally-built Porsche 804 of Dan Gurney.

Despite that win, and Gurney’s earlier victory in the French Grand Prix, Porsche cancelled its F1 programme soon after and never returned as a full constructor. They will compete in the World Endurance Championship next year with Mark Webber among their drivers.

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