Bernie Ecclestone, 2011

Ecclestone says he is being charged in bribery case

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Bernie Ecclestone, 2011Bernie Ecclestone has told the Financial Times he faces charges in the investigation into whether he bribed German banker Gerhard Gribkowsky.

Gribkowsky was sentenced to serve eight-and-a-half years in jail last year. He abandoned an appeal against the conviction in May.

Now Ecclestone says his lawyers “have received an indictment. It?s being translated into English.”

Ecclestone added: “We are defending it properly. It will be an interesting case. It?s a pity it?s happened.”

Gribkowsky was arrested in January 2011 and Ecclestone later admitted making a payment to him.

“I was asked to appear and I appeared,” said Ecclestone earlier this month. “Anything I said at the trial was the truth so I have no reason to believe or expect that anything could be turned against me.”

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