Daniel Ricciardo, Toro Rosso, Monaco, 2013

Horner indicates 2014 choice is between two drivers

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Daniel Ricciardo, Toro Rosso, Monaco, 2013In the round-up: Christian Horner indicates the contest for Mark Webber’s seat at Red Bull in 2014 is now between Kimi Raikkonen and Daniel Ricciardo.


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Horner keen to test Ricciardo (Sky)

“Horner has previously identified Jean-Eric Vergne, Ricciardo and Raikkonen as the three candidates to replace the Porsche-bound Webber. But asked point-blank whether the battle for succession was now a straight fight between Raikkonen and Ricciardo, Horner acknowledged: ‘Essentially, probably.'”

Formula One Group Press Release (CVC)

“Mr Ecclestone has six weeks to provide a response to this bill of indictment, prior to a decision being made by the Court on opening proceedings. The Board will continue to monitor developments in this situation accordingly.”

Formula One’s Ecclestone charged in German bribe case (Reuters)

“‘The main topic of the response will be the changing ‘confessions’ of Mr Gribkowsky,’ Duesseldorf-based law firm Thomas Deckers Wehnert Elsner said in an emailled statement.”

Formula One Boss Bernie Ecclestone Indicted for Bribery (The Wall Street Journal)

“The indictment could also affect potential plans for listing Formula One stock. CVC Capital, which now owns a roughly 35% stake in the company, has been looking into reviving plans to list Formula One in Singapore after pulling a $2.5 billion [??1.64bn] initial public offering last year. The overhang of the investigation was one factor behind the delay, according to people familiar with the deal.”

Bernie Ecclestone – the man, the myths and the motors (BBC)

” While the wheels of German justice have been turning in recent years, some in F1 believe they have detected a dimming of Ecclestone’s powers. There was the decision to shuffle this year’s grand prix calendar to accommodate a race that turned out not to exist, for example. Then there was his failure to prevent the introduction of a new engine formula, which is going ahead next year despite Ecclestone’s four-year campaign against the idea.”

Calado: Force India talk no distraction (Autosport)

“Over the years it’s got tougher, money being a big factor. I’m a believer that talent does show and that talent can get you through. All I can focus on is doing as good a job as I can, both in a GP2 car and on days like this.”

Intrigen in der Formel 1 (Bild, German)

Bild claims Mercedes’ Toto Wolff criticised company chairman Dieter Zetsche and team principal Ross Brawn in a conversation between Wolff and a former F1 team boss which was secretly recorded.


Comment of the day

What would losing Bernie Ecclestone mean to F1? GT_Racer has a few thoughts:

Anyone who thinks the sport will be better with Bernie gone is in for a major shock when that day comes.

Regardless of what people tend to think, Bernie actually does love this sport and has put a lot back into it to help build it to where it is. Whoever CVC decide to put in his place (And it will be a CVC decision) may not care about the sport as much.

Has Bernie made a fortune off F1? Yes. However he?s also spent a fortune and lost a fortune on F1.

From the F1 Digital+ service he had so much of his own cash invested in, To the TV side in general (in-car cameras, dedicated timing systems, consistent TV graphics at every race etc…) and way back in the days where he was putting his own money forward as price money for race winners when the individual race promoters were not always willing to put anything up.

Is everything Bernie?s done necessarily positive (or perceived as positive)? No. However he?s done far more good for F1 over the years than he has bad.

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On this day in F1

Alberto Ascari dominated the British Grand Prix 60 years ago today, leading all 90 laps at Silverstone and winning by a full minute.

Juan Manuel Fangio was second for Maserati followed by Ascari’s team mate Giuseppe Farina.

This was the first time the podium had been filled by world champions, something which would not be repeated for another 12 years:

Image ?? Red Bull/Getty