Caption Competition 33: Ecclestone and Hembery

Caption CompetitionPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Bernie Ecclestone, Paul Hembery, Circuit de Catalunya, Barcelona,

It’s been a difficult week for Bernie Ecclestone as prosecutors in Germany confirmed he is being indicted on charges of bribery.

Meanwhile Pirelli’s Paul Hembery has been contending with the aftermath of the spate of tyre failures seen during the British Grand Prix.

What have these two been discussing? That’s for you to decide.

Post your funniest suggestion for a caption below and a selection of the best will appear in tomorrow’s round-up.

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81 comments on “Caption Competition 33: Ecclestone and Hembery”

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  1. Eccelstone “Change the tyres or I will tell everyone about your affair”

  2. You let Mercedes test like that, really Paul are you as stupid as you look?

  3. BE: ‘Paul, if you’re looking for a job for next year, try CVC.’
    PH: ‘Why would I be looking for… Huh?’

  4. Sorry Bernie not interested

  5. Don’t worry Bernie, the only thing getting cut this weekend is your hair !

  6. Can we please talk about 2014 Bernie?

    Between you and me, Paul, I’m beginning to lose interest in 2014.

  7. PH: oh look, a penny!
    BE: you’ll need it to compensate all those girls affected when your new range of condoms burst…

  8. So Bernie, did you ask your daughters about next years calender?

  9. For health and safety reasons, these tyres are pre-delaminated

  10. “… so, you see, Bernie, it’s not so difficult to walk out free of a tribunal.”

  11. “Bernie, we have a new tyre compound idea, but we really need to know what you use to make yourself so slippery”

    1. The best one so far! :)

  12. PH: Listen , some teams are pushing for a private test .

    BE : Let them test their heads .I have had a testing time already.

  13. Ok Paul, exploding tyres only to Ricciardo this week. Did u see how close his times were to my little Sebbie boy? If he gets a ride at RB next year there’s no way anyone will believe another Aussie suddenly cant get off the line.

  14. “Bernie, I told you to use that remote sparingly, now they’re starting to get suspicious.”

  15. Bernie: I need you to make me some high traction soap

    1. bradleybibo
      20th July 2013, 15:34

      Hahahaha I get it, but he probably won’t be going to jail

  16. ”Hey Bernie….. As a very wise man once said…..Lets’s just retire and go fishing”

  17. “brace yourself Bernie … that guy with the camera promised me 50 quid if I would give you a big kiss.”

  18. Make ‘m go away!
    – the tyres?
    No, the Germans!

    1. I read it in the mayor’s and Basil’s voice from Fawlty Towers, great :)

  19. PH: “No Bernie, staring too hard at the tyres does NOT cause them to fail. Look, I’ll prove it to you”

  20. “So the going rate is 44 million?”
    “Usually yes, but where I am going a pack a smokes is the normal currency!!”

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