Wolff ‘not playing the woman card’ to get F1 seat

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Susie Wolff, Williams FW33, Silverstone, 2012In the round-up: Susie Wolff says she doesn’t intend to use the marketing potential of being a female racing driver to get a place in F1.


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Susie Wolff Q&A (Sky)

“For me that was really important and if that has more meaning to some people because I am female, then of course I will use that to my advantage, but I am not going to play that card as a way of ‘give me the drive because I’m a girl and I was fast enough’. At the end of the day there were a lot of great performances over the three days and we are all fighting hard to get into F1 and I have also got to keep fighting hard.”

Wolff drives women forwards with full Formula One test (CNN)

“After a tough end to my DTM career many people assumed I was always at the back and just wasn’t quick enough but I have showed that was possibly an unfair judgment.”

Sauber’s salvation: the inside story (Autosport, subscription required)

“Early this year a broker raised the possibility of a commercial and technical partnership with a Russian conglomerate. Peter [Sauber] and Monisha [Kaltenborn], a jurist with international law experience, poured heart and soul into the project, and by Bahrain it was clear from the smiles on their faces that progress had been made.”

Highlights of my McLaren career (McLaren)

Emerson Fittipaldi: “The old Buenos Aires circuit had the fastest, longest corner in Formula 1 and the M23 was extremely good in that corner. The fastest McLaren driver through there was Mike [Hailwood] ?σΤιΌΤΗ£ Mike the Bike! I followed him round to see how he went so quickly there. And of course my other team-mate, Denny [Hulme], won the race, which was another reason for me to be confident that the M23 was a quick car.”

Comment of the day

Here’s the winner of the latest Caption Competition from @Michaeldobson13:

Bernie Ecclestone, Paul Hembery, Circuit de Catalunya, Barcelona,

“For health and safety reasons, these tyres are pre-delaminated.”

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On this day in F1

Aintree held the British Grand Prix for the last time on this day in 1962. Jim Clark won for Lotus ahead of John Surtees and Bruce McLaren.

Image ?ι?® Williams/LAT

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128 comments on Wolff ‘not playing the woman card’ to get F1 seat

  1. gilgen (@gilgen) said on 22nd July 2013, 19:51

    eddie. wrong. she finished 23 out of 33. the ones behind her were vdg, pic, bianchi, Chilton who were all doing full tank tyre testing. the remainder were ..kvyat (who?), sato (who), rossi (caterham), stevens (who), gonzalez (who), and ellinas. apart from sato and kvyat, all the others were in caterhams or marussias. apart from the tyre testers, the only one who had sat in an f1 car before was rossi.

    by all means let Susie race in gp2 and then maybe you would see her ability. apart from that, would she even have the physical strength to do a race distance? are you sure that you name is not toto?

    • eddie3 (@eddie3) said on 22nd July 2013, 21:29

      @ gilgen No its not toto, nor am I a dodo. Her time would’ve been within the qualy standards for the British GP meaning she is at least fast enough. Note that she wasn’t running qualy laps but could still be close to qualy time. Factor in weight reduction for fuel and qualy tyres and she would improve even more. Just look at the figures with unbiased eyes and she did much better than average. My F1 heroes are all men but I know quite a few women whom I’ve wondered whether they shouldn’t have been in F1 in their day.

    • eddie3 (@eddie3) said on 23rd July 2013, 6:33

      @gilgen , I compared her times to others who were on track at the same time under the same weather conditions. We want fairness don’t we ? As I’ve posed to others, how would you rate Hans Stuck Jr as a driver and as an F1 driver. Why hasn’t more people heard of Pat Moss and were you aware that at one time she was being compared very favorably with her brother Stirling?.

  2. eddie3 (@eddie3) said on 23rd July 2013, 18:08

    @ Joe Papp, your treasured comment supports the view that F1 is a male glee club . A woman finishing midpack is characterized as useless or rubbish. The male finishing at the bottom of her group is ACTUALLY a current F1 driver.Defend this in any way except beating your chest and saying I am a man and I make and interpret the rules as I see fit. Please don’t be bashful . I’m awaiting your reply. Yes it will be a man you’ll be replying to.

  3. eddie3 (@eddie3) said on 23rd July 2013, 18:21

    Joe, there are four as in 4 current F1 drivers behind her. How is this possible. Is it because they weren’t women. Help me understand the standard.

    • gilgen (@gilgen) said on 23rd July 2013, 18:27

      Read my comment above. The four current F1 drivers who finished behind Susie were doing tyre testing only.

      • eddie3 (@eddie3) said on 23rd July 2013, 21:57

        That’s your latest excuse ? Try this instead. Her time 1.35.093 done just in testing trim and not qualifying, WOULD HAVE QUALIFIED her for the last British GP. Would you like to have that repeated. Explain away that fact if you can. She’s obviously fast enough in a car.

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