Bernie Ecclestone, 2012

Ecclestone successor ‘to come from outside F1’

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Bernie Ecclestone, 2012In the round-up: Bernie Ecclestone’s successor will be appointed from outside F1, a CVC source tells The Telegraph.


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Ecclestone’s successor will be from outside F1, CVC reveals (The Telegraph)

“The business is too small to have a successor lurking in the ranks. The successor almost certainly has to come from externally.”

Sirotkin: not too soon to make F1 move (Autosport)

“At the moment maybe I am a little bit too young but that doesn’t mean I cannot be ready. I have more than half a year to learn, I am doing a good preparation programme, and I can be ready.”

McLaren refuse to hit panic button (The Sun)

Managing director Jonathan Neale: “We?ve got to look long-term. McLaren have been around for 50 years, we?ve got 182 race wins. We will be back, we will be winning.”

How do you drive a supercomputer round a Formula 1 track? (The Register)

“How much computing power do you need to simulate a wind tunnel? Lotus?s beast runs at 32.5 teraflops, and packs in 10,000GB of RAM, with 1PB of storage, and generates 10TB of data a week.”


Comment of the day

Where has it gone wrong for Red Bull’s aspiring young driver Antonio Felix da Costa this year?

I think there?s something a little more tangible going wrong with Da Costa?s Formula Renault 3.5 season.

Even though it looks to all the world that he?s sneezed and let all of his talent go, you don?t go from megastar to mediocre in the space of a winter. The kid is clearly gifted.

He was GP3 and FR3.5???s fastest man in 2012, and in the opening round at Monza this year he started to catch Vandoorne by 1.5 seconds before getting the puncture that rather set the tone of Da Costa?s season.

Beyond the extra large helping of reliability issues Da Costa has had, Arden really haven?t been setting up the car properly. Both Da Costa and Pietro Fantin spend most of the races defending as their pace evaporates, and I know Fantin isn?t exactly in the running for an F1 drive, but to see two team mates struggling rather suggests a core problem with the way in which the team sets the car up.

Couple Da Costa?s setup woes with a ton of bad luck, and another ton of technical issues and you have a promising season comprehensively ruined. That however doesn?t detract from the fact that he drove excellently in the Young Driver?s Test and clearly has lost none of his potential – and is now looking a dead cert for a seat with Toro Rosso with Daniel Ricciardo probably signing on the dotted line as I type.

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On this day in F1

It’s also happy birthday to two-time Grand Prix entrant Torsten Palm, who’s 66 today.

The Swedish driver unusually arrived in F1 via Brazilian Formula Three. He raced in F1 twice in 1975 driving a Hesketh. He failed to qualify in Monaco but got on the grid for his home race at Anderstorp, retiring shortly before the end with a lack of fuel. That marked the end of his brief F1 career.