Mark Webber, Red Bull, Nurburgring, 2013

FIA to issue grid penalties for pit stop errors

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Mark Webber, Red Bull, Nurburgring, 2013In the round-up: Drivers will receive ten-place grid penalties if they lose a wheel after leaving the pits.


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Grid penalty for dangerous pit stops (BBC)

“Formula One teams will be given a ten-place grid penalty if they send their car out of the pits with a loose wheel.”

Quit rumours ‘rubbish’ – Hulkenberg (Autosport)

“Nico Hulkenberg has described rumours that he would leave Sauber after the Hungarian Grand Prix as ‘rubbish’.”

Ferrari completes Allison deal (Autosport)

“Although the former Lotus technical director was widely expected to make the switch to Maranello ever since news of his departure from his previous team emerged, there were still a number of details that needed to be sorted out before a deal could be put in place.”

Ricciardo in frame to replace Webber at Red Bull (The Telegraph)

Sebastian [Vettel] has no concerns about going up against any driver. He knows them both, he knows they are quick and both would represent a challenge but he is not looking to influence the team.”

Alonso: Good result is vital (Sky)

“Before the summer break, if this gap increases it will be a very stressed summer break maybe for all of us and less motivation. So it’s a very important weekend.”

Bernie Ecclestone may not look too far to find successor (The Times)

“Sacha Woodward-Hill is rarely seen and relatively unknown, but she is Ecclestone?s right-hand woman, his chief legal officer and one of very few people in the F1 organisation who has his complete trust. She will be Ecclestone?s stalwart adviser when he fights an indictment for bribery in a German court next month. He denies any wrongdoing.”

Ron Howard portrays ??engaging? Formula 1 world in ??Rush? (NBC Today)

This video feature on Rush is worth watching for some clips from the film you might not have seen and a fascinating interview with Niki Lauda at scene of his 1976 crash at the Nurburgring Nordschleife.

Motor racing-Marussia hope for a boost from Ferrari deal (Reuters)

John Booth: “[Pat Symonds] did bring the correct process. We don’t have a shotgun approach to bringing developments to the car. They are proven before they come to the circuit and that will stay in place.”

F1: Pit lane access during Free Practice sessions (FIA)

“From the Hungarian Grand Prix onwards, media (both journalists and photographers) wishing to access the pitlane will be required to wear a special tabard. 25 tabards will be available per session and will be allocated by the FIA media delegate, based upon requests received.”

Lewis Hamilton aims to keep his critics quiet at Hungarian Grand Prix (The Guardian)

“The team and I have constantly proved everyone wrong, race by race. We are second in the constructors’ championship which is a massive boost. I feel privileged and grateful that I have been able to contribute to that. I would never have thought we would have been in such a competitive position ?ǣ still within shooting distance of both championships.”

Esplora il significato del termine: L?Hungaroring prima delle vacanze (Corriere della Serra, Italian)

Fernando Alonso tried to get his former Renault colleague Pat Symonds to join Ferrari, according to Corriere della Serra.

Wolff ‘deserves more respect’ over her test runs (BBC)

“At Silverstone, given the context, Wolff did more than enough to prove she deserves a lot more respect than she has been getting.”


Comment of the day

LJ believes Sergey Sirotkin needs more time before making the jump to Formula One:

If he?s so good, he needs to be given the time to mature and adapt to F1 cars before joining F1. Another year in his current formula and make him part of the four new f1 testing sessions and young drivers test next year. Then if he shows the speed, move him into F1. If not, they should let him move up to GP2 and continue to let him test the F1 cars until he is ready.

Just throwing him into F1 next season would be a bad move, and I?m 99.9% sure he?ll not be ready and will obviously be called a pay driver because of being unprepared even if there is talent deep within him.

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On this day in F1

Mika Hakkinen won the Austrian Grand Prix 15 years ago today after Michael Schumacher went off while trying to catch the Mclaren driver.

David Coulthard made it a one-two for McLaren and Schumacher’s Ferrari team mate Eddie Irvine let him by into third.

Here’s the pivotal moment in the Hakkinen-Schumacher battle:

Image ?? Red Bull/Getty