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Start, Melbourne, 2013F1 team principals don’t want to see the F1 calendar rise above 20 races.

With nineteen races on this year’s schedule and three more planned for next season – in Austria, Russia and the USA – the 2014 F1 calendar could potentially include 22 rounds.

But most of the teams’ representatives in today’s press conference expressed a desire to cap the number of races at 20.

“Any more than 20 would be very difficult for a small team to service,” said Marussia team principal John Booth. “We’d start drifting in the area of having to have backup crews to rotate staff and that obviously becomes very expensive.”

“I think there’s a consensus about doing 20 races,” echoed Mercedes’ Toto Wolff. “Anything more, we need to ramp up the organisation. Let’s stick to 20, I think it’s a good number.”

But Toro Rosso team principal Franz Tost said he was willing to take on more races: “I’m happy as many races as Bernie [Ecclestone] can organise because we are a race team and if it’s 22 it’s 22, if it’s 24 it’s 24. I’m happy to go everywhere.”

He added that the calendar needs to retain Europe’s “classic races”:

“It’s one race in Germany, Monaco, Silverstone, Monza, Austria of course which is a new race on the calendar next year, we need to have more races in Europe and not just to go overseas”.

Booth agreed, saying: “All European races are very important, I think it’s where grand prix racing was born, and we need to maintain them as long as possible.”

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