Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Hungaroring, 2013

Hamilton concerned by Mercedes’ “shocking” pace

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Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Hungaroring, 2013In the round-up: Lewis Hamilton admits he is concerned about Mercedes’ long-run pace in Hungary.


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Merc pace looks ‘shocking’ – Lewis (ESPN)

“The car doesn’t feel bad but the pace doesn’t look great. The lap times are shocking, I haven’t had a good look at them so I don’t know how they compare to others, but it doesn’t look great.”

Red Bull not 100% happy yet (Sky)

“It looks pretty tight on one lap. Ferrari are not hanging around. Fernando [Alonso’s] always been strong here – I had a race in Formula 3000 with him back in 2000 – so the old dog’s still there.”

Sauber’s Russian recruit raises eyebrows (Reuters)

Sebastian Vettel: “When you are young and you dream about Formula One, you want to race no matter what. But I think things can be coming too early for you. I think I was probably just on the edge, if I look back now… It clearly took me a while to understand how Formula One works, how the car works and to make sure that I am driving the car and the car isn’t driving me.”

Ferrari still troubled by windtunnel (Autosport)

“Ferrari’s deputy chief designer Simone Resta admitted ahead of the Hungarian Grand Prix that the team was still working hard to get on top of its issues.”

Lewis Hamilton column: Mercedes performance better than I expected (BBC)

“I still don’t feel I have quite got the maximum out of the car. But that’s a real positive sign for me, because I’m still getting poles even though I’m not at 100%.”


Comment of the day

Aaron Banks isn’t convinced the threat of grid penalties will make pit stops safer:

It seems barmy to me that a sport as technologically advanced as F1 has jumped to banning media/minimum pit stop times/grid penalties as ideas for fixing the problem.

Grid penalties is a terrible idea, loose wheels isn?t about cheating and therefore punishment, it?s about safety and should therefore be about prevention. If this happens again and heaven forbid someone dies this time, are the top brass in the FIA going to sleep well at night because they know the offending team has been punished with a ten place grid penalty.
Aaron Banks

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On this day in F1

Happy birthday to former F1 racer Ricardo Rosset who is 45 today.

Although Rosset often seemed out of his depth in F1 he arrived in the series with a reasonable pedigree, having been runner-up in Formula 3000.

After a season with Arrows in 1996 he was involved in the short-lived Lola project the following year. He returned with Tyrrell in 1998 but fell foul of the 107% rule four times, failing to qualify.

Here he is in Monaco apparently trying to qualifying in reverse gear:

Image ?? Daimler/Hoch Zwei