Grosjean given 20-second penalty but keeps sixth

2013 Hungarian Grand Prix

Romain Grosjean, Lotus, Hungaroring, 2013Romain Grosjean has been handed a 20-second time penalty for his collision with Jenson Button during the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Grosjean collided with Button at turn six while overtaking the McLaren driver on the inside.

He finished the race in sixth place, 21.5 seconds ahead of seventh-placed Button, so the penalty has no effect on his finishing position.

The stewards noted: “The driver of car eight [Grosjean] admitted that he thought he had fully passed car five [Button] when he obviously had not.”

“He proceeded to move over to the left to rejoin the racing line whilst car five was still alongside.”

Grosjean accepted responsibility for the incident: “With Jenson I was a bit too much on the left. I think the track goes narrow and I think it was wider than that. I want to apologise and we’re fortunate that none of us got anything so that was good.”

Button said: “I think it’s pretty straightforward. I couldn’t go any more left. That’s it really.”

“Unless I’m on the grass, which is obviously not a place I want to me when I’m breaking for a corner, he had no way of not hitting me. He obviously didn’t realise how narrow the circuit is at that corner.”

2013 Hungarian Grand Prix

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