Rate the race: 2013 Hungarian Grand Prix

2013 Hungarian Grand Prix

Romain Grosjean, Lotus, Hungaroring, 2013What did you think of the today’s race? Share your verdict on the Hungarian Grand Prix.

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2013 Hungarian Grand Prix

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189 comments on Rate the race: 2013 Hungarian Grand Prix

  1. tmekt (@tmekt) said on 28th July 2013, 14:54

    I expect Hamilton to get close to 60 % at the DOTW poll after an easy Vettel-esque win.

    Entertaining race, gave it a 7 – probably would have been an 8 if there had been a real battle for the lead.

  2. Aditya F. Yahya (@adityafakhri) said on 28th July 2013, 14:54

    How did Mercedes gain that much? How??? Regardless, I think Lewis drive was sublime and the win was well deserved. Shame circumstances ruled out Grosjean…
    and the ultimate one was – Sebastian: “Hey, he didn’t give me enough room!” Conclusion: Kimi won’t go into Red Bull next year.

    • ramy (@ramysennaf1) said on 28th July 2013, 14:59

      haha, there was nothing absolutely nothing wrong with that duel, clearly vettel saying gibbrish to hide the fact he couldn’t pass.

    • Lari (@lari) said on 28th July 2013, 15:23

      @adityafakhri ” Conclusion: Kimi won’t go into Red Bull next year.” Except that this will have no effect on that, or if it has, it’s the otherway around, Kimi showing he can pull a 33 lap stint on tires and fend off their main man who’s 1sec+ faster per lap than Kimi. And moreover, Kimi fights until the end, hard but fair.

    • Andrei (@andrei) said on 28th July 2013, 15:33

      and the ultimate one was – Sebastian: “Hey, he didn’t give me enough room!”

      I like Vettel as a driver, but I must tell that this complaint was a little too much. That’s the kind of behavior that makes people call drivers “cry babies”.

    • You are reading too much into it. They were laughing about it on the podium and Vettel knows Raikkonen will fight hard, but fair. What he said over the radio was just spur of the moment and frustation. After the race there was no problem.

  3. Beto (@chebeto0) said on 28th July 2013, 14:54

    The only thing I liked about the race was an outstanding drive from Hamilton, and I don’t even like him at all. Seriously, respect. Other than that, maybe the fights from Grojean. Other than that, I though it was really boring. People getting stuck behind Button for half the race didn’t help. And I know it’s not his fault, he was just doing his job, but still, after the first 10 laps, a snorefest in my opinion.

    • BasCB (@bascb) said on 28th July 2013, 15:21

      Funny, I saw very nice defensive driving from both Raikkonen and Button, very nice attacking drives from Hamilton and Grosjean and a very good race from Vettel and Webber really. Shame about Grosjean throwing away part of that with mistakes on (or should we say off?) track.

  4. 8 – That was a pretty good race with Raikkonen and Webber’s different strategies making it interesting. Worrying for Ferrari that Alonso was really nowhere on pace compared to Hamilton, Red Bull and Lotus but then the Hungaoring has never been good for them since Alonso joined the team. It doesn’t suit the characteristics of their car and he was lucky to even finish ahead of Grosjean in the end.

    Good to see Lewis win, the move on Button was essential and won him the race, and I especially loved the opportunism where he used the backmarker to get past Webber. That was also important. He really deserved that given Rosberg got a pretty undeserved win at Silverstone when Hamilton would have walked it in all honesty if his tyre hadn’t have exploded. Loved Raikkonen’s defensive driving at the end as well. I think we are starting to see who is the better driver at Mercedes now although it has taken a bit longer than expected.

    Final quick question for anyone who may know the answer. What is the most number of second places by one driver at a single venue? Raikkonen now has 5 in Hungary, 4 times second to Hamilton. Must be pretty frustrating for him!

    • ramy (@ramysennaf1) said on 28th July 2013, 15:03

      raikkonen has a record of second places finishes, remember 2003, he had maybe 7 or 8 times second place.

    • Lari (@lari) said on 28th July 2013, 15:30

      How does “Rosberg having undeserved win at Silverstone” have anything to do with Lewis “deserving” this win? You would be better of saying “Hamilton lost a looking-to-be-win in Silverstone due to tyre explosion” and just leave Rosberg out of the equation, not like he caused it for Hamilton. I guess you think the engine blow-up for Rosberg now was “well deserved for Rosberg”? @debaser91

      • I don’t see anything wrong with what I said. Hamilton was due a win, he had some bad luck at Silverstone when Nico had some good fortune. Nothing more sinister than that. Rosberg was unlucky today and Lewis was a little fortunate that he got past Button quickly while Vettel came out just behind rather than just in front of Button. But Hamilton’s drive today was more impressive than Rosberg’s in Silverstone. And please don’t put words in people’s mouths, nowhere did I imply in any way that Rosberg deserved his engine blow up today. That was just bad luck.

      • JCost (@jcost) said on 28th July 2013, 15:47


        Maybe @debaser91 is not targeting Nico, from my understanding he should say Kimi if it was him winning the race Silverstone. Regarding luck, I think Nico’s is more on the bad side of it than the other way…

        • Lari (@lari) said on 28th July 2013, 15:57

          @debaser91 & @jcost I might read too much into it, just came out as “an attack” on Rosberg and “defend” on Hamilton, which I just couldn’t understand why it was needed. As Jcost said, Rosberg has had more than fair share of bad luck (more than Hamilton, you might add) this season. So if we should take sided, why not take Rosbergs side? Nvm, just stirring abit. :D

          • I apologise if you thought that was my intention. General misunderstanding, no harm done though.

          • Lari (@lari) said on 28th July 2013, 16:21

            All good man, I shouldn’t read too much into it, just want to defend the ones who’re left with the shorter stick :)

  5. Tommy C (@tommy-c) said on 28th July 2013, 14:57

    Good, (mostly) clean racing and some great defensive driving on different strategies. I quite enjoyed that one. Gave it an 8.

  6. AdamR said on 28th July 2013, 14:57

    6/10, Can’t see how anyone could really give it more than that to be honest?

    Hardly any overtaking, Hardly any opportunity for overtaking, No fight at the front & not a lot going on.

    Races liek this where Vettel wins usually get rated below 5, clearly Hamilton-Bias going on here as usual!

  7. TMF (@tmf42) said on 28th July 2013, 14:58

    Solid 8 – Hungary needs to change the layout a bit to make overtaking easier towards turn 1, 2 or 4. Then it would be an even better grand prix.

    • Sean Doyle (@spdoyle17) said on 28th July 2013, 15:15

      It’d take some landscaping, but why not straighten out the run between 3 and 5, and turn 4 into a slight kink?

      Also looking at the maps, perhaps convert turn 10 to a double hairpin, and follow that with a sweeper leading into what now is turn 12?

      • TMF (@tmf42) said on 28th July 2013, 16:31

        there is a lot of ground water beneath the circuit so doing massive landscaping like you suggest is gonna be extremely expensive. But I think if they changed turn 2 – make it leaning inwards to allow a variable race line then we’d see more overtakes already.

  8. Karthikeyan (@ridiculous) said on 28th July 2013, 14:58

    Went with a 4. Monaco without walls – so true.

  9. Hamilton has now win a race in every season since he is in F1.

    • Theoddkiwi (@theoddkiwi) said on 28th July 2013, 15:15

      A win and a pole. The only driver in history. This is also Hamilton’s first back to back wins for a particular race.

      • Max Jacobson (@vettel1) said on 28th July 2013, 16:49

        @theoddkiwi well that all depends if you define it by the calendar or simply by whole seasons, as if we exclude Vettel’s half-season in 2007 he’s also achieved that statistic. Nonetheless deeply impressive from Hamilton but also a mark of just how fortunate he has been with regards to his entry into F1 straight into a top team.

    • Lari (@lari) said on 28th July 2013, 15:32

      Is he the only driver also to have been in a team with winning capability for the whole career so far this getting these results? Not many people get the chance to start from a winning team @ race 1 in their careers.

      • Hamilfan (@hamilfan) said on 28th July 2013, 16:16

        ya not a great stat to boast about ! But he has loads of other stats ;) ..BTW where is he in the all time pole position list ? anyone ?

        • Max Jacobson (@vettel1) said on 28th July 2013, 17:26

          @hamilfan he is currently 7th (with 30) behind Mansell (32), Prost (33), Clark (33), Vettel (39), Senna (65) and Schumacher (68).

          • Hamilfan (@hamilfan) said on 28th July 2013, 17:58

            Wow vettel has that one going … can’t see lewis catching up unless vettel has a barren streak which is unlikely at the moment . Senna 65 ! respect !

          • Max Jacobson (@vettel1) said on 28th July 2013, 19:05

            @hamilfan Senna really owns that statistic though, as Schumacher took 250 races to reach that value whereas Senna only took 162 races – serious respect!

            I’m going to take a guess that Vettel will add to that tally before the end of the season also but well done to both of them – they’ve still got several years left each to add to their respective totals!

      • AlokIn (@) said on 28th July 2013, 16:27

        Button was Lewis’s team mate for 3 years and he has only one pole to his credit compared to Lewis’s 9 poles.
        It does not mean that every one will get a pole , if you have a good car.
        Driver skills do matter a lot.

        • Aldoid said on 28th July 2013, 17:13

          Exactly… & the one pole Jenson got was when Lewis & his side of the garage got the wing choice wrong. Compare Vettel’s poles to Webber’s during their tenure together @ RBR as well.

  10. Dimitris 1395 (@dimitris-1395) said on 28th July 2013, 15:00

    I liked it. It had an unexpected winner, variety of strategies some good battles and plenty of brave overtakes. Oh, and there were no DRS power or tyres drama.

  11. Rigi (@rigi) said on 28th July 2013, 15:00

    a solid 7
    pretty entertaining race, however spoiled by that incredibly stupid penalty for grosjeans who would’ve been a contender for the podium aswell

  12. Danksa (@danieljaksa) said on 28th July 2013, 15:01

    8. Enjoyed the race. Great pass by Ham on Web with the back-marker in the mix – WOW!

  13. Chris (@tophercheese21) said on 28th July 2013, 15:03

    Loved every moment of it! 9

    • Chris (@tophercheese21) said on 28th July 2013, 15:24

      I picked Vettel to win, and im SO PLEASED that I was wrong!

      – Hamilton wins!!!
      – Mercedes race pace was actually really decent.
      – Epic battle between Grosjean + Vettel
      – Great recovery from Mark
      – Kimi’s ability to look after tyres and still keep relatively good pace is incredible. Great strategic call for the 2-stop.
      – Button holding up Vettel was very entertaining. Particularly enjoyed that!
      – Good to see Williams finally getting their first point!

      – Unfortunate to see Grosjean shoot himself in the foot repeatedly.
      – Ferrari have to improve their car. Fernando will not even come close to winning the WDC with his current equipment. As good as Fernando is, no one can compete with that machinery.

  14. JackySteeg (@jackysteeg) said on 28th July 2013, 15:13

    Didn’t get a single element of my predictions right, so 1/10.

    …I joke, of course.

    A very solid 8/10 for me. Not a classic but thoroughly enjoyable all the way through. Overtaking, while not impossible, was not as easy as in previous races, which resulted in some very enjoyable passes.

    The only thing that’s left a bitter taste is the penalty following Grosjean’s sensational move on Massa. But, them’s the rules, so no point in complaining about that.

  15. dutch in sweden (@dutch-in-sweden) said on 28th July 2013, 15:15

    8 for me, nice to see Mclaren working their way to the front again and finally that first point for Williams

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