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Mercedes simulate F1 engine noise at Monza in 2014

2014 F1 seasonPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Mercedes have released the latest simulation of what Formula One cars will sound like after new engine regulations come into force next year.

Teams will switch from the current normally aspirated, 2.4-litre V8 engines to 1.6-litre trubocharged V6 engines. Uprated Energy Recovery Systems will replace the current KERS.

The new power units are expected to have comparable power outputs to the current engines, but use significantly less fuel.

Mercedes say the video provides “the most accurate impression so far of how the new Power Units will sound in 2014, with a maximum rev limit of 15,000 rpm and a single turbocharger spinning at speeds of up to 125,000 rpm”. It shows a video lap of Monza on the team’s simulator synchronised to an audio recording of one of its development V6s.

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  1. Even with dts on it still sounds like an angry wasp.

  2. There must be some mistake in the video. That’s the sound of Hubert Booth’s vacuum cleaner patented on August 30, 1901.

  3. If anybody is interested this article goes into great detail on the sound and what the engineers think the real sounds will be. They say that this sound is an example but in the real world it will sound different then this. Also they will maybe comfort some of you because they say that because of the layout they will on track sound the same as the V8’s just with a lower tone. Its interesting to read guys

  4. 1981 Ligier, Matra V12:

    That’s more like it

  5. 1 minute 34 seconds lap around Monza… hmmm !

  6. All these people comparing it to vacuum cleaners & other such appliances must be deaf as it sounds nothing like any of these things.

    To me it sounds like a racing engine, A powerful & very fast racing engine & I love it!

    In the 80s nobody complained about the turbo’s, in fact they complained when they were banned. Nobody ever complained about the cart/champcar turbo’s, In fact they all complained about the N/A IRL V8′s. Nobody has complained about the current Indycar V6 turbo engines, in fact the fans love the way they sound & much prefer them to the 3.5ltr V8′s indycar used before.

    Everytime there is any sort of change to F1 be it aero rules, tyre rules or engine rules everyone always whines about how ‘f1 is dead’, yet when the change comes through the whining stops. When the current V8′s were introduced everyone whined, yet now they want the V8′s to remain.

    Were going to V6 turbo’s because thats what the manufacturer’s want, Thats why Honda’s coming back. Consider that both F1 & Indycar asked manufacturer’s what they wanted for the engine formula & its therefore no surprise that both Indy & F1 went with V6 Turbo’s, Thats the direction the actual engine manufacturer’s who actually have to produce these engines want engine development to go.

    Were never going back to V12′s, They were too inefficient & created far too many problems (Size, weight, fuel consumption, heat), Thats why Ferrari ditched the V12 to begin with for 1996 in favor of a V10.
    Likewise were not going back to V10′s regardless of how much whining is done & likewise its time for the current V8′s to be put to bed.

    You can’t just stick with an engine formula just because the fans like the sound of N/A V8/10/12′s, The manufacturer’s want turbo’s because thats the way the world is going. You stick with the current N/A formula & F1′s engine technology will become irrelevant & the engine manufacturer’s will leave, Then what do you do when it becomes a single engine formula or something?

    Look around, Practically everything is going small capacity turbo (With energy recovery systems), Thats what engine manufacturer’s want so if you want to encourage engine manufacturer’s into F1 thats the direction you have to go!

    Besides the V6 turbo’s sound like race engine’s, the racing will still be good & the cars will still look spectacular fast through the corners, Speeds & laptimes won’t change significantly & F1 will still be F1!

    F1 2014 & its new engine formula can’t come soon enough, Really looking forward to the future (Just wish they would ditch DRS & bring proper racing tyres) :)

  7. Its alright!! I can learn to like it!! And lets not forget that the manufacturers will not be giving away too much in the sound simulations as a rival engineer might be able to decipher something about design just from the sound!! turbo whistle at low revs, some backfire during downshifts and other kind of weird and wonderful noises might be edited out!! Lets see!!

  8. I listened to it in 1080P but there still seems to be a lot of loss in quality, or is that the sound of the turbo?

  9. Juampa Valverde
    5th August 2013, 4:47

    I hope Honda will make theirs sound like the RA168-E. That thing sounded manly!

  10. Sounds fine to me… personally never liked the V8s, always sounded like a tractor on crack cocaine compared to the V10s and the godawful grinding noise from the blown difusors didn’t help.

    However I was hoping for some sound of the turbo. Probably the only whining noise we’ll hear next year is from the Ferrari pits battling excess fuel consumption and massive engine failures ;)

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