Fernando Alonso, Ferrari. 2013

Caption Competition 35: Fernando Alonso

Caption CompetitionPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Fernando Alonso, Ferrari. 2013

Here’s Fernando Alonso having fun with science in the run-up to the German Grand Prix.

Can you think up a witty caption for this picture?

Submit your funniest suggestion in the comments and a selection of the best will be chosen for next week’s round-up.

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Image ?? Ferrari/Ercole Colombo

140 comments on “Caption Competition 35: Fernando Alonso”

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  1. Felipe will soon find out why I’m faster than him!

  2. Fernando is desperately trying to transform Ferrari into ” just a drinks company”.

  3. Let me experiment n make my Ferrari run faster; after my engineers have failed in 2013….

  4. After Vettel confirms that he prefers kimi to be the no2 in the team next year, alonso prepares a new drink to rival red bull.

  5. Now let’s drink this serum extracted from Seb’s hair and I’ll become finally super fast in qualifying! This will make me invincible! *evil laughter*

  6. “…and this for Luca!”

  7. Sir Humphrey
    4th August 2013, 21:40

    Aha! Now I can rule the world!

  8. Sir Humphrey
    4th August 2013, 21:47

    You say Felipe produced all these urine samples during first friday practice?

  9. Chris (@eddie4102000)
    4th August 2013, 22:06

    di Montezemolo’s Revenge: Fernando was now the official Ferrari urine sample collector.

  10. Fernando: “Sun Tzu says: ‘Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.'”
    Lady: “Well Montezemolo says ‘When drivers say stupid things, they have to test every little bottle of oil we have to see which one we put the wee in.'”

    1. Dennis the menace (@)
      7th August 2013, 5:49

      haha, great reference. I can imagine Alonso sitting up at night studying the art of war

  11. hiss not what I want, I’m driver no, what am I doing jere, these gloves are itchy, ay

  12. “Are you sure Luca can tell this from whisky?”

    1. FIX:

      “Are you sure Luca can’t tell this from whisky?”

  13. Puma enters the exciting new market of lab safety clothing.

  14. I would like to officially open the Marenello cloning facility by injecting this beaker with DNA taken from Adrian Newey’s last hair follicle

  15. Alonso is testing his new race gloves. Protective, cool and more importantly less bulky. Enabling much faster in car tweets on Sunday.

  16. Alonso: “What? Didn’t Vettel say he preferred RAI because the chemistry wasn’t right?”

  17. ‘Does the carpet match the drapes?’

    1. Dennis the menace (@)
      7th August 2013, 5:50

      classic…got the biggest laugh from me so far…

  18. Wait until we add this to his energy drink.

  19. “If they are making F1 cars then I will start making sport drinks..” mumble mumble..

  20. They told me i was going to take part in a secret test… Err not quite what i’d hoped

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