Mercedes 2014 V6 F1 engine

Hamilton “certain” of “very strong” engine in 2014

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Mercedes 2014 V6 F1 engineIn the round-up: Lewis Hamilton expects Mercedes to be in good shape for the new technical regulations next year.


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Mercedes will be a force to be reckoned with in 2014 – Hamilton (ESPN)

“I am certain we will have a very strong engine next year.”

Russen sagen Sauber ab (Bild, German)

Bild claims the board of Russia’s National Institute of Aviation Technologies has not approved the deal with Sauber that was announced last month.

Adrian Sutil Q&A: I want to get back to scoring points (F1)

“We have to see how much the others will improve over the next weeks, but yes, my hope is that the next circuits will make things easier again for us. It?s a nice and cozy feeling to be a permanent point-scorer so we want to get back there!”

F1 Builder With $10 Billion Debt to Sell Assets: Corporate India (Bloomberg)

“The builder of India?s only Formula One racing track seeks to reduce debt by 150 billion rupees ($2.5 billion) [??1.58bn] by selling its cement plants in southern and western India, some of its power generation units and property in a year, Suren Jain, managing director at Jaiprakash Power Ventures Ltd. said in an interview. The flagship Jaiprakash Associates Ltd. has $10 billion [??6.47bn] of total debt, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.”

Force India set for facilities upgrade (Autosport)

“If wind tunnel time is going to be restricted, there is no point in us installing a new state-of-the-art wind tunnel and adding capacity that will not be utilised, in which case we might share a wind tunnel with somebody.”

Jody Sheckter [sic] from Formula One to farming (CCTV)

“One to two drivers were killed every year. I had done what I wanted to do. I think the real magic had gone form me. I saw a lot of people getting killed and I saw a lot of people who didn?t care about the drivers safety that much. And so I didn?t have anything else to do but I felt I needed to get out. I didn?t have anything left to do.”

How much do Formula 1 cars cost? (MSN)

“Total of basic parts = ??1.150m per car.”

Enzo Ferrari: his example lives on (Ferrari)

Luca di Montezemolo: “Twenty five years on, he would be happy to see what Ferrari has become today, a unique industrial and racing institution, which represents Italian excellence and continues to enchant the millions and millions of fans of the marque, all over the world.??

Continental notes, September 1973 (MotorSport)

“Every year or 18 months, for as long as I can remember there has been a bad motor racing accident. Someone has left the stable door open and a horse has got out. There is a great cry, a mad rush to slam the door, lots of shouting and yelling which dies away until the next time the door is left open and another horse gets out. I do not know what the complete answer to it all is, I wish I did, but I am very worried that one day we are going to be told forcibly, by law-and-order, that there is no solution and that the stables, the doors and all the horses have got to be done away with.”

Bernie Ecclestone, Fabiana Flosi, Christian Horner in Dubrovnik (DubrovnikTVnet via YouTube)

Planet Murray (Gordon Murray Design)

“The T.25 and T.27 concept has now been sold to a customer and with a following wind a lot more drivers should be able to enjoy the centre drive experience in 2016!”

Montoya won’t be back at Ganassi in 2014 (Associated Press)

[Juan Pablo] Montoya has been with Ganassi since 2006 when he abruptly left Formula One ? where he had seven wins and 30 podiums ? for NASCAR. It’s his second stint with the car owner ? the two teamed together to win the 1999 CART championship and 2000 Indianapolis 500 before Montoya moved to F1.”


Comment of the day

Will fuel be the dominant subject next year in the way tyres have been this year?

The fuel-saving debate could be quite similar to the tyre degradation debate we?ve been having for the past couple of year. Defending fuel saving, one could say that fuel saving has always been part of Formula 1. I think however, that I would side with the This-Level-of-Fuel-Saving-is-Too-Much camp.

In IndyCar, there is quite a lot of fuel saving, too, but at least there you have the option of making an extra pit stop and putting in some really fast laps. In next year?s Formula One, it could be that even before the race has started, a driver is resigned to lifting-and-coasting for 300-plus kilometres, and knowing he will go backwards in the race compared to his more fuel-efficient rivals.

The latter scenario could arise in case one engine (say, the Mercedes) has very high power output, enabling its drivers to qualify on the front row, but poor efficiency compared to another engine (the Renault, for example), in which case a lot of frustrating afternoons are in store again for fans of the former engine, except at Monaco.

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Alain Prost increased his lead in the 1983 championship with victory in the Austrian Grand Prix. His closest title rival Nelson Piquet> finished third behind Rene Arnoux.

Patrick Tambay led the opening laps before being badly held up by the lapped Ligier of Jean-Pierre Jarier, allowing Arnoux to pass:

Image ?? Daimler/Hoch Zwei