Kimi Raikkonen, Lotus, Monaco, 2013

Ferrari rubbish Raikkonen rumours

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Kimi Raikkonen, Lotus, Monaco, 2013In the round-up: Ferrari deny they are considering rehiring Kimi Raikkonen.


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Raikkonen link ‘unfounded’ Ferrari (BBC)

“Ferrari say there is ‘no foundation’ to claims they are considering Kimi Raikkonen as a team-mate for Fernando Alonso next season.”

Vettel critics disrespect Webber – Horner (Autosport)

“Asked what he would say to anyone who still doubted Vettel, Horner replied: ‘I think that’s very disrespectful to Mark Webber, because we run two cars and Mark is a good race driver, a very good race driver.'”

Contract in place, initial payments made (Sauber)

“The collaboration with Russian partners, as announced by us, is progressing well. The contract with driver Sergey Sirotkin is in place.”

Perez gives himself 6/10 at McLaren (ESPN)

“Right now I am in a good position to always try to maximise the full potential of the car and explore the limits and the way we set-up the car. To maximise every single bit because that’s the difference between Q2 and Q3.”

Ducati?s winning secret (MotorSport)

“If this was Formula One, his team PR would probably commence each debrief with the words, ‘Please, ladies and gentleman, we?d appreciate it if you only asked questions relating to Cal [Crutchlow’s] performance on track this weekend. Thank you for your understanding…’ Or maybe MotoGP has already stooped to these levels and journalists will be told to do just that at Indy. I hope not.”

Inside Williams F1 ?ǣ all in a good cause (The Telegraph)

“The Save the Children charity, in association with the Williams Formula One team, is holding another gala dinner on Saturday, September 28.”

Comment of the day

Thoughts on safety in F1 today from @Bullmello:

It is a safer era for racing and F1 in particular. Even if some up and coming young drivers were not born yet or too young to remember the death of Ayrton Senna, they obviously will know the history.

Nowadays it is safer in F1 to be in the car than on the track in an official capacity, statistically speaking. Racing is still dangerous and F1 is very fortunate to be on such a safe streak for drivers for so long. You can’t blame the drivers at any age for wanting that to continue.

Recently at one of the local race tracks a car spun during a race and somehow leapt over a proper barrier and landed on an track official killing him. You just never know. It was a freak accident. The barrier was in place, but the angle of the car, the speed and trajectory led it to pitch itself right over the wall. The track official in the pits was not out of place, just in the wrong place at the wrong time. All that can be done now is to re-evaluate the safety precautions to try and make sure it never happens again. But, racing can be dangerous.

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On this day in F1

Damon Hill scored his first ever Formula One race victory in the Hungarian Grand Prix 20 years ago today.

Hill led every lap of the race after team mate Alain Prost stalled his car on pole position and had to start from the back of the field.

Riccardo Patrese was second for Benetton ahead of Gerhard Berger’s Ferrari.

Here’s Hill becoming the first ever son of a grand prix winner to win a race himself:

Image ?? Lotus/LAT