Heikki Kovalainen, Lotus, Singapore, 2010

Cooling ‘biggest challenge’ for F1 teams in 2014

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Heikki Kovalainen, Lotus, Singapore, 2010In the round-up: Cooling will be the biggest headache for F1 designers under the new engine regulations next year.


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Future vision: Engineers discuss 2014 changes (F1)

Caterham technical director Mark Smith: “The cooling challenge [is] probably the thing that, I imagine, has most people up and down the pit lane scratching their heads. It?s reasonably easy to come up with a solution that will cool, but to come up with a solution that will cool and give you the optimum aerodynamic performance is the challenge.”

Williams praises ‘spectacular’ Bottas (Autosport)

Claire Williams: “He has done a spectacular job for the team this year. The thing I have been most impressed with is his maturity and I suppose maybe, because of his nationality, his calmness comes out in situations where he could be completely the opposite.”

Kaltenborn sees signs of recovery (ESPN)

“It’s been a disappointing first half because we clearly came here with high expectations which were based on last year’s performance and in view of the changes from last year to this year I think we had good reason to believe that. We somewhere went wrong, we’ve seen the result now and now we’re working our way up again slowly but surely.”

In my view: The Three Dimensions of Sport (Global Sports Jobs)

Adam Parr: “Red Bull argued against the introduction of a Drag Reduction System (DRS) that allowed following cars to overtake more easily (by operating a rear wing flap). Red Bull were qualifying on pole every race ?ǣ they were not interested in making overtaking easier.”

Lewis Hamilton tells Sir David Frost he’s a family man at heart (Daily Express)

“When I got growing up it was not that easy to, and still today, actually split yourself between two families it?s never been that easy.”

Winning is everything for fans – or is it? (BBC)

“Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone speculated two years ago that something must be done to stop races becoming too predictable. His solution was simple: it ought to rain more. ‘Wet races are always the most exciting,’ as Ecclestone put it. Even Formula 1, though, is unable to arrange a contract with the weather. So Ecclestone suggested that rain should be artificially supplied by a track-side sprinkler system. The fact it was even considered demonstrates how even the most technical sports crave narrative uncertainty.”

Russia’s anti-gay law could impact Olympics (Travel Weekly)

“The biggest losers if the firestorm does adversely impact tourism could be the Black Sea resort of Sochi itself, which is also poised to host the G8 summit and the inaugural Russian Formula 1 Grand Prix in 2014 (although a deadline snafu has put the auto race in question).”


Comment of the day

@Jeanrien thinks Sauber should give Robin Frijns a chance before Sergey Sirotkin:

I would rather see a scenario in which Sirotkin got his superlicence during pre-season test. Frijns get the drive at Sauber but Sirotkin has the FP1 drive to get use to F1 without putting him on the big scene too early and get him ready for the next year.

This would allow Sauber to have a potential good driver with Frijns but no money from him, money coming from Sirotkin and justifying the fact that Frijns won?t have any FP1 to let them at Sirotkin. Could be a situation in which all three have something to gain from.


Daniel Ricciardo, Silverstone, Young Drivers' Test, Red Bull, 2013

F1 Fanatic reader Andrew Pugh was at Silverstone for the recent Young Drivers’ Test and sent in these pictures of Daniel Ricciardo’s off while driving the Red Bull RB9.

“You could see Ricciardo building up his confidence through the sweeping former final sector,” explained Andrew. “On lap seven he was late on the brakes and ran wide before the apex at Luffield.”

“He tried to tiptoe his way out of the gravel but eventually beached the Red Bull.”

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On this day in F1

Michael Schumacher scored a famous win in the Hungarian Grand Prix 15 years ago today.

A switch to an aggressive three-stop strategy allowed Schumacher to put pressure on the McLarens. A broken anti-roll bar slowed Mika Hakkinen, who in turn held David Coulthard up, which helped Schumacher take the lead.

Coulthard finished second ahead of Jacques Villeneuve’s Williams.

Here’s an early Martin Brundle gridwalk from the race featuring Sylvester Stallone:

Images ?? Lotus/LAT, Andrew Pugh