Start, Buddh International Circuit, 2012

Indian GP organisers want government support

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Start, Buddh International Circuit, 2012In the round-up: The Indian Grand Prix organisers urge the government to help them pay for their race.


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Government should treat the Indian Grand Prix as their own: Jaypee’s Sameer Gaur (NDTV)

“If F1 has to be in India on a long-term basis, the Government of India should own the event like it is their own event, not only look at it as a Jaypee event. Yes, Jaypee has made the circuit. Yes Jaypee has paid the license fee but the government can share the licence fee. There are many governments around the world that share the F1 license fee.”

Lotus holds key to Raikkonen future (Autosport)

Raikkonen’s manager Steve Robertson: “If the team can provide him with the answers he is seeking, which will ensure he has a car that can fight for race wins and the championship, then he will stay.”

Brundle: Kimi wants to leave (Sky)

“Does Raikkonen really want to leave Lotus? You have to assume he does as he is scouting around.”

McLaren doubt they?ll win a race in 2013

“Asked about McLaren?s chances of winning this year, Neale said: ‘I think that will be a real challenge, if I?m honest.'”

A question of feeling (Ferrari)

“Two days after that event, Kamui [Kobayashi] presented Eugene Kaspersky with the damaged nose of the F60, which now holds pride of place in the CEO?s Moscow office.”

DC Describes A Disastrous Belgian GP (F1 Speedwriter)

“As I was taking off my gloves Michael came running into our garage shouting and screaming at the top of his lungs: ‘WERE YOU FUCKING TRYING TO KILL ME?!’ I said something like: ‘It was you who ran into the back of me, pal.'”

Emmo: My greatest tracks (McLaren)

“The Nurburgring Nordschleife – not to be confused with the pale imitation that the Formula One circus uses today – was and still is the most majestic stretch of asphalt on which Grand Prix cars have ever raced.”


Comment of the day

@Magnificent-Geoffrey wonders whether most tyre manufacturers would want to take over from Pirelli:

I really don?t see why F1 would go anywhere else for tyres. Pirelli have done their best to fill a difficult brief they?ve had to fulfil and, for the most part, have done a good job and have been very open about their desire to continue supplying the sport.

On the other hand, the way they?ve been abused by the FIA and chastised by the fans (unfairly, in my view) when they?ve fallen short must surely put the majority of other would-be suppliers off from wanting the job themselves.

I think the FIA believe that being the official tyre supplier for F1 is this golden privilege and major aspiration for all tyre manufactures all over the world. While that may have been true once, I think the trouble Pirelli have had to deal with over the last two and a half seasons has shown that it can be as much a curse for a supplier as it is a blessing.

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Ian Scheckter turns 66 today. The older brother of 1979 world champion Jody Scheckter started 18 F1 races but never scored a point.

He retired from racing in 1989 following a horrific crash in a touring car race at the Killarney circuit in South Africa, in which his car and that of a rival cleared the pit wall and hit a crowd of bystanders, killing two of them.

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