Raikkonen still in the running at Red Bull – Horner

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In the round-up: Christian Horner says he wouldn’t rule out Kimi Raikkonen joining the team next year despite Raikkonen’s manager having said talks were at an end.

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Red Bull not ruling out Raikkonen for vacant seat (Reuters)

“‘I wouldn’t rule anything out at the moment,’ [Horner] told reporters in a teasing, cat-and-mouse briefing in Red Bull’s double-decked hospitality unit at the Belgian Grand Prix.”

Kimi Raikkonen and Daniel Ricciardo the talk of the paddock as Formula One returns at Spa (The Independent)

“Raikkonen?s failure to turn up to today?s press conference owing to a ‘bug’ has sparked rumours once more that the Lotus driver is yet to be paid by his team.”

Red Bull would be fair – Ricciardo (BBC)

“I’m sure if I was in a position to win a race in the future, I’d be allowed to.”

Alonso: Ferrari misinformed (Sky)

“I think it was wrong information coming to the president, to be honest, because we looked back through all the press conferences. With these recorders, it’s easy to check exactly what you say and obviously it was nothing different to any other grand prix.”

Ferrari’s Felipe Massa heads to Belgian Grand Prix with future on the line (The Guardian)

“Ferrari’s president, Luca di Montezemolo, who has been publicly critical of Alonso in recent weeks, even though the Spaniard has carried his indifferent car for the past four seasons, is thought to favour sticking with Massa if only the Brazilian can show him some encouraging form in the coming weeks.”

Fernando Alonso: ??We need to keep believing that we can do it…” (Adam Cooper’s F1 blog)

“The title will be decided by what the performance of the cars in next four races, in my opinion. We have Spa, medium downforce, Monza, light downforce and Singapore, maximum downforce. These three circuits, with three completely different set-ups and configurations of the cars, will tell us which is the main contender for Vettel. He is the big favourite.”

Formula One: Adrian Sutil tells Lewis Hamilton to “grow up” (The National)

“He is not able to speak ?ǣ maybe he is scared of me, I don?t know. There is a time when people have to grow up and he hasn’t done it.”

Raikkonen not market key – Hulkenberg (Autosport)

“Obviously Kimi is playing a role there but it is not necessarily depending all on him.”

Hamilton ‘more motivated than ever’ (ESPN)

“It’s the same every year, you have one [good] race and people get excited and then you have a bad race and negative things are said. I’m not focused on what is trying to be said. I’m just focusing on the job I have and I’ve been training hard over the break, which is very different to the last six years when I’ve taken it as a real holiday.”

Women who have plastic surgery ??can’t stand themselves’, says Niki Lauda (The Telegraph)

“My then wife fainted when she first saw me [after his 1976 crash at the Nurburgring], so I knew it could not have been good. As I get older the scars get lost in the lines, and, well, you just get used to it.”


Comment of the day

DaveW on Spa’s curious grid grooves:

If it prevents a start behind the Safety Car, then it will have done its job. Otherwise, it’s just going to slow down the guys in front a bit. Given the infamous concertina effect at La Source, not a really great thing.
DaveW (@DMW)

From the forum

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Innim and Tomas!

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On this day in F1

Alberto Ascari won his second world championship 60 years ago today in the Swiss Grand Prix at Bremgarten.

Here’s some footage from the race:

Image ?? Red Bull/Getty

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99 comments on Raikkonen still in the running at Red Bull – Horner

  1. andae23 (@andae23) said on 23rd August 2013, 7:47

    First of all, fantastic to hear about the new server!

    Re COTD: the thing with a safety car start is usually that there is too much spray, so a few laps behind the safety car dries it up a little before they start. So I don’t see why a few grooves on the starting grid would prevent safety car starts.

  2. Really Sutil? You are still going on about it? Want some cheese with that wine(glass)?

    And what is the big problem with the press conference and the question whether they are ready to be fathers? Grosjean became a father during the summer break and therefore it does have some relevance. And the lighthearted responses were quite refreshing from the usual drab conferences… Allow the drivers to be human why don’t you?

  3. rankx (@rankx22) said on 23rd August 2013, 8:32

    What is it with Alonso’s “I-said-nothing”? Is he lying in our faces now? Is he teasing Ferrari?

    • Nick (@npf1) said on 23rd August 2013, 8:50

      Even in modern F1, it’s possible Fernando’s words were mis-translated or mis-interpreted. Think of how many F1 sites use Google Translate and how many motorsports journalists will write a page long article about 3 remarks made by Hamilton in one race. If Button wasn’t as loved as he was; there would be pages filled with rumors about him joining Ferrari as well with his quote about the team over-analyzed and raising the question where Alonso will go. (In no way meant to be a dig at any mentioned driver; rather the people in the press who blow up any speculation or quote.)

      If Alonso and the Ferrari PR department have found the tape of the interview in which he said that and his actual words can be explained to Luca in a different manner, I still think Fernando would need some major debating skills to defend even the implication he would rather drive for another team.

      • BasCB (@bascb) said on 23rd August 2013, 9:08

        Well, sure. It IS possible that was about a mis-translation, or a mis-interpretation @npf1. What I find far (and I really mean FAR) more likely explanation, is that they have sat down and agreed to refrain from open bickering and get behind solving their issues and just say this to get the subject off the table.

        You can be sure that Luca would have had the tape of those interviews played for him already even before he had his statements published by Ferrari. That is exactly why teams record EVERYTHING their drivers say.

  4. Mikeybgaming said on 23rd August 2013, 9:03

    Nico to red bull and sutil to Mercedes lol!

  5. BasCB (@bascb) said on 23rd August 2013, 9:13

    Interesting viewpoint from Lauda on cosmetic surgery. I do agree with him in that its often visible (and make all those celebrities look alike over time with the same cheeks, big lips, thin noses etc) and that its probably a lot to do with not feeling good about themselves enough.

    But only a very strong person like Lauda himself can uphold that “You have to have enough personality to overcome this beauty bull—- and find the strength to love yourself the way you are.” Its not that easy when you are down to just overcome your problems. It would be good if more people realized that cosmetic surgery doesn’t really solve anything of that (although it does help some people get over a low self esteem), instead support and therapy can help far more.

    A society which does not look down on not being thin, “healthy looking” with the ideal proportions would be even better!

  6. Mikey said on 23rd August 2013, 9:26

    Surely the tention between Lewis and Adrian can’t be helping the force India and Mercedes relationship any good?

    Does anyone no which engines force India are using next year?

  7. Jason (@jason12) said on 23rd August 2013, 10:41

    So Horner is gonna hire Kimi without the manager’s involvement…….great.

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