Lotus, Spa-Francorchamps, 2013

Drivers want clarification from FIA on tyre safety

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Lotus, Spa-Francorchamps, 2013In the round-up: F1 drivers want answers from the FIA over tyre failures during practice for the Belgian Grand Prix.


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Drivers demand answers after Spa punctures (Reuters)

Pedro de la Rosa, who heads the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association, told Reuters they had asked FIA race director Charlie Whiting for clarification at their regular Friday briefing.”

No repeat of British GP drama – Pirelli (Autosport)

Pirelli motorsport director Paul Hembery: “It is a worry for the sport because we have to go out and find what it is. There is not a lot we can do, but we will try our very best to identify it to give us an indication of what is causing it.”

Suzuka extends F1 contract to 2018 (BBC)

“The track, owned by Japanese car giant Honda, has signed a new five-year deal starting from 2014.”

2014 Grand Prix of America is off, says Bernie Ecclestone (CNN)

“Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone has revealed that the inaugural Grand Prix of America in New Jersey will not take place as planned next year. saying the organisers have not raised enough money to fund it.”

Kimi ‘hasn’t heard from Bulls’ (Sky)

“I have had no answer from [Red Bull], you’ll have to ask them what they want to do – I don’t know any better than you guys. We hadn’t heard anything for a while and obviously that isn’t the ideal situation, but that’s how it is. You’ll have to go and ask them.”

Sergey Sirotkin, Sauber, 2013Sauber verpflichtet 17-j??hrigen Sirotkin (Der Spiegel, German)

Der Spiegel claims Sergey Sirotkin, who turns 18 tomorrow, should drive for Sauber next year.

Lewis Hamilton says he will hunt down championship rivals one by one (The Guardian)

“The way I look at it, I am not second, I am fourth. So I have got to leapfrog Fernando [Alonso] and then Kimi [Raikkonen] ?ǣ two other guys who have been massively consistent, particularly Kimi.”

Rosberg expects difficult weekend (ESPN)

“It’s looking a bit more difficult here than expected and especially Red Bull is looking very strong so it’s going to be difficult to beat them at the moment.”

Michael Schumacher rules out joining German prot??g?? Sebastian Vettel at Red Bull (The Mirror)

Michael Schumacher has ruled out creating the ultimate German dream team by returning to Formula 1 to partner protege Sebastian Vettel at Red Bull.”

2013 Belgian Grand Prix (FIA)

Pat Symonds: “Formula One, I think, is guilty of far too often hiding its light under a bushel and a lot of the very great things we do as engineers in Formula One we like to keep to ourselves and I think it?s time for that to change. I think it?s time for the world to know what we are doing with Formula One powertrains in 2014 is really quite advanced. It really is something new, it really is the way of the future and therefore I think we can stop before it happens those who may wish to criticize Formula One and motor sport in general for carbon emissions, for use of fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are here to stay, let?s use them efficiently and I think Formula One is doing that, and I think we should be very proud of what we?re doing and we should tell the world what we?re doing.”

Ross Brawn, Mercedes, Shanghai, 2013Q&A with Mercedes? Ross Brawn (F1)

“We have always been supporters of a constraint on resources – either financial or physical resources. We have always tried to encourage that, but it has not come to pass. Be that a budget cap on the whole set of activities or be it a constraint on specific areas, it seems we have never managed to find a solution. I think through technical or sporting regulations you never manage to limit it – I have never seen it succeed in the 30-odd years I have been in racing. You change something from a regulatory point of view, you save some money, and the money you save goes into something else. I do believe that budget caps or resource restrictions – those types of initiatives – could have an effect and we need to try to pursue it.”

Formula One Takes the Slow Track to Russia (The New York Times)

“Signing a deal with Formula One is part of Putin?s effort to use sport to show off the country. This was also part of the thinking behind the Marussia car company?s buying a team.”

Rush exclusive featurette (Virgin)

Some more behind-the-scenes footage from the filming of Rush.

Roebuck?s legends: Carlos Reutemann (MotorSport)

“Why, one of the younger drivers asked, hadn?t Reutemann simply put Piquet in the wall? I argued that Carlos would never contemplate anything of the kind, that this was someone who had integrity. ‘Who?ll remember that?’ the brat scoffed. ‘Piquet had to get past him ?ǣ all he had to do was put him off, and he was World Champion! No one could have proved anything.'”


Comment of the day

@Alex-Bkk is rethinking Red Bull:

I?ve always been a bit negative towards Red Bull and Vettel. It’s perhaps because I saw both team and driver as upstarts in a series I’ve been following on and off since the sixties.

I know it really wasn?t, but I saw their success as being a bit too easy. It was so early (in the case of Vettel) and so late (in the case of Red Bull) on the scene.

I?ve had a change of thought and have had to unlearn my aforementioned bias. It?s an awesome combination between Vettel and Red Bull. I just hope that Red Bull will put a driver in Webber?s vacant seat that can challenge Vettel and bring out the best in both.

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On this day in F1

Fernando Alonso claimed his first ever F1 win in the Hungarian Grand Prix ten years ago today. It made him the youngest ever grand prix winner at the time, a record now held by Sebastian Vettel>.

Kimi Raikkonen was second for McLaren followed by Juan Pablo Montoya’s Williams.

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