Kimi Raikkonen, Lotus, Spa-Francorchamps, 2013

Rate the race: 2013 Belgian Grand Prix

2013 Belgian Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Kimi Raikkonen, Lotus, Spa-Francorchamps, 2013What did you think of the today’s race? Share your verdict on the Belgian Grand Prix.

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2013 Belgian Grand Prix

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188 comments on “Rate the race: 2013 Belgian Grand Prix”

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  1. Terrible race for me. This season I have really fallen out of love with F1. After 20 years and plenty of live races I am just not remotely excited by the fake DRS racing we now have.

    I know I am not like a casual viewer so will be in the minority but I miss the chess like battles that build and eb and flow. The anticipation can be so exciting, edge of your seat wait/willing something to happen. Yes some races you had to will anything at all to happen but when races were good, they were really good and real! If a car was out of position he could try and hang on, sometimes unbelievably. Fat chance now. So many battles robbed by DRS. I think we have given it a fair crack but it is so obviously not the answer I think I will switch off before they switch it off.

    So sad that I feel im loosing something I love.

    1. Totally with you, sir.

      Glad to see there’s some people here trying to preserve the idea of racing.

      I mean, my God, I have given DRS a fair shot. What are we on, its third season now?

      I’ve had enough of it. They apparently use previous race’s data to determine the zones.

      Sorry, that’s utter cobblers. If they had, they would have halved the DRS zone on the Kemmel straight!

      1. Your are right, they cant be using last years data. My guess is they are too scared if they go too short it would mean no passes at all so air on the side of having mind numbingly boring DRS passes instead

    2. @adamf184 I agree with you entirely.

  2. Gave it a 5. Might have been a 6 if the misses didn’t decide to watch it with me and talk all through it.

  3. A 7 for me. While Vettel never looked under threat after passing Hamilton at the start there was still a lot to enjoy throughout the race for me. Alonso had another trademark battling drive that was highly entertaining, Button too was great to watch. Further down the midfield there was great racing from the likes of Grosjean, Perez, Hulkenberg and the two Force India cars. It was no classic, but still enjoyable.

  4. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
    25th August 2013, 18:59

    A 6 for me – Vettel’s pass was too easy and reminiscent of the same situation in 2011 where Vettel went into a corner and had disappeared by the end of it. The way things are going Alonso may qualify 15th and have the optimal setup to win the race. Great performance by Alonso though especially with not letting Hamilton pass him.

    1. @freelittlebirds When Lewis passed people in Hungary, that was brilliant, but Vettel doing it

      was too easy and reminiscent of the same situation in 2011 where Vettel went into a corner and had disappeared by the end of it

      1. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
        26th August 2013, 14:13

        @F1_Noob Well, the car passed the pole sitter after eau rouge as if he had DRS enabled and then went on to build a 1.5 second lead in the 1st lap. If you watch in 2011 I was literally stupefied at the way the RB pulled away in a corner which Hobbs also mentioned.

        And in case anyone believes Mark Webber’s car is the same, it simply is not. It can’t disappear the way Vettel’s car does and build a 0.3 second lead over a single corner.

  5. 5.
    I have this ”weird” feeling Kimi won’t be back in F1 next year…
    Congrats to Red Bull Spa winner, even if grumpy Alonso on the podium was strange to see! Happy to see Vettel & Lewis getting along well, jokingly chatting & poking each other (Respect!)
    Mercedes better update & fix whatever went wrong in their car for Monza. Lotus just lost it today. I didn’t get McLaren strategy; Perez =no comment… Maldonado is really ‘stubborn’ so it would be fair if the stewards could give him some ‘harsh’ treatment next time (Grosjean has been a target, not always for the good)
    One month looking forward to this race but no rain to spice up things!? Yawn!

    1. About your feeling about Raikkonen, you aren’t alone in thinking it. I mentioned on here a few months ago I thought he might not return next year but it seemed more likely will all the drives he’s been linked with. We will see anyway.

      1. I think Kimi will be in F1 next season, just my gut feeling. Plus, he seems to be actively seeking a good seat for 2014. If Kimi is not in F1 next season, he will probably be the one least bothered by that outcome. He’ll find something to do that he enjoys.

  6. DRS ruined it again for me, Drivers admitted to slowing down before detection zones to stop other drivers passing them at the end of the straights.

    Shout out to Kimi for going from Hungary 2009 to Hungary 2013 without retiring from a race (Although with a 2 year F1 employment gap XD)

  7. I gave it a 5

    Very usual Vettel-style race and Hamilton vs Alonso was nothing special.But that was a great first race for the second half of the season (Sarcasm implied!)

    1. And by the way…….I could have given it a 3 if the Hamilton vs Alonso nothing special battle never happened.

  8. This race was so blandly uninteresting I can’t find anything worth complaining about.

  9. How dare a classic historical superior track like Spa produce a yawn fest?

    I fell asleep on my couch!

  10. I’m really astonished by these harsh comments here?

    I’ve seen some of the most beautiful overtakes of the year, especially on Eau Rouge. On the first lap, we’ve seen Webber and Alonso fighting each other at 290 kph at 20 cm of each other. Also Sutil did a great move on it. The 4-way battle Gutierrez-Maldonado-Sutil-di Resta was epic … until they collided :D Gutierrez, for the first this season, showed real pace for the first of this season. It would be great if he keeps improving like that and he can challenge Hulkenberg from time to time.

    I’ve seen only 2 minus points: Vettel was never chalenged and the second DRS zone was too strong ;)

  11. Gave it a 5; but actually think i’ve been a little harsh. drs was strong but not crazy with people who had setup their cars for straight line speed able to make big gains there but those that hadn’t actually couldn’t easily pass even with drs – eg kimi on anyone and ham on alonso.

    Sutil had 2 awesome if scary passes on entry into eau rouge and kimi found some great overtakes in unusual places, which he had to due to his weakness on drs. His pass on Di resta at bus stop was awesome.

    So actually i should probably given a 7…. i haven’t even mentioned the amusing 4 cars pile up!

  12. My favorite bit was the little robot protest signs.

  13. The GP2 and GP3 races were great this weekend, but I found myself a bit disappointed with the F1 race.

  14. 6 because the only exciting moments in the race were Sutil’s driving, Alonso’s defence at the end of the straight and the crash.

  15. Once again when Vettel leads after the first lap I never have any doubt that he won’t go on and win the race, which takes away a lot of the excitement for me.

    It wasn’t a great race but there was some action away from the front so I gave it a 7, which was more like a high 6 rounded up to a 7.

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