Pastor Maldonado, Williams, Spa-Francorchamps, 2013

Safer pit stops planned for Singapore

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Pastor Maldonado, Williams, Spa-Francorchamps, 2013In the round-up: The FIA plans further changes to pit stop procedure to come into effect at the Singapore Grand Prix to reduce the chances of someone being struck by a loose wheel.


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F1 pit stop rules tighten for Singapore (Autosport)

“A second device will now also retain the wheel in the event that it works loose having only just been engaged on the axle thread ?ǣ as would happen if the nut is cross-threaded during a pit stop and the car accidentally released.”

Ward eyes FIA presidency (The Telegraph)

“My campaign will be very much about the structure of the FIA, rather than about individuals. In my opinion it is not fit for purpose in the modern world.”

McLaren races ahead in business and Formula One on eve of 50th birthday (The Guardian)

Martin Whitmarsh: “Racing has been a fantastic British success story but for some reason it’s still treated as a fairly frivolous activity and has not been taken seriously. So in a sense, for McLaren now to be taken seriously it had to be doing something other than all the great things we were doing in motor sport.”

1983 Belgian Grand Prix report (MotorSport)

“During the time before the restart Renault and Ferrari mechanics were seen with churns of petrol though no one seems to have seen them actually topping-up their cars. However, there were various protests and subsequently Renault were fined $5000 for having refuelling churns on the starting grid, which is strictly against the rules.”

Why Greenpeace’s protests at Spa are inexcusable (Autocar)

“This will make it less fun to go to the Grand Prix and this is where I feel that Greenpeace’s actions were inexcusable.”


Comment of the day

@Adrianmorse believes Jean Todt’s secretive style undermines confidence in his leadership:

What I don?t like about Todt is that we don’t hear much about him, which gives me a sneaky impression of him, like a politician that wants to do all his dealings behind closed doors.

For instance regarding the current issue over the tyre supplier for the next season. If he wants to bring in Michelin, he should have announced some kind of tender ages ago, instead of what he is doing now (which is waiting for Pirelli to despair and walk away?).

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On this day in F1

A wet day in Belgium 15 years ago today produced one of the most chaotic races ever seen. It began with a huge pile-up that stopped the race and forced a restart (see video below).

Once the race got going again championship leader Mika Hakkinen retired at the first corner. Michael Schumacher took the lead but slammed into the other McLaren of David Coulthard while lapping it.

Later on Giancarlo Fisichella had a similar collision with with Shinji Nakano. Out of the carnage, in which all the drivers were fortunate to escape injury, the Jordan duo emerged to score the team’s first win and one two.

Damon Hill led Ralf Schumacher home, his younger team mate unhappy at Jordan’s imposition of team orders, and Jean Alesi was third for Sauber.

Image ?? Williams/LAT