Jenson Button, McLaren's 50th anniversary, 2013

Button won’t ‘do a Prost’ and start own team

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Jenson Button, McLaren's 50th anniversary, 2013In the round-up: Jenson Button says he has no interest in setting up his own F1 team in the future.


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Jenson Button not tempted by idea of running his own Formula One team (The Guardian)

“My hero, Alain Prost, started a team in the late nineties and it didn’t work out for him. I remember speaking to him about what it was like and he said it was the most stressful time of his life ?ǣ even more so than racing with Ayrton Senna.”

Da Costa: pressure on to earn STR seat (Autosport)

“Now we know the chance is officially there and it’s all relying on my [Formula Renault 3.5] results.”

Ricciardo not a No.2 driver – Horner (ESPN)

“Both drivers will get the same opportunity and the same equipment, but inevitably there will be a natural pecking order determined by the driver who is in front on track.”

What’s it like to be Vettel’s team mate? (BBC)

Sebastien Bourdais: “[Vettel’s] main strength is he is naturally gifted and has awesome car control and that allows him to drive a car on the limit with oversteer (when the front of the car has more grip than the rear) all the time – and that tends to be the quickest way in Formula One.”

1988 Italian Grand Prix report (MotorSport)

“Having wafted past the Williams, the turquoise March suddenly found it tucked in behind, and next time round Schlesser was giving Gugelmin a hard time under braking for the first chicane, sitting it out with him, wheel to wheel! It seemed a pointless exercise as Schlesser was a lap behind the March and there was nothing to gain.”

Murray Walker looks back at 50 years of McLaren (McLaren via YouTube)


Comment of the day

Kimi Raikkonen to Ferrari next year? Don’t count on it says @Bullmello:

I would love to see Raikkonen at Ferrari next season, but don?t believe it will happen. Ferrari like Massa and have proved that for years now by keeping him for this long even if the F1 media disapproves.

There are big changes for F1 next season, keeping Massa alongside Alonso will be a constant in a season of change. They know what they have in Massa. Luca di Montezemolo has stated he would like to see Massa with Ferrari in 2014 even though he included his wish for better results.

Rehiring Raikkonen at Ferrari might make sense for scoring more points in the short term, but especially for someone like di Montezemolo, it would have to be choked down like yesterday?s wine. Not likely.

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Jack Brabham became drivers’ champion for the third time on this day in 1966. He retired with an oil leak seven laps into the Italian Grand Prix, but when closest title rival John Surtees’ Cooper suffered a fuel leak, Brabham was confirmed as champion.

Ferrari scored a one-two finish at home, Ludovico Scarfiotti leading Mike Parkes to the line.

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