Mexico in, New Jersey out on 21-race 2014 calendar

2014 F1 calendar

Riccardo Patrese, Nigel Mansell, Williams, Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez, 1991The provisional 2014 F1 calendar features a record 21 races and sees Mexico return as New Jersey is dropped again.

The draft calendar, revealed by Autosport, features three races not on this year’s schedule in Mexico, Austria and Russia. The latter will take place at a new venue in Sochi.

A planned race on the streets of New Jersey, which was originally on the 2013 schedule but later dropped, has failed to find a place again. Bernie Ecclestone has said on several occasions the chances of the race happening looked doubtful.

There is no Indian Grand Prix on the planned schedule but is expected to return in 2015.

Korea will move from its present October slot to an April date, though it is listed as being subject to approval, as are the Mexican and Russian races. The latter pair will take place towards the end of the 21-race schedule.

Some team principals had previously said they do not want to see the schedule extend beyond 20 races, as there were on last year’s calendar.

Round Race Circuit Date Forum
1 Australian Grand Prix Albert Park March 14 – 16 Forum
2 Malaysian Grand Prix Sepang International Circuit March 21 – 23 Forum
3 Chinese Grand Prix Shanghai International Circuit April 4 – 6 Forum
4 Korean Grand Prix Korean International Circuit April 11 – 13 Forum
5 Bahrain Grand Prix Bahrain International Circuit April 25 – 27 Forum
6 Spanish Grand Prix Circuit de Catalunya May 9 – 11 Forum
7 Monaco Grand Prix Monte-Carlo May 22 – 25 Forum
8 Canadian Grand Prix Circuit Gilles Villeneuve June 6 – 8 Forum
9 Austrian Grand Prix Red Bull Ring June 20 – 22
10 British Grand Prix Silverstone July 4 – 6 Forum
11 German Grand Prix Hockenheimring July 18 – 20 Forum
12 Hungarian Grand Prix Hungaroring July 25 – 27 Forum
13 Belgian Grand Prix Spa-Francorchamps August 22 – 24 Forum
14 Italian Grand Prix Monza September 5 – 7 Forum
15 Singapore Grand Prix Singapore September 19 – 21 Forum
16 Japanese Grand Prix Suzuka October 3 – 5 Forum
17 Russian Grand Prix Sochi October 17 – 19
18 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Yas Marina October 24 – 26 Forum
19 Mexican Grand Prix Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez November 7 – 9
20 United States Grand Prix Circuit of the Americas November 14 – 16 Forum
21 Brazilian Grand Prix Interlagos November 28 – 30 Forum

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112 comments on Mexico in, New Jersey out on 21-race 2014 calendar

  1. ECWDanSelby (@ecwdanselby) said on 5th September 2013, 12:55

    Does anyone actually know the plans for the Mexican track?

    No way they’re allowing them to use the Peraltada in this condition!

    • William (@william) said on 5th September 2013, 12:57

      Me don’t know because I live in Australia

    • Prisoner Monkeys (@prisoner-monkeys) said on 5th September 2013, 13:10

      @ecwdanselby – The plans have not been made public.

    • ferrox glideh (@ferrox-glideh) said on 5th September 2013, 13:36

      I was thinking the same thing. Peraltada reminds me of Tamburello at Imola- both corners are impossible to bring up to current F1 safety standards without ruining them. Also, Mexico City is geologically a nightmare for putting down smooth asphalt because it is constantly sinking! A big reason F1 stopped racing there was because it was too bumpy. It’s a good layout, but it will be hideously expensive to upgrade and maintain.

    • GT Racer (@gt-racer) said on 5th September 2013, 13:59

      They will likely run through the stadium as Champcar did the 1st couple years they raced there.

      There is the chicane which Champcar ran in 2006/2007 & which A1Gp ran in 2008-
      But I think the stadium is more likely because the extra seats would bring in a ton of extra revenue providing they could fill them.

      There’s a ton of work to be done to get that track upto F1 standards.
      There’s next to no run-off anywhere round the track which concrete walls not far from the track in fast sections with extremely high kurbing which will easily launch an f1 car if a mistake is made. Track is exceptionally bumpy in places & some of the grandstands will need some work, The grandstand across from the pits is too close to the track & you struggle to see the cars if they move offline to make a pass towards the grandstand side.

      • Deej92 (@deej92) said on 5th September 2013, 21:44

        The use of the baseball stadium (Foro Sol) seems quite likely. Like you’ve said, the extra seating would be of great benefit to the organisers as it’s likely that they’d fill it. The track as whole though does looks like it’s been left in the 90s. It definitely needs some work.

    • BJ (@beejis60) said on 5th September 2013, 15:12

      In recent years for some races, they made a sort of detour/chicane out of the baseball field that exited I think halfway into the peraltada.

  2. Theoddkiwi (@theoddkiwi) said on 5th September 2013, 12:58

    I think its a positive move for Korea to the front of the season.

  3. If Korea is moved close to China to cut costs, the surely Russian needs to be after Monza?

  4. Yes yes.yes! México México México!!!

  5. Can someone explain the Peraltada situation to me please?

    Why can it not be used or why is there some doubt as to why it cannot be used?

  6. You are more likely to be killed in South Africa, that’s why we have Mexican Gp :)

  7. that’s great! austria and mexico are a brilliant addition to the calendar!

    but two things i would like to know:
    1. i thought the spanish grand prix would switch between barcelona and valencia every year. why is that not the case?
    2. it bothers me to see that the canadian grand prix is the only race hosted in north america in the month june. the switch from europe – america – europe sounds silly to me, why not move austin and mexico in june / july?

    • JackySteeg (@jackysteeg) said on 5th September 2013, 16:32

      1. I believe Valencia has funding issues, so looks like that’s off the calendar for good.
      2. Like most places in Texas, Austin can have temperatures up to 40C during the summer. If you’re not already familiar with it, check out the 1984 Dallas Grand Prix to see what happens when F1 races in the Texan summer.
      But I do agree with your point, it does seem a waste of money to split the European season to travel to Canada. But I’m not sure what else they can do. They can’t put the other North American races in the summer because it’ll be far too hot. But they can’t put Montreal in with Austin and Mexico in the Autumn because it’ll be too cold. Maybe snowy.

  8. xivizmath (@xivizmath) said on 5th September 2013, 14:18

    I’m afraid drivers might want to wear an extra pair of wool gloves if they intend to run a race in Russia in late October.

  9. Deej92 (@deej92) said on 5th September 2013, 14:22

    That calendar looks good. 21 races is a push but as fans we should look forward to the extra races. The only change I’d like as a personal preference is the Nurburgring instead of Hockenheim. I’m very much looking forward to the returns of Spielberg and Mexico City (if the latter is in a fit state to hold the race that is) and to see what Sochi can produce.

  10. Kelsier (@kelsier) said on 5th September 2013, 14:38

    Looks to me as if the Mexico race will lure a lot of business away from the Austin race. Would be a shame to see another US race fail due to poor planning.

    • JP (@jp1987) said on 5th September 2013, 16:36

      @kelsier I was thinking the same thing, but I believe the people from the Mexican North will still prefer to go to Austin rather than DF. And DF will be fine with its own fans :D

    • JackySteeg (@jackysteeg) said on 5th September 2013, 16:37

      I wouldn’t be so sure about that. I was told a few weeks ago by a Mexican F1 Fanatic reader that because Mexico City is in the south, a lot of northern Mexicans it would still find it easier to cross the Rio Grande and travel to Austin.

  11. GeeMac (@geemac) said on 5th September 2013, 14:48

    Very glad to see Mexico back on the calendar, Austria too come to think of it. The Red Bull Ring may pale into insignificance compered to the old Österreichring, but it is a hell of a lot more exciting than any number of more modern layouts.

  12. Tim M (@tim-m) said on 5th September 2013, 15:32

    That’s too bad about New Jersey, but I expected that. The situation would have been better off if the Grand Prix would have been somewhere in New York. Although New York has its own batch of difficulties, unless the governor throws his weight behind the race, it’s unlikely to happen. Chris Christie (the governor) isn’t going to back anything that would tarnish his chances at running for president. I’m sure F1 seems like the domain of the ‘liberal elite’ to Republican campaign makers. He’s already shot down using Federal money for extending New York City’s subway system into New Jersey to aid commuters.

    Although I’m unsure of whether a track could fit there, Flushing Meadows Park would make sense as a location. It’s the site of the former World’s Fair, The US Open is played over there, The NY Mets play baseball over there, and mass transit goes there.

  13. Ah well. I’m disappointed that New Jersey’s off the calendar, but on the other hand, there are still great races to be had in Austin and Montreal – and now, yet again, in Mexico City.

  14. just a fact i noticed, there are no spaces of more than 2 weeks in between the races (except the summer break with 4 weeks)
    that’s great, i hate the 3 week gaps they had this year, it’s such a long time to wait

  15. KeeleyObsessed (@keeleyobsessed) said on 5th September 2013, 19:39

    It’s interesting if this is going to be the calendar for next year. Getting rid of India and putting Korea at the beginning means that half of Vettel’s ‘Big 4′ from last year are no longer in the same part of the season, so it may stand to make the championship look closer next year…

    Glad the NJ race is starting to look like it’s not going to happen. I’ve never understood the principles behind it…

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