Kimi Raikkonen, Lotus, Monza, 2013

Ferrari ‘prefer Raikkonen to Massa’ for 2014

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Kimi Raikkonen, Lotus, Monza, 2013In the round-up: Ferrari are trying to get Kimi Raikkonen back in one of their cars for 2014.


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Ferrari considering Kimi (Sky)

Mark Hughes: “Ferrari have told me that Kimi is very much their target. Reading between the lines of what they’re saying, if they don’t get him they will retain Massa.”

Confusion surrounds F1’s 2014 calendar (Reuters)

“However, there has been scepticism about just how many races will be on the final version, with Ecclestone even suggesting it could be as many as 22.”

Hamilton makes the call and patches up his differences with former boss Dennis (The Daily Mail)

“We had a nice chat on the phone recently, over the August break. We spoke for about an hour. It was a really good conversation. I don’t think there are any issues there personally.”

Sebastian Vettel Q&A: There?s still room for improvement (F1)

“Even our team weather expert thinks that it could be wet. What does that mean? That we very likely will have a hot and dry qualifying and a wet race. But we have had that before, so no big deal. Probably what we will do is a compromise on the car. But that is a decision that we will take tomorrow.”

Vettel expects tight qualifying (BBC)

“I felt pretty comfortable but I’m sure it will be very tight. We saw that in first practice. Second practice if you look at it too much it is a bit of a distraction.”

Lewis Hamilton: “Those extra few tenths… it’s why we get paid the big bucks” (James Allen on F1)

“It?s a slightly different feeling at the factory ?ǣ it feels like NASA at the MTC. Whereas, at Brackley it feels more like a Formula Three team ?ǣ a real pure racing team. It?s a different feeling but I quite like it.”

Lotus shelves long wheelbase for Monza (Autosport)

“Lotus will not run its new long-wheelbase car for the remainder of the Italian Grand Prix weekend.”

Mercedes’ cross cut wheel rims (Scarbs F1)

“Closer examination proved the hollow rim theory to be unfounded. What appeared to be an opening on the rim into a double-walled hollow section, provide to simply be tape placed inside a recess made into the rim.”


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On this day in F1

The 2008 Belgian Grand Prix ended in controversy as winner Lewis Hamilton was stripped of his victory following a hotly-disputed call by the stewards.

Felipe Massa inherited first place ahead of Nick Heidfeld at Hamilton’s relegated McLaren.

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