Jean Todt, 2012

Todt will stand against Ward in FIA election

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Jean Todt, 2012In the round-up: Jean Todt confirms he will stand for a second term as FIA president.


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Todt to fight for FIA role (The Telegraph)

“Todt said that he wanted to finish what he had started and claimed that he had only held off announcing his candidacy as the official campaign period had not yet begun.”

FIA ready to renew Pirelli contract (Reuters)

Jean Todt: “If it is unanimous to go in a direction and then if I go to a tender you know what people will say? (They will say) ‘He is against Pirelli so he does a tender to try to make it Michelin’.”

Alonso downplays ‘idiots’ jibe (BBC)

“He said a second message praising the team had not been broadcast and added he was confident of a strong race from his best grid position for seven grands prix.”

“Monza, Vettel flies into pole Alonso (5th) furious: ‘You’re idiots'” (La Gazzetta dello Sport)

“A few minutes before that he?d already shouted, ‘You really are idiots, mamma mia…’ (he may actually have said ‘geniuses’ in an ironic way, but that doesn?t change the sense), which in some ways is indicative of the situation that Ferrari find themselves in, having to try a million things to try to compete with a seemingly unstoppable Red Bull.”

‘I drove like an idiot’ – Hamilton (ESPN)

“I drove like an idiot. It’s the worst I’ve driven for a long, long time. I’m just sorry for the team.”

Floor damage hampered Hamilton, says Brawn (Adam Cooper’s F1 Blog)

“Lewis was looking OK, and unfortunately caught a kerb and damaged the car underneath and broke the floor, and we didn?t realise the consequence of that until a bit later in the session. It was irreparable, so that was unfortunate as well.”

Di Montezemolo refuses to scotch rumours that Raikkonen will make a return to Ferrari (Daily Mail)

“We haven’t signed any contract with anybody. We will talk with Massa and then we have our opinion and then we will decide.”

Bernie Ecclestone Q&A: The F1 boss on tyres, calendars and his future (Sky)

“What will actually happen I think is that when I am not here Formula 1 is going to be run in a much more corporate way. I’m more entrepreneurial, but things will be corporate.”

Interview with Lotus’s Kimi Raikkonen (F1)

“We had a good year last year and a pretty good 2013. Okay, today was not ideal, but that doesn?t change the fact that we are pretty okay together. We have certain issues and they have to fix them and they can have a good next year.”

Sauber: Spa\Monza Wing specification (Scarbs F1)

“With the new wing the main wing and end plate arrangement remain the 3-4 element design, with its curved slot gaps and underwing vane. The three complex cascade elements have now been replaced with a single device.”


Comment of the day

Gaz isn’t convinced of the merits of Ferrari’s qualifying tactics:

You can understand Alonso?s frustrations, so his comments don?t really mean much in the long run. They shouldn?t be wasting their time with those ridiculous tactics, taking the drivers focus away a little.

Fernando was fast all weekend and I think could have managed at least third (probably second) given his form up until third practice. Once again, Ferrari shoot themselves in the foot by complicating things when there is simply no need!

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On this day in F1

Fifty years ago today Jim Clark won the world championship for the first time. In one of the most dominant performances ever seen, five wins and a second place for Clark in the first seven races gave him the title with three rounds to spare.

Win number five of the 1963 season went to Clark by a crushing 95 seconds over Richie Ginther at Monza, with Bruce McLaren’s Cooper a lapped third.

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