Bahrain International Circuit, 2004

Bahrain Grand Prix to be night race in 2014

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Bahrain International Circuit, 2004In the round-up: The Bahrain Grand Prix will be a night race next year.


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Bahrain to switch to night race in 2014 (Autosport)

“The Bahrain Grand Prix is to switch to a night race next year, with the circuit set to confirm the news in the next few days.”

Hamilton thinks it’s all over. Or maybe not (Reuters)

“When I got out of the car I was angry, and definitely thought that would be it. But I’ve been back with my engineers and I’m not going to give up.”

2013 Italian Grand Prix (FIA)

Fernando Alonso: “Concerning yesterday, it?s the third or fourth consecutive race that some people have tried to create some tension between the team and the drivers.”

Massa takes one for the team (ESPN)

“We know that it’s not the best thing for a driver to do. But it’s important for the team because looking at the championship it is pretty difficult with Sebastian [Vettel] winning all the time and it could be the last possibility for Fernando [to fight for the title], I think.”

Todt rejects electioneering claim (The Telegraph)

“Todt said that he had not actively sought to gain members’ approval. ‘How can I avoid it?’ he asked. ‘If you have a group of people who say ‘You are doing a good job. We want you’.'”

Massa wants Ferrari stay as decision looms (BBC)

Luca di Montezemolo: “We will think very, very carefully, because we don’t have a gun here [pointing at is head] to decide tomorrow or after tomorrow, but after Monza this will be something I want to decide.”

Driver decision not made yet, says Domenicali (Adam Cooper’s F1 Blog)

“Ferrari?s Stefano Domenicali confirmed today that an announcement on the team?s 2014 driver plans is due soon ?ǣ and insisted that no decision has yet been taken.”

Martin Whitmarsh’s ‘McLaren 50’ speech (McLaren)

“And here?s a statistical quirk for you: since then, during which time only McLaren and Ferrari have been ever-present in Formula One, and during which time 100-odd other Formula One teams have come and gone, our two teams, McLaren and Ferrari, have won precisely 182 grands prix each.”


Comment of the day

Robert doesn’t appreciate the disrespect being shown to Vettel by those who boo him:

I, for one, hate the dominance he is showing and I can?t really say I like him as a person, but people who aren?t his fans still need to open their eyes and see he?s not doing anything wrong. He?s just driving the fastest car in the fastest way possible, and that has to be appreciated.

In my country there?s a saying regarding people who aren?t respectful, roughly translated to not having the seven-year home schooling.
Robert (@Gicu)

From the forum

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Happy birthday to Mark Hitchcock and Prashanth Bhat!

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On this day in F1

Jackie Stewart produced a superb recovery drive at Monza to climb from 16 places to fourth and secure his third world championship title 40 years ago today.

At the head of the field Ronnie Peterson led a Lotus one-two, followed by Emerson Fittipaldi. Peter Revson took third for McLaren.

Here’s footage from the start of the race:

Image ?? Tilke Gmbh

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  1. I guess it’ll be easier to see the petrol bombs in the dark.

  2. Good on you Bahrain for being like Qatar for MotoGP and I like when there are night races. I wonder what is going to happen to Channel Ten and One now with the broadcasting next year. Did Bernie really know about F1 calendar or is he being sarcastic about it when Martin interviewed him

  3. Raikkonen would be good for Ferrari. He is apolitical. He will push Alonso. He will take points off Vettel by finishing between the German and Alonso, which Massa almost never does. His results will motivate Ferrari employees. He will be ready to play number two if he is out of title contention himself, like he did at the end of 2008. After all, Alonso-Massa pairing haven’t won any titles for the team so it only makes sense to try something else.

    For sure, there are arguments against signing him, too. He will take points off Alonso now and then. Alonso might prefer Massa. The past tensions between Raikkonen and the team might be gone but not forgotten.

    That said, I believe that the pros outweigh the cons in this case.

  4. The haters comment is very right I don’t think people all over the world boo him just because of his cynic episodes I think it’s just because they are envy of his success. Schumi was every bit as cynic as Vettel and he wasn’t as hated.

  5. Vettel has partly brought the booing on himself, multi-21 aside, Vettel was already unpopular. The “Mark is too slow” “TRY SOMETHING THEN” “HE LEFT ME NO ROOM” comments show his unpleasant side, certainly while racing. While the obvious favouritism of Red Bull, in comparison to his popular team mate make him look spoilt, and that his advantage is unfair. This coupled with his chirpy outside car character makes him look pretty two faced. The fact he doesn’t have twitter is obviously his choice, but he’s the only driver without it, means he has zero fan interaction, unlike Alonso, making him far less popular than Nando. This coupled with the fact that almost all of his wins are boring Vettel-fests means fans associate him him with a dull race for victory . The finger is probably the worst thing, on the Canada podium, both AlO and HAM waved for the photo and Vettel just did the finger! So big headed! Booing is nothing new, Lewis was booed last year at Monza, that’s what Monza’s like! Fans need a bad guy, and domination will never be popular, so people need to get off their high horse and see what normal fans see: Same guy wins all the time, cold, quite rude, and on a personal level, unknown to them. Vettel is a pantomime bad guy.

    1. @jmc200

      The “Mark is too slow” “TRY SOMETHING THEN” “HE LEFT ME NO ROOM” comments show his unpleasant side, certainly while racing.

      Yeah, people love digging stuff like that up, then worship somone like Button, who is similarly, a nice guy out of the car, but as emotional as anyone, what with his calling Kobayashi an “idi0t”, or complaining about the grip/balance.strategy, or Perez racing him, or shouting “what was he doing”, when he moves across Hamilton trying to pass him.

      While the obvious favouritism of Red Bull, in comparison to his popular team mate make him look spoilt, and that his advantage is unfair.

      Again, people seem to have an issue with this, then have no problem when it happens elsewhere. Kimi Raikkonen and Fernando Alonso are favoured over their teammates. Like Vettel, they earned thatstatus by consisitently beating their teammates.

      The finger is probably the worst thing, on the Canada podium, both AlO and HAM waved for the photo and Vettel just did the finger! So big headed!

      I doubt he doesn’t wave for photos, and he did just win the race, on merit, fairly, and thrashing the field again.

      1. And to clarify, I’m not trying to have a go at Button, or diminish his character. Just pointing out how easy it is for drivers to lose their cool in the heat of the moment, no matter how likeable they may be out of the car.

    2. Look at todays roundup and read the piece from DC where he mentions what Alonso (and Vettel in Malaysia) said over the radio @jmc200, and you will see that the only difference between Vettel/Alonso demanding or Button “whining” on the radio and earlier drivers who we never heard saying things like that is just a matter of NOT getting to HEAR those radio communications because they were encrypted and team internal.
      Its nothing the drivers can help and instead of disliking it shouldn’t we rather be glad about how we can see and hear more of who these people are really?

  6. Night races are UNnatural and I for one do not like them in any venue, F1, those guys that race in circles and so on. AND nite races on street circuits are even more dislikable………… If the desert heat is the problem (I am disregarding the politics) than start in the early am into full lite of the day………… listen up Bernie, a I am getting tired of telling you about this nite racing thing!!! thanks, R

  7. Night or day race, that will change nothing to the boring layout of the track.

    1. It produced one of the few good races this season.

  8. I am starting to see things differently now about the booing. It is peoples emotions, but at the same time I am reflecting on the motorsports events I’ve been to in my life. I grew up going to motorcycle races mostly and my grandfather and father taught us to applaud EVERY competitor in the cool down lap. From first place, to the ones at the back, we stand and congratulate them ALL These guys are out there risking their lives for their thrill and competition and our entertainment and we should only applaud that.

    Hmmmm, Vettel is just so darn irritating though.
    (But loved him on Top Gear!)

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