Ferrari decision on Raikkonen expected soon

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Kimi Raikkonen, Lotus, Spa-Francorchamps, 2013In the round-up: Ferrari are expected to announce their 2014 driver line-up this week with speculation growing around a return to the team for Kimi Raikkonen.


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Vettel’s fourth title is fast approaching (Reuters)

Luca di Montezemolo: “What happened in the past with Kimi? we won a world championship.”

Lotus chief still hopes Raikkonen will stay despite Finn flirting with Ferrari (Daily Mail)

Eric Boullier: “There is no queue. In the end if he wants to go to Ferrari he will go to Ferrari and that’s it.”

Raikkonen poised to make 2014 decision (Autosport)

“Kimi Raikkonen will decide his Formula 1 future in the next 48 hours amid growing speculation about a move to Ferrari.”

Tweet Tweet ?ǣ here?s @alo_oficial! (Ferrari)

Fernando Alonso: “It?s not possible for me to talk of any name for next year because I have a lot of respect for Felipe [Massa] . We?ve been working very hard and close for four years to give Ferrari the maximum. Whatever decision the team will take will be good for me and we will keep working to give Ferrari the best results possible.”

Todt rubber stamps Pirelli deal (The Telegraph)

“Pirelli has agreed a new five-year deal to provide tyres to Formula One worth an estimated ??50 million, which will carry it through until the end of the 2018 season.”

Mark Webber criticises jeering Ferrari fans (The Age)

“Sebastian won the race and the atmosphere was not completely correct. But, anyway, it’s their choice.”

Di Resta ‘gutted’ after Monza crash (BBC)

“I obviously didn’t mean to do it – I wasn’t trying to overtake anyone. It was just the concertina effect I was unaware of.”

Mercedes identifies Monza mistakes (ESPN)

Toto Wolff: “You can’t expect to be there all the time and we know where we went wrong over the last two weekends and it’s a matter of improving.”


Comment of the day

@JackySteeg questions the wisdom of holding a night race in Bahrain:

I wouldn?t envy the mechanics leaving the circuit at midnight with protesters still on the street throwing Molotov cocktails about??

It also seems a bit counter-productive to F1???s “green” targets. Illuminating all those thousands of enormous lightbulbs for a weekend does seem a tremendous and unnecessary waste of energy.

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On this day in F1

Mario Andretti clinched his first world championship 35 years ago today in dire circumstances. Team mate Ronnie Peterson, the only person who could beat him to the title, was injured in a start line crash. The following day Peterson succumbed to his injuries.

Niki Lauda led a Brabham one-two in the Italian Grand Prix. Carlos Reutemann gave Ferrari some cheer with third.

Here’s the second start of the race. Andretti and Gilles Villeneuve were judged to have jumped the start and given one-minute penalties. They finished first and second ‘on the road’ but were classified sixth and seventh respectively.

Image ?? Lotus/LAT

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167 comments on Ferrari decision on Raikkonen expected soon

  1. Todd (@braketurnaccelerate) said on 10th September 2013, 6:57

    Who says Massa is going to be the one to get the boot? Or the only one at Ferrari to get the boot? LDM seems a bit weary of Alonso as of late.

  2. pSynrg (@psynrg) said on 10th September 2013, 8:09

    It truly is the silly season when they offer ignoramus Räikkönen a Ferrari seat. A jaded older driver with a career going nowhere.

    All this great young talent coming through the ranks. F1 is truly losing its appeal for me.

    At least one more dreadful year of Räikkönen dreary, predictable and petulant drivel.

    • Todd (@braketurnaccelerate) said on 10th September 2013, 9:11

      @psynrg – Tell us how you really feel…

    • I’m no fan of Kimi, but Ferrari need someone with experience and that can serve as a benchmark of sorts if they bring a Hulkenberg into the team.

    • ferrox glideh (@ferrox-glideh) said on 10th September 2013, 14:05

      A career going nowhere?! #3 in championship last year and top three in the first half of this year in Formula One is a Dream Career for most professional drivers in the world. I guess the fact that Kimi doesn’t spout constant hyperbolic nonsense or cliched self-promotional b.s. at every opportunity must disagree with your sensibility. Kimi is actually one of the reasons why I still watch F1, because he is such a great technical driver (my personal measure of talent, I guess).

  3. TMF (@tmf42) said on 10th September 2013, 8:14

    If Kimi goes to Ferrari it also shows that ALO has lost a big chunk of his influence in Maranello – he is well known that he doesn’t want a competitive team-mate resp. that he wants a clear #1 status.
    Will be very interesting to see if ALO really retires in red.

  4. pSynrg (@psynrg) said on 10th September 2013, 8:55

    I’ve just thought, everyone, me included, is thinking Massa would get the boot. What if however Alonso fancies his chances with the team that gave him his two titles again (Benetton->Renault->Lotus)

    Seat swap with Kimi…

    Now that would be interesting…

  5. Not going to RBR just confirms how smart Kimi really is. Maybe he wants to see how it is when Santander pays you to BE in the team, not leaving it…

  6. Bazza Spock (@bazza-spock) said on 10th September 2013, 10:32

    The only real question is whether Kimi will switch to a red tint for his Oakley Dispatches next year.

    And with Mark I often see with his body language that despite what’s happened this year, and things like the Top Gear interview, Mark still respects Vettel as a driver, and I can respect [i]that[/i]. Credit where credit’s due.

  7. So where will Massa end up if LDM sigs Kimi or Hulk?

    1. Lotus? Maybe, they need money and Massa can get a few sponsors.
    2. Sauber? Eventually. They have Russians with deep pockets on board and they could be tempted to fire Carlos Slim driverGutierrez
    3. Williams? No likely. Seems that they’re happy with Maldonado and Bottas.

    Massa faces the possibility to end up without a drive for 2014… and when was the last year without a Brazilian driver? It’s becoming clear that neither Razia nor Nasr will be in F1 next year and without Massa the nation of greats like Fitipaldi, Piquet and Senna will stage a GP without local hero next season.

  8. Ignore this if it’s already been said on here, but the last time Raikkonen signed for Ferrari the date was the 10th September 2006. Can we expect an announcement today?

    • Tifoso1989 (@tifoso1989) said on 10th September 2013, 16:17

      Can we expect an announcement today?

      I don’t think so, It is almost certain that Raikkonen has a Ferrari contract in his bag but there is some questions that need to be resolved before the official announcement
      These days Montezemolo is a little busy in the Francofort car showroom which is very important not only for Ferrari but for the whole Fiat group
      Hulkenberg was having a promise from Ferrari before the hungarian GP, his management were waiting Ferrari to sign it but now after Raikkonen’s situation change he became also on Lotus short list
      Massa has a contract which won’t be renewed and they will tell him to start looking for a new team
      Fernando’s situation with Ferrari is not 100% clear within the team even if it looks like, there has been rumors about him returning to Enstone under a full support from Renault CEO Carlos Ghosn or returning to McLaren under the desire of Martin Whitmarsh maybe that’s why the option on Jenson has not be confirmed yet because of this, in my opinion the rumors about Fernando’s future are probably his own making just to put pressure on the team not to sign Raikkonen because according to some close sources from Ferrari he has been pushing for Felipe staying in Ferrari next year

      • @tifoso1989 If Raikkonen has signed then Alonso might leave it a season and then I see him leaving for the 2015 season, unless he has a successful season then he’ll stay. Lotus and McLaren are the only options that seem viable, even though he had a bad experience with McLaren in 2007. Surely Alonso won’t leave just yet?

  9. tuvothepirate (@tuvothepirate) said on 10th September 2013, 12:06

    I think it’s worth analysing the performances of Alonso and Raikkonen before saying one of them will beat the other.
    First let’s compare the performances against Massa, Alsonso usually beats him by 5 tenths in qualifying. Raikkonen? Well they were fairly evenly matched however I think the “start the race with qualifying fuel” regulation flattered Massa at least in the early years. I’d say overall Raikkonen was on average about 1 tenth faster than Massa. Okay so how about Romain Grosjean. Same story Alonso out qualifies Grosjean on average by about 5-6 tenths of a second. Raikkonen on the other hand has often been out qualified by Grosjean or only beats him by a tenth. I think Kimi is faster than Massa but if you just look at their performance against their shared team mates it seems to me that unless there’s a big shock at Ferrari next year Raikkonen is going to be beaten fairly easily.

    • @tuvothepirate IMHO Fernando Alonso will beat Kimi Raikkonen not only in qualy but also on race day.

    • Metallion said on 10th September 2013, 14:32

      You’re completely ignoring 2 important facts. Grosjean didn’t even start the 10 first races of the season at Renault in 2009 so he had minimal experience of F1 cars when he suddenly got promoted to a race seat. The second fact is that Massa’s performance has dropped a lot after his accident. Put Alonso up against pre 2009 Massa and I think Massa would be able challenge him a lot more. So you’re comparing an improved Grosjean to a declining Massa.

  10. JackySteeg (@jackysteeg) said on 10th September 2013, 12:57

    I’m seeing on various social networks that Ferrari are going to make an announcement imminently. Within 10 minutes, apparently.

  11. JackySteeg (@jackysteeg) said on 10th September 2013, 13:05

    I have to say, as much as I love Felipe, I find the prospect of Raikkonen joining Ferrari far too exciting! Not only would they have the strongest driver lineup in 2014 by a mile, but it could well be one of the strongest driver lineups ever. Aside from the obvious Senna/Prost, I can’t think of any other lineup in F1’s history which would be quite as good as Alonso/Raikkonen. Can anyone else?

    On an off-topic note, cheers for the COTD Keith!

  12. WarfieldF1 (@warfieldf1) said on 10th September 2013, 13:06

    Lotus talking about technical tie up with Renault / McLaren havent yet put pen to paper for Button / Perez secure due to Telmex money coming / Things not soo good at Ferrari between LDM and Alonso / looks like Kimi to Massas seat is going to happen.

    On that basis 2014 seats as follows
    Ferrari – Alo & Kimi
    Lotus – Hulk and Grosjean (Renault will want a frenchman)
    McLaren – Perez and Button ( no BIG replacemnets available to take Buttons seat)

    ….or if Alo/LDM clash once Kimi signed and he walks…Alonso could go to Lotus Renault or McLaren…
    Ferrari – Kimi and Hulk or Button
    Lotus – Gros and Alonso or Hulk
    Mclaren – Perez and Button or Alonso
    Sauber – Gut and Massa

    …..or the Kimi to Ferrari isnt a done deal and they go for the Hulk
    Ferrari – Alo and Hulk
    Lotus – Grosjean and Kimi or Button or Massa
    McLaren – Perez and Button or Kimi
    Sauber – Gut and Massa or ??

    Massa has a ferrari engined fallback to Sauber, much as he may not want it; but Button could be screwed and his management have not always been the best so he could get turned over. McLaren must be looking at the silly season fallout otherwise they would have nailed him down by now!!

  13. kimrogue (@kimrogue) said on 10th September 2013, 13:06

    I do not understand the hype and hoopla over Ferrari being totally new to the concept of treating two drivers equally. They were doing it as recent as 2007-09 (when a certain Finnish driver joined them). There was no clear no. 1 until the championship contender was clear. I believe the Schumi era and Alonso era (so far) is very prominent in people’s memories.

    • WarfieldF1 (@warfieldf1) said on 10th September 2013, 13:12

      I dont think they do it with Massa until he is out of contention.
      I suspect the hoopla surrounds a belief that Alonso doesnt like a competitive team mate.

      • It is my belief that they expected KR to be the 1 rooster on the team but it didn’t quite happen that way so it appeared as though there was equality on the team between the drivers, which perhaps there was, but I suspect it was not their original plan. I think they assumed that KR would immediately dominate FM and FM would naturally have to become the non-rooster.

  14. davidwhite (@davidwhite) said on 10th September 2013, 13:56

    Button and Kimi to Ferrari. Alonso to McLaren. Hulkenberg to Lotus. Massa to Sauber. You heard it here first.

  15. Patrick (@paeschli) said on 10th September 2013, 14:05

    I predicted Red Bulls decision wrong, but this time I’m really 100% sure that Kimi will replace Felipe. ^^
    Finally, I think I can now have respect for Ferrari. I’m tired of Alonso n°1 in the team.
    Also, second prediction: Hulkenberg will replace Kimi, while Grosjean stays at the team. Boulliers said a while ago that Kimi leaving the team ‘would secure Romains place in the team’.
    The question is, what will happen to Felipe? He said he don’t want to finish his career in a lower team but there’s a seat coming free at Sauber next year so what wil it be Massa-Sirotkin or Gutierrez-Sirotkin?
    Also Caterham said they want an experienced driver next year, so maybe Kovaleinen will come back.

    First let’s compare the performances against Massa, Alsonso usually beats him by 5 tenths in qualifying.

    OK @tuvothepirate … can you give me 3 races this year where Alonso beated Massa with more than half a second in qualifying? Massa was faster than Alonso on 3 occasions this year in qualifying, he’s a fast driver who definetely deserves a seat in F1, but maybe not in a top team anymore.

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