Massa confirms he will not drive for Ferrari in 2014

2014 F1 season

Felipe Massa, Ferrari, Hungaroring, 2013Felipe Massa will leave Ferrari at the end of the year, he has confirmed on Twitter.

Rumours have linked Kimi Raikkonen to a move to the team next year.

“From 2014 I will no longer be driving for Ferrari,” Massa announced on Tuesday evening.

“I would like to thank the team for all the victories and incredible moments experienced together. Thank you also to my wife and all of my family, to my fans and all my sponsors.

“From each one of you I have always received a great support! Right now I want to push as hard as possible with Ferrari for the remaining seven races. For next year, I want to find a team that can give me a competitive car to win many more races and challenge for the championship which remains my greatest objective! Thank you all.”

Massa joined Ferrari in 2006 and scored his first victory for the team in the Turkish Grand Prix that year. In 2008 he narrowly missed out on winning the world championship in the final round, losing to Lewis Hamilton by a single point.

The following year Massa was seriously injured in a crash at the Hungaroring and was out of action for the rest of the season. He returned in 2010 but since then has struggled to get on terms with new team mate Fernando Alonso.

Since his crash Massa has not added to the 11 wins he scored for the team. He was on course for victory at Hockenheim in 2010 but was ordered to let Alonso past to take the win.

Massa has started more races for Ferrari than any driver bar Michael Schumacher.

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2014 F1 season

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209 comments on Massa confirms he will not drive for Ferrari in 2014

  1. FINALLY, a proper decision by Ferrari after years of “Never Saying No To Fernando” :D

  2. Magnificent Geoffrey (@magnificent-geoffrey) said on 10th September 2013, 20:03

    Massa has achieved a lot in his career and he will always be remembered for his flawless drive during the most important race of his life at Interlagos 2008.

    That said, he’s been far, far off his best for a good while now. Has not deserved to be in a top seat like he has based on his performances over the past three seasons.

    • oliveiraz33 (@oliveiraz33) said on 11th September 2013, 5:49

      I disagree… In My opinion, massa did a good 2008 season… all the other ones were mediocre, or poor… Even today I don’t know why he went to Ferrari in the first place… I think he isn’t any better than Barrichelo was… but this is just me… What are your thoughts?

  3. Breno (@austus) said on 10th September 2013, 20:04

    I hope he has a seat ready for 2014, otherwise making this announcement was just a bad idea. If he cant get a seat, he should have just announced retirement from F1.

  4. Diceman (@diceman) said on 10th September 2013, 20:07

    All the best for Massa in the future! If you ask me, he should now change series. He has still many great racing years ahead of him, and it’s better to use them trying to fight for wins in other series than driving in midfield in F1.

  5. Massa to Force India, Sutil out

  6. MahavirShah (@mahavirshah) said on 10th September 2013, 20:08

    It’s been fun and at the same time excruciating to watch Massa at Ferrari post his accident. I still believe that when in complete control of himself, he is one of the finest drivers on the grid. I do hope to still see him race, possibly with a midfield team. Force India or Williams could do well with his experience even though he brings no sponsors to the table. Here’s to a different and more relaxed Massa in 2014, hopefully with a team which will appreciate his skill.

  7. andae23 (@andae23) said on 10th September 2013, 20:09

    Combined with the rumours Kimi will be announced on Wednesday, that rumour is starting to look increasingly more likely…

    For next year, I want to find a team that can give me a competitive car to win many more races and challenge for the championship which remains my greatest objective!

    I really hope he will find a seat for 2014, though I’m not sure how realistic a competitive car for next year will be. I suspect that Alonso is a driver that makes any good teammate look like second class, so Massa probably isn’t as ‘bad’ as we think he is. Still, by staying with Ferrari he has gained a label, so it will be very difficult to find a seat for 2014 anyway, especially considering lots of teams are looking for pay drivers.

    Nonetheless, bring in some fresh rooster!

    • Diceman (@diceman) said on 10th September 2013, 20:12

      Yeah I think Lotus is his only chance for a top-drive, and I’m shocked if Hulkenberg doesn’t get that seat. So it’s not looking likely he’ll get a chance in a top-team in F1 anymore.

  8. evered7 (@evered7) said on 10th September 2013, 20:11

    Somehow this leaves a little bit of a void in my mind. A very likeable character. Never the same person after the accident.

    It is clear that he is not able to match the performance of the front runners lap after lap. Still comes with a great deal of experience which might be useful to the small budget teams.

    Can’t forget his start at the Hungarian grand prix 2008.

    Good luck Felipe. You will always be the Felipe baby.

  9. oliveiraz33 (@oliveiraz33) said on 10th September 2013, 20:11

    Bild already confirmed Raikkonen for Ferrari

  10. Jonathan189 (@jonathan189) said on 10th September 2013, 20:11

    So let me get this straight… Ferrari has just re-hired a driver that they paid about £10m to NOT drive for them in 2010?

    • josephrobert (@josephrobert) said on 10th September 2013, 20:30

      haha! oh Ferrari, such a character in F1.

      On Massa, he sacrificed his quali a bit to help Alonso in the last race, then let Alonso, past in the race. Its true he has not been on the same level as Alonso but when he is, he is not allowed to be. If Alonso had a team mate taking points of him like at mclaren, he would not have been able to get his ‘not the best car’ in a position to fight for the championship every year.

      Massa has been asked to do a number 2 drivers job at ferrari in a sport where no one wants to be number 2. He has done it to Ferrari’s benafit, let Alonso past, taken penalties etc and I think he deserves more respect then he gets.

      The English media are unfair to Massa, Jake was pretty rude here for example.

    • No, all that’s confirmed is that one of their current drivers has announced they are leaving…

  11. luffehamp said on 10th September 2013, 20:13

    Does this mean we will see the most unlikely pairing in F1 history?

    Kimi & Rob Smedly??????

  12. Lewis McMurray (@celicadion23) said on 10th September 2013, 20:15

    Now all we have to wait for news on is where Massa is going if he’s staying in F1…..paws off the spare Lotus seat, that’s Hulkenberg’s!!

  13. Colossal Squid (@colossal-squid) said on 10th September 2013, 20:15

    Yeah. I’m conflicted right now. It’s sad, because I’ve liked Massa since his crash happy Sauber days, through his brilliant first three years at Ferrari – who could forget his two wins on home soil – and the drama of 2008. People have forgotten that at the end of the 2008 season Massa was very highly regarded as a driver, talked of in the same breath as Hamilton and Raikkonen.

    Then that crash happened and he never really has captured his ’08 form. So I’m sad that his career hasn’t panned out the way many expected, but I’m relieved that he is out of Ferrari from a pure performance standpoint, as he has been too frequently woeful in his performance since 2010. Now I’m excited for the future of Ferrari! Alonso and Raikkonen, two of the greats of this generation of drivers, together? It’ll either be the making or ruination of the Domenicali era at Ferrari.

    As a Ferrari fan, after all that he’s done for the team, and despite his performance issues over the past four seasons, I say thank you Felipe.

  14. Mouse_Nightshirt (@mouse_nightshirt) said on 10th September 2013, 20:16

    I worry he’ll go the way of Heikki – spend a year or two at the back of the grid before disappearing relatively anonymously. It would be a shame to see his career end like this so lets hope he gets a seat that is at least regularly capable of points.

  15. Wow, it feels like the end of an era. It’s true that Felipe hasn’t won a lot, but he’s been in a Ferrari for quite a long time.
    Leaving Ferrari was the best thing to do for both Massa and Ferrari. I don’t know if Massa is going to have a seat next year, if he doesn’t, he should try some new series. I honestly believe he can be very competitive, even if his last few years were a disaster.

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