Felipe Massa, Ferrari, Hungaroring, 2013

Massa confirms he will not drive for Ferrari in 2014

2014 F1 seasonPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Felipe Massa, Ferrari, Hungaroring, 2013Felipe Massa will leave Ferrari at the end of the year, he has confirmed on Twitter.

Rumours have linked Kimi Raikkonen to a move to the team next year.

“From 2014 I will no longer be driving for Ferrari,” Massa announced on Tuesday evening.

“I would like to thank the team for all the victories and incredible moments experienced together. Thank you also to my wife and all of my family, to my fans and all my sponsors.

“From each one of you I have always received a great support! Right now I want to push as hard as possible with Ferrari for the remaining seven races. For next year, I want to find a team that can give me a competitive car to win many more races and challenge for the championship which remains my greatest objective! Thank you all.”

Massa joined Ferrari in 2006 and scored his first victory for the team in the Turkish Grand Prix that year. In 2008 he narrowly missed out on winning the world championship in the final round, losing to Lewis Hamilton by a single point.

The following year Massa was seriously injured in a crash at the Hungaroring and was out of action for the rest of the season. He returned in 2010 but since then has struggled to get on terms with new team mate Fernando Alonso.

Since his crash Massa has not added to the 11 wins he scored for the team. He was on course for victory at Hockenheim in 2010 but was ordered to let Alonso past to take the win.

Massa has started more races for Ferrari than any driver bar Michael Schumacher.

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  1. Felipe Massa is a fine gentleman and has had a pretty remarkable racing career. Very few F1 drivers will ever be close to being champion or even tie for championship points in a season. Massa has not been one of my favorite drivers over the years, but I do like him as a person and respect his driving ability when he is in his best form. He deserves the utmost respect for fighting his way back into F1 after his terrible injury. Massa is a nice guy and not a ruthless racer like some. There is a fine line between the two that makes a great racer at the right time. My benchmark is JimClark, a nice guy and yet a fearless competitor on the track. Very few achieve the perfect balance. Massa will likely be remembered for being a nice guy and maybe too willing of a team player. I hope he finds a ride in F1 for next season.

  2. Schumacher started more races for Ferrari, but Massa started more races with a Ferrari engine. I think Schumacher started 179 races for Ferrari, and Massa is currently at 184 including his time at Sauber.

  3. In Stefano Domenicali’s instagram account, he has published just some hours ago, a photograph of Raikkonen Helmet… just a coincidence? http://instagram.com/p/eFtb7DRoJq/

    1. Talking about changes in a team, ballsy behaviour by Stefano :) I like!

  4. No doubt his confidence took a major knock after Germany ’10 and he’s never really recovered since then. I’m actually quite sad about this, I’m going to miss him terribly if he can’t find another seat in F1. He does have 10 years of experience, a number of wins, was runner up in one of the closest championships ever and is still capable of fighting for podiums. He’s still a better driver than many, so I really hope someone like Sauber or Williams picks him up.

    If this does turn out to be his last season, then I sincerely hope people remember him not for his lacklustre years alongside Alonso, but for his brilliant performances before his accident. Some of his drives were of Vettel-level dominance, and his often-forgotten performance in Brazil ’08 remains one of the finest drives I have ever seen. Despite the colossal pressure, despite rain showers at two points in the race, he did absolutely everything right. I struggle to think of another performance that was quite as amazing as that. Dare I say it, it was perfect.

    Plus, his dignified actions immediately after the race remain one of the most emotional and moving experiences I’ve ever had as a motorsport fan. And I was supporting Lewis.

  5. Jack (@jackisthestig)
    10th September 2013, 21:12

    Champion for 38 seconds, didn’t embarrass himself alongside Schumacher in ’06 and was better than Kimi for a season and a half before the accident.

    You have to say he has made the most of his talent and you can’t help but applaud that.

  6. So next year may look like this now:

    Ferrari: Alonso & Raikkonen
    Lotus: Grosjean & Hulkenberg
    Sauber: Massa/Gutierrez & Sirotkin

    Next season will be interesting!

  7. i said he needed to be replaced, but now i know its happening i’m quite sad, i love felipe, unfortunately he’s never been the same since his incident, i will miss him being a ferrari driver, will never forget his 2008 season. I hope he gets a decent drive somewhere, maybe a even a straight swap with raikkonen and felipe goes to lotus? (probably unlikely) he’s good enough for a drive elsewhere, unfortunately he’s not a pay driver, and this could really hinder his chances (amazing that someone like Sirotkin looks certain for a drive, yet massa is a question mark) i guess this is modern f1 and we all need to get used to it

  8. GOD YEEES!!! Finally some common sense from Ferraris side! Huh ^^

    1. And if massa was your Dad,you wouldd agree!

  9. Ferrari : Kimi and Alonso
    Lotus: Hulkenberg and Grosjean
    Mercedes: Hamilton and Rosberg
    Red Bull: Vettel and Webber
    McLaren: Button and Perez
    FA: Calado and Di Resta
    Sauber: Sirotkin and Gutierrez

    What drive does Massa think he can get where he can win races, because I can’t see anything out there? Even if Sauber could somehow produce a miracle car next year they haven’t got any money to pay Felipe.

    1. Red Bull: Vettel and Ricciardo!

  10. All else apart… @Keith Collantine I am quite annoyed by your choice of picture for this post… you could have had plenty of better pictures of Felipe to post here.

    1. Yes, not the best is it? Looks as though he’s got that top on backwards.
      “Wadda you mean, the zip goes up the front?”

      1. did u want Massa crying in a photo?

  11. anyone else seen stefano domenicali’s latest tweet?

    picture of a new Ferrari helmet with “iceman” written on the side under the title of #helmet2014

    1. on his instagram

      1. i suppose the only question mark is whether that twitter/instgram account is real

    2. Todd (@braketurnaccelerate)
      10th September 2013, 22:05


      Stefano Domenicali is not listed on F1 Fanatic’s Twitter Guide, so I seriously doubt the authenticity of that page. http://www.f1fanatic.co.uk/f1-information/f1-twitter/

        1. Todd (@braketurnaccelerate)
          11th September 2013, 9:15

          @scuderia29 – Unfortunately the pieces just don’t add up. I think that’s a fake account. The helmet picture is a photoshopped image of Kimi’s 2007 helmet with Kaspersky logos and the newer “Marlboro” Scuderia logo. The other pictures are all very very generic press pictures. If it were his real instagram account, I could only imagine there would be more candid and personal pictures on it, not just press pics.

  12. Mixed feelings on this one. His races results were often compromised to help Alonso, as was the case again at Monza. Some of the Ferrari problems can be attributed to the need for better drivers, but some of them seem to stem from a dysfunctional setup within the team. Unless they treat Massa’s replacement – whoever he may be – a bit better, things will stay the same there.

  13. How about Hulk & Massa at Lotus??
    The first lap nutcase may take rest…

  14. Can’t believe some of the gloating, mean spirited comments regarding this. Massa has deserved criticism and negative reaction for many of his performances over the past four years, but the amount of glee and disrespect being shown by some commenters that purport to be Ferrari fans, or F1 fans, is saddening.

    In recent seasons Felipe Massa may not have delivered the results he should have, but he’s always carried himself with honour and dignity, and been incredibly loyal to his team. His character shown in these matters should be respected.

    1. +1

      I absolutely agree with all of that.

      1. Also, it’s a shame to see that a lot of people making such comments are the same people who think that booing Vettel is ‘disgusting’. Talk about double standards…

        1. @jackysteeg for me personally I’m not at all celebrating Massa leaving, I’m celebrating the likely following of R├Ąikk├Ânen or H├╝lkenberg driving alongside Alonso. Either will be easily the best line-up on the current grid.

          So no, not disrespect towards Massa. Congratulations towards Ferrari.

    2. Yes, I think you’re absolutely right. But it’s a shame that his team seems to have asked so much of him while seeming to give so little in return.
      He doesn’t seem to have driven at his best consistently since the Hungary accident, but he has consistently worked to the advantage of the team.
      With Massa, and unlike most other F1 drivers, the ego is not rampantly on display. It’s easy to say that nice guys finish second, but maybe this is a case that proves it.
      Apart from that, all drivers in F1 have a ‘sell by’ date when their energies and abilities start to decline. I think Button and possibly Sutil are reaching theirs. If they should join Massa and Webber in this winter’s exit, who else would join; Nasr, Wickens?

    3. @colossal-squid don’t think of it as disrespect towards Massa, rather glee at the prospect of Ferrari having a stormingly good line-up for next season. What isn’t to celebrate about that?

      1. @vettel1 If that’s all you take from some of the comments then I don’t know what to say. Some people (and I won’t point fingers) clearly are not just excited about a great line-up at Ferrari next year.

    4. I agree. It shows a lack of class to kick a man when he is down.

    5. Agree with this (although I think the comments are mostly aimed at Ferrari, not Massa himself).
      I actually feel sad for Felipe. That spring striking him really was one of the most unluckiest things I have witnessed in F1 and it’s obvious he hasn’t been the same since. It’s probably fitting that the last race he will have won will be his home one, albeit in emotional circumstances.

      It’s certainly been a colourful career, but I can’t see it going anywhere from here. Lotus would be fools to take Massa instead of Hulkenberg and Grosjean isn’t going anywhere with Boullier in charge.

      Thanks for the memories Felipe.

  15. I Just hope Massa goes to a team that want him to race, and not to be a second driver.

  16. Felipe has had great initial years with Ferrari. Felipe was the Jules Bianchi for Ferrari at the start of the century and Ferrari invested its hopes in him. Ferrari backed Sauber driver and then a test driver for Ferrari in 2003.

    He started his career very well wth Ferrari acting as a strong support for Michael. Michael later also admitted that he retired premature from Ferrari as Felipe’s seat was in danger from Kimi in 2007.

    Felipe fought hard in 2007 and with a few misfortunes, he was out of title running towards the end. 2008, Felipe truly gave Kimi a run for his money and even more. Kimi was Ferrari’s star driver and tifosi’s hope and it was a pleasant surprise to see Felipe match Kimi toe-to-toe in 2007, 2008 and 2009 until…..

    2010 and he started decently but then was getting eclipsed by Fernando after a few races and then it only got worse in years to come.

    It is fair to say that Fernando has been the toughest team mate for Felipe in terms of raw speed and political mind games.

    For Michael, Felipe was a kind of protege, Kimi was never bothered but Fernando came into the team and ruthlessly toppled Felipe and made him a no. 2.

    Thanks Felipe for the great Ferrari years.

    I really doubt we will see him in a competitive car. There are many young drivers with equal potential if not more.

  17. It’s his dignity in defeat on the podium at Interlagos that stands out for me too. But the way his family rallied round in public and kept the world informed when he was in hospital was extremely moving, too. And since then he’s been underrated. He was superb in Japan and Brazil last year, and has been bang on the pace on occasion this year too.

    He deserves a chance to shine away from a spoilt Alonso, all the Ferrari politics and Rob Smedley’s Wallace-and-Gromit comments on the radio. I’d like to see him scoring points and spraying a bit of champagne with Lotus, or a decent Williams. Sauber’s going down the pan, it’s not controlled by racers any more, and Felipe deserves better than that.

    Or he’d be very welcome where knowledgeable, non-booing spectators go to watch grown-ups racing the most advanced cars on proper racing tyres – the World Endurance Championship. He didn’t say in which series he was looking for a team…

  18. Jack (@jackisthestig)
    10th September 2013, 21:53

    Absolutely, he was well within in that group of top drivers we now consider Vettel, Hamilton, Alonso and Kimi members of prior to his accident.

  19. One option for Felipe which would be a positive but “outside the box” step would be Formula E. Think of the publicity it would garner for them, especially for the brazil round. Would give him a shot at a championship too most likely. Other than that or Sauber then I cant see any other single seater options (indycar has too many known quantity driver options already for him to be considered there I think)

  20. before he became ferrari driver, he spent 3 racing seasons and 1 testing season in f1

    hulkenberg is so similar to him, i.e. 3 racing seasons and 1 testing season in f1

    hulkenberg should be the best replacement.

    raikkonen + alonso would be an aging team

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