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Ward accuses Todt of breaking FIA election rules

2013 F1 seasonPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Jean TodtFIA presidential candidate David Ward has accused incumbent Jean Todt of unethical conduct in his attempt to influence the outcome of the election.

Ward will submit a report to the FIA’s Ethics Committee over what he describes as Todt’s practice of using FIA resources towards his re-election bid.

“It is vital that the FIA election processes are conducted in a fair, democratic and transparent manner,” said Ward, who accused Todt of using FIA-funded meetings to request motor sport clubs to sign letters supporting his candidacy.

Ward published a photograph of Todt on his website which Ward claims shows the FIA president holding one of the letters of support while at a meeting in Uruguay in March.

“I believe that demanding signature of support agreements in these circumstances represents a serious violation of the FIA?s rules, regulations and ethical code,” Ward continued.

“The complaint will enable the Ethics Committee to investigate the legitimacy of these agreements, the circumstances in which signatures were demanded, and whether it is an appropriate use of the FIA?s resources for its staff and management to pursue Mr Todt’s personal re-election ambitions at official FIA regional meetings.”

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