Doubts over Alonso’s willingness to accept Raikkonen

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Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Monza, 2013In the round-up: Would Fernando Alonso be prepared to have Kimi Raikkonen as a team mate?


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Ferrari’s recruitment of Kimi Raikkonen has upset Fernando Alonso (The Guardian)

“Alonso is angry about the situation. One prominent team principal said in Monza last week: ‘Have you seen Fernando? He is very unhappy at the prospect of Kimi joining the team.'”

‘Raikkonen would destabilise Alonso’ (BBC)

Jackie Stewart: “It would be a very confusing element within that team for them to have Kimi and Alonso, who I doubt would really like to have Kimi there.”

Lotus ready with 2014 plan B (Autosport)

“Lotus team principal Eric Boullier has confirmed [Nico] Hulkenberg is on the team’s shortlist, but expects there to be competition from rival teams.”

Lewis Hamilton sees no end soon to Red Bull’s dominance of F1 (The Guardian)

“For the next four years coming, unless Renault do a poor engine, I think they’ll be quick. Adrian Newey does a really good job.”

Montezemolo?s Monza (FT, registration required)

“It would also be very good to see some of the other automotive marques return to the race, as in the past ?ǣ Japanese, American, why not?”

Ward hopes to call upon previous Mosley experience to lead FIA presidency race (Daily Mail)

“‘I am not Max [Mosley’s] man; I am not Bernie [Ecclestone’s] man,’ he said, stating that neither is bankrolling his campaign.”

Ferrari’s Massa Gets Speeding Ticket on Way to GP (ABC News)

“Massa was given a $214 speeding ticket by Italian police this weekend on his way to the Italian Grand Prix race for exceeding the speed limit in his silver-colored Ferrari 458.”

The STiGR F1 Display Preview (STiGR via YouTube)

Via WTF1

James Hunt?s American adventures (MotorSport)

“I remember James wandering the paddock wearing washed-out bell bottom jeans and an undersized pink T-shirt exposing his midriff and belly button. He was unimpressed with the Shadow. ‘I was hoping to enjoy some real horsepower,’ he grinned.”


Comment of the day

@Colossal-Squid on Felipe Massa’s Ferrari departure:

I?m conflicted right now. It?s sad, because I?ve liked Massa since his crash happy Sauber days, through his brilliant first three years at Ferrari ?ǣ who could forget his two wins on home soil ?ǣ and the drama of 2008. People have forgotten that at the end of the 2008 season Massa was very highly regarded as a driver, talked of in the same breath as Hamilton and Raikkonen.

Then that crash happened and he never really has captured his ?08 form. So I?m sad that his career hasn?t panned out the way many expected, but I?m relieved that he is out of Ferrari from a pure performance standpoint, as he has been too frequently woeful in his performance since 2010. Now I?m excited for the future of Ferrari! Alonso and Raikkonen, two of the greats of this generation of drivers, together? It?ll either be the making or ruination of the Domenicali era at Ferrari.

As a Ferrari fan, after all that he?s done for the team, and despite his performance issues over the past four seasons, I say thank you Felipe.


Spark-Renault SRT_01E Formula E, 2013

This is the new Formula E racer, launched yesterday, which will appear in the all-electric series next year. McLaren and Williams are among the F1 teams who’ve contributed to the technology.

More pictures and details in the new Formula E group:

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On this day in F1

Ronnie Peterson lost his life 35 years ago today. He succumbed to injuries sustained in a first-lap crash in the Italian Grand Prix the day before.

Image ?? Ferrari/Ercole Colombo

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155 comments on Doubts over Alonso’s willingness to accept Raikkonen

  1. Various thoughts:

    1) I’m pretty sure no one driver likes to have an strong team mate. That said it does not means Alonso (or any other top driver) cannot handle that issue. In my personal opinion, the problems Alonso had in 2007 were not related to Hamilton but to Ron Dennis.

    2) I’m not sure, Ferrari could handle two top drivers in the team. They are not used to, and they have another problem with all those senior managers coming in and out due to (IMHO) the lack of leadership of Domenicali. Add more complexity to the situation is not going to help.

    3) Alonso could be the best current driver or not, but during this four years, he has given everything to Ferrari, being 200% committed to the team in all occasions, even when he has lost championships not because his performance. Hiring Kimi, according to the traditional way of manage of Ferrari (IMHO), is like telling him “I don’t trust you enough to lead this team”. Well, I think this will carry less success to the team, not because fights between Alo-Kimi but to the fact that Alo will not be as committed as he has been up to now. I would like to be wrong. Time will tell.

    4) In any case, see a good fight between ALO and RAI and for first time, using the same car, is going to be thrilling!

    • 1) I’m pretty sure no one driver likes to have an strong team mate. That said it does not means Alonso (or any other top driver) cannot handle that issue. In my personal opinion, the problems Alonso had in 2007 were not related to Hamilton but to Ron Dennis.

      Alonso knew that about McLaren having the Ferrari data and went to Ron Dennis demanding to be made number one driver for the rest of the season otherwise he’d go to the FIA. It was blackmail, he was prepared to cheat his way to a world championship as Ron Dennis made him number one driver. Then you had the whole illegal mass damper in 2006 and the whole saga in Singapore 2008. Trouble seems to follow this guy.

  2. Lucien_Todutz (@lucien_todutz) said on 11th September 2013, 9:50

    Just can’t wait, hope Kimi will sign :)

    PS just imagine:

    Fernando Alonso: – This is ridiculous!
    Stefano Domenicali: – Kimi, Fernando is faster than you. Can you confirm you understand that message?
    Kimi Raikkonen: I know what I’m doing!

  3. Of course Alonso doesn’t like the fact that Kimi is going to be his team mate next year. During the past four seasons he has been the #1 in the team. All the new upgrates go to him, the car is built around his driving style, he has always the best possible strategy, while Massa’s strategy sometimes makes him lose places, he has a team mate who is willing to do anything to help him.
    Alonso will not have many of these advantages with Kimi and of course he is not going to be happy about it. Besides there’s the fact that Alonso wanted Massa to stay, he said so multiple times when interviewed, so he won’t like that Ferrari didn’t listen to him this time.

  4. Timothy Katz (@timothykatz) said on 11th September 2013, 12:40

    Does anyone find it odd that there doesn’t seem to have been an official announcement yet? Massa announced he was leaving yesterday, and normally one would expect a carefully choreographed PR announcement pretty soon after that so-andso was joining. But it’s now 1.30 CET and there’s nothing yet; I wonder if there’s anything wrong.
    I also wonder if Alonso’s critical attitude towards the team on Sunday had anything to do with his knowledge that they were going to let Massa go.

  5. Jem (@osella) said on 11th September 2013, 12:59

    Alonso could buy the remains of HRT and hire Felipe?

  6. This just in, Alonso voices his support for ‘talented rookie’ Max Chilton to take Massa’s seat. ;)

    Seriously though, would be great to have Alonso up against Raikkonen. After the disappointment of not getting to see Vettel vs Raikkonen this would be a suitable alternative in my book. Maybe even more interesting as i see them as having similar qualities as drivers.

  7. Patrick (@paeschli) said on 11th September 2013, 14:09

    Hey, Massa could go to Formula E next year. It would be great to see him winning the first Formula E championship :D

  8. i think alonso will crush kimi next year, and im hamilton fan

  9. scunnyman (@scunnyman) said on 12th September 2013, 0:18

    @q85 How was Ron Dennis wrong in what he did?

    And does that mean you have no problem with Blackmail?

  10. Joey-Poey (@joey-poey) said on 12th September 2013, 1:04

    I’m very excited about Formula E (save for the silly exchange cars rule), but even I must admit that is a woefully boxy and uninspiring car design.

  11. Mikko Kurppa said on 12th September 2013, 2:34

    Bold move from Ferrari taking Raikkonen but the right one. Alonso had three years to take the champinpionship and even with excellent performances did not deliver.
    Let’s see if Alonso has the balls to stay in the team because he certainly has bad memories from equal team-mates. From what I have read, as soon as Fernando learned about Kimi joining (June) he approached Red Bull who was not interested.
    If he stays, this will be a battle of two of the biggest names in F1 (both better than Hamilton or Vettel), and at the end of the year I see Raikkonen having the upper hand. Why? Imho, Kimi is still the fastest man there in terms of raw speed and racecraft, more reliable, and adapts his driving style better to saving tires and the upcoming turbo engines (Alonso is aggressive on the tires, the turbos will only make it worse).

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