Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Monza, 2013

2013 Italian Grand Prix team radio transcript

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Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Monza, 2013Team radio was a major talking point at the Italian Grand Prix after a terse exchange between Fernando Alonso and his team during qualifying.

The exact substance of Alonso’s Italian radio message was disputed – some claimed he was calling his teams “idiots” (“scemi”) or sarcastically referring to them as “geniuses” (“geni”). Either way it was not complimentary, and was taken as another indication of strained relations between driver and team.

If Lewis Hamilton had aimed similar criticism of his team during the race, they were none the wiserm as his radio wasn’t working properly.

Fortunately for the Red Bull drivers theirs was, as both had to be warned about gearbox problems in the closing stages of the race.

Here are all the messages from the Italian Grand Prix that were broadcast during the race.

2013 Italian Grand Prix team radio transcript

Lap* From To Message
PR Dave Robson Jenson Button Short-shifting off the launch, first to second – you can do it, as long as you’ve already dropped the second paddle. But it’s not recommended in these conditions.
PR Jenson Button Dave Robson Yeah, totally agree. That was just if it’s going to be wet.
PR Kimi Raikkonen Mark Slade Is it normal that my steering wheel went very… The lights are very low. I cannot see what it says on the dashboard.
PR Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton Situation: The weather is looking more unsettled but it’s very difficult to tell where the rain is going to come, if it’s going to come at all. It’s predicted to be predominantly a dry race. We can only see 15, 20 minutes into the future in terms of where we expect the rain to come from. So far we are seeing a dry window. In terms of the plan, we’ve discussed it with James and Ross, and we are still thinking the [hard] tyre will be the best race tyre for us to start on. It’s not that… we understand it may compromise us in the opening laps but it will buy us back performance later on in the race. It also gives us more flexibility to do the right thing should the weather come along.
PR Lewis Hamilton Peter Bonnington OK.
PR Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton That said, you’re going to get more opportunity to get heat into these tyres. You’ve got the formation lap where you can really work them, Jock will coach you through that, I’m sure the grip will be in a much better position.
PR Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton Any lack of grip, was it predominantly front or rear?
PR Lewis Hamilton Peter Bonnington Overall lack of grip. I’d say in terms of balance there’s been understeer and there’s been oversteer, it feels like the car is maybe minus half, so it’s quite neutral. So it feels good at the moment. I’m happy with the car.
PR Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton Affirm. If the fronts were cold and a couple of laps in the fronts have come up and it starts to go to a bit more oversteery then just bring the Diff High Speed up to six, will give you more support on entry.
PR Lewis Hamilton Peter Bonnington We need a good start here, OK.
PR Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton Just to reiterate, Lewis, certainly in those first hundred metres, if you can, keep the steering as straight as possible. Obviously if you have to defend or move, you have to, but really, really early stages just try to keep it as straight as possible.
FL Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel All systems are good so tyre warming when you can and remember your procedures. It’s bite point learn and two burn-outs. We need good clutch prep so straight to your box. Focus on KERS at the start and KERS eight when you stop.
FL Simon Rennie Mark Webber This is a red start. React to the beep quickly. Use KERS in gear two.
1 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton Cancel RS.
2 Juan Pablo Ramirez Giedo van der Garde Move brake balance to the front.
2 Kimi Raikkonen Mark Slade Raikkonen nudged Perez at the first corner.
I lost my front wing. Can you hear me or not? I lost my front wing.
2 Mark Slade Kimi Raikkonen Yes, Kimi, we understand, box this lap for tyres and front wing.
2 Kimi Raikkonen Mark Slade The McLaren just took my line away completely. Yeah I mean I lost all the downforce, so I couldn’t slow down.
2 Mark Slade Kimi Raikkonen Yeah fully understand, Kimi, let’s just see what we can do.
3 Rob Smedley Felipe Massa Concentrate on our race now, this is good.
3 Sergio Perez Mark Temple Mark can you hear me OK?
3 Mark Temple Sergio Perez Yes that is loud and clear. Good job, keep going, doing a really good job.
3 Kimi Raikkonen Mark Slade Raikkonen has pitted for a new front wing.
Are we sure that the front wing is in the right angle because it feels a lot of front end?
3 Mark Slade Kimi Raikkonen Should be the same, Kimi. Set the same. Looks the same in the data as well.
3 Kimi Raikkonen Mark Slade OK.
4 Sebastian Vettel Guillaume Rocquelin Vettel locked up his front-right tyre at the first corner at the start.
Keep an eye on the front-right.
4 Nico Rosberg Tony Ross The rear wing is vibrating a lot.
4 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Copy. Stand by.
4 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg We’re not worried about the rear wing. We think it’s turbulence from tows of other cars. We’re happy.
5 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton We are not sure whether you are transmitting. Traction metrics 750.
5 Paul di Resta GianPiero Lambiase Di Resta retired on the first lap when he hit Grosjean at the Roggia chicane.
Sorry I just locked the front. Ah.
5 GianPiero Lambiase Paul di Resta OK Paul. Ignition P0 please mate.
5 Phil Charles Jean-Eric Vergne This is really good, look after your tyres, let’s see if we can overtake him. Let’s see i we can do him, Jev.
6 Mark Slade Kimi Raikkonen Please avoid throttle and brake overlap, please.
6 Kimi Raikkonen Mark Slade Why is that?
6 Mark Slade Kimi Raikkonen Fuel consumption is on the high side.
6 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton Hamilton has radio problems.
We cannot hear you, just flick your wear switch to two and back to one.
7 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg We’re happy with the gaps, just looking after the tyres mainly at the moment. Ideally on main straight pull to the right-hand side just to cool the car.
7 Phil Charles Jean-Eric Vergne The two cars behind you have just closed up a little bit. Let’s have nice, good laps.
7 Andrew Murdoch Pastor Maldonado Remember to look after the tyres in turn six, nine and eleven. Try further forwards with brake balance.
7 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Plus three Massa, your pace is good.
8 Marco Schupbach Nico Hulkenberg Lap times on target and competitive, very good. Be just a bit more gentle with the rears exit five.
8 Tim Wright Charles Pic You are losing compared to Giedo in turn one braking and turn six. You are going to fast in and too slow in the mid-corner, turn six.
8 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Alonso is now P2.
9 Sebastian Vettel Guillaume Rocquelin Check front-right.
9 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Understood, we’re monitoring right-front at all times, we know exactly where it’s at. We know it’s not good. But to be clear, no concern with right-front for now. We are measuring it.
9 Paul Davison Jules Bianchi Good job, Jules. The Caterham ahead is doing 31.2s. We’ll soon have Raikkonen behind for position.
10 Mark Temple Sergio Perez How is the balance? Any signs of deg?
10 Sergio Perez Mark Temple Yes I am starting to feel the rears to go away a little bit. The rear tyres are beginning to go away.
10 Mark Temple Sergio Perez At the moment lap time deg looks low, we’re still on Plan A.
11 Marco Schupbach Nico Hulkenberg Keep that lap time, same pace as Massa. Very good, Nico, keep pushing.
12 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton Box, pit confirm. Front-right, slow puncture. Box.
12 Andrea Stella Fernando Alonso Gomme quando puoi/Tyres when you can.
12 Fernando Alonso Andrea Stella OK.
12 Brad Joyce Adrian Sutil Hamilton in front may have a slow puncture. Hamilton in front is in trouble.
13 Rob Smedley Felipe Massa Brake balance forward for corner one and four. Brake balance forward now.
13 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton Box, pit confirm. Box, pit confirm.
13 Francesco Nenci Esteban Gutierrez Pace is OK for our strategy. Sutil is pulling away. Maldonado lap time like you.
14 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Front wing feedback when you can.
14 Sebastian Vettel Guillaume Rocquelin Front wing OK, tyres still one plus.
14 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Understood. Remember front wing rotary is still working.
14 Phil Charles Jean-Eric Vergne Mix five, Jev. Just be careful not to brake too late for the second chicane.
15 Marco Schupbach Nico Hulkenberg Nico how the rears are going? Should be a bit more gentle exit five if possible.
15 Sergio Perez Mark Temple They are the same like before. But I’m starting to lose the rears. So I think it’s going to be very hard to reach the target lap.
15 Mark Temple Sergio Perez Pace still looks very good. Data here looks good for the tyres. We’ll monitor the siotuation as it goes on. Still on Plan A at the moment.
16 Jean-Eric Vergne Phil Charles Vergne retires with what turned out to be a transmission problem.
The engine has gone.
16 Phil Charles Jean-Eric Vergne OK Jev, understood. Hard luck, Jev, you were doing a really good job.
16 Simon Rennie Mark Webber May be some oil, turn four.
17 Fernando Alonso Andrea Stella Alonso gives a message in Italian.
17 Dave Robson Jenson Button Let’s see how we get on in this free air. You are in the window.
17 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Information: Hulkenberg says his rear tyres are going.
17 Marco Matassa Daniel Ricciardo Balance, Daniel?
17 Daniel Ricciardo Marco Matassa The rear is nervous on entry, there’s big understeer.
18 Romain Grosjean Ayao Komatsu Grosjean asks for a front wing change during his pit stop.
Can I have two turns on the front flap.
18 Ayao Komatsu Romain Grosjean OK copy that. Look after the gears out of turn two and seven.
18 Rob Smedley Felipe Massa Plan A looks OK. Webber always slow in the middle sector. Just faster where he has the DRS.
18 Marco Matassa Daniel Ricciardo Copy, fail three, is that correct?
19 Gary Gannon Max Chilton Mix three, Max, over car is mix three as well.
19 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Try torque five, first two chicanes.
20 Mark Temple Sergio Perez How much are you being held up by Ricciardo?
20 Sergio Perez Mark Temple About half a second a lap.
20 Mark Temple Sergio Perez OK understood.
20 Marco Schupbach Nico Hulkenberg Hulkenberg approaches his lap 24 pit stop.
Kill the tyres now. Push like hell.
21 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg We’re targeting four a the end of this lap.
21 Brad Joyce Adrian Sutil We need to start pushing now, Adrian.
21 Dave Robson Jenson Button McLaren make a last-minute change to Button’s pit stop plan.
Grosjean’s had a poor pit stop, Checo will be in this lap. We need to go past once more, we need it now.
22 Dave Robson Jenson Button Correction we’re going to box this lap.
22 Marco Matassa Daniel Ricciardo Box, Daniel. Push now.
22 Mark Slade Kimi Raikkonen Mix three. Watch your throttle/brake overlap at the Lesmos. Fuel consumption is still high.
22 Simon Rennie Mark Webber Engine 22.
22 Mark Temple Sergio Perez Box this lap, confirm.
23 Rob Smedley Felipe Massa 22 laps completed, let’s open a gap now to the car behind, come on.
23 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Red Bull brought both their cars in on the same lap, allowing Webber to jump ahead of Massa.
Box, torque map one and box.
24 Simon Rennie Mark Webber Box, Mark, opposite Massa.
24 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel You know the target.
24 Simon Rennie Mark Webber Raikkonen behind you on scrubbed [mediums] but he is quick.
24 Fernando Alonso Andrea Stella Another radio exchange in Italian.
Rimaniamo calmi e facciamo dei verdi/We need to remain calm and let’s post some greens.
24 Andrea Stella Fernando Alonso Esatto, spingiamo adesso, spingiamo e stiamo calmi/Exactly, push now, push and lets stay calm.
25 Marco Schupbach Nico Hulkenberg Racing cars, brake balance.
26 Andrea Stella Fernando Alonso Alonso is given another position update in Italian.
Ok, dobbiamo tenere sotto controllo Webber, sotto controllo Webber dietro di noi, dobbiamo spingere al cento/Ok, we need to keep Webber under control, Webber is behind us and we need to keep him under control, we need to push at our 100%.
26 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Good effort, keep pushing like that, Chilton in front of you lapped car ahead.
26 Brad Joyce Adrian Sutil We need to push these next laps, Adrian.
26 Paul Davison Jules Bianchi You should have one more lap of clear air, Jules. Let’s build more tyre temp, think about brake balance half a turn rearwards.
27 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Magic off, please.
27 Gary Gannon Max Chilton Chilton is getting blue flags as faster cars lap him.
Perfect job on that blue, that was perfect.
27 Rob Smedley Felipe Massa Four lights on the KERS, please, until I tell you.
28 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel This is more than we need. Alonso is still out there, he’s going to have fresher tyres. You need to save your tyres. OK just as a reminder, you need to do 30 laps on these tyres which is seven more than the previous stint.
28 Marco Schupbach Nico Hulkenberg Double-boost for overtake if possible.
29 Nico Hulkenberg Marco Schupbach Hulkenberg came out of the pits behind Raikkonen after his pit stop.
Do you think Kimi will have to stop again?
29 Marco Schupbach Nico Hulkenberg He does, Nico, but we have to try and pass him. He does have to pit again.
29 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Just confirm Nico it will be important to look after them now and we expect you to be fighting at the end of the race with the cars in front. Podium position chance.
29 Simon Rennie Mark Webber Remember we need to get to the end on this set. We need to finish the race on this set of tyres so be sensible. At the moment your slip is good, we need to keep it there.
29 Andrea Stella Fernando Alonso Alonso is given the gap between him and the chasing Webber in Italian.
0.9 al traguardo/0.9 at the finishing line.
30 Mark Slade Kimi Raikkonen Lotus kept Raikkonen out to ensure he did not come out of the pits behind Maldonado.
Expecting two more laps, trying to jump another car.
30 Kimi Raikkonen Mark Slade Are we going for the [medium] tyres?
30 Mark Slade Kimi Raikkonen Yes Kimi, going for [mediums].
30 Kimi Raikkonen Mark Slade OK. Half a turn less front wing.
30 Mark Slade Kimi Raikkonen OK, half a turn down.
30 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Hamilton passed Rosberg on lap 29.
Lewis is quicker than the cars in front, you can use him to draw you up to them.
31 Mark Slade Kimi Raikkonen Box this lap.
31 Mark Temple Sergio Perez Can you cool brakes on the straight. Pull out of the tow to cool brakes.
31 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Situation at the moment is you are P7 and Lewis is yet to stop.
31 Paul Davison Jules Bianchi Should have four more laps of clear air, Jules, four more laps.
32 Rob Smedley Felipe Massa Race at the minute we are 1.6 seconds behind Webber, we are a little bit quicker than him. Hulkenberg is three seconds behind and then Hamilton, who should be on a two-stop, is just behind Hulkenberg. It may be the case that Hamilton gets past, he is the car behind but he should be on a two-stop.
32 Tim Wright Charles Pic Pic and Gutierrez give similar messages about improving their driving in the same corner.
Your last lap was better but you’re still losing time to Giedo in turn six. Sacrifice the entry turn six to get a better mid-corner and exit.
33 Francesco Nenci Esteban Gutierrez We think you can go quicker through Ascari.
33 Marco Schupbach Nico Hulkenberg Hamilton in front has to stop again, Rosberg behind not. 22 laps to go. Good job, Nico.
33 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Just be aware Lewis overtook Hulkenberg by using full KERS out of turn two.
34 Andrew Murdoch Pastor Maldonado Watch the wheel slip exit of turn one, exit of turn four.
34 Nico Hulkenberg Marco Schupbach I have to push like hell to try to keep up with him. Do I try to keep up or save the tyres?
34 Marco Schupbach Nico Hulkenberg Nico you have to beat the guy behind you, Rosberg, the guy in front of you will stop again anyway.
34 Mark Slade Kimi Raikkonen Fuel consumption still on the high side so go to mix one, please.
34 Marco Schupbach Nico Hulkenberg Last lap time perfectly on target, 20 laps to go, Nico.
35 Sebastian Vettel Guillaume Rocquqelin Tyres in phase one.
35 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Understood.
35 Brad Joyce Adrian Sutil Gutierrez is on medium tyres, he may come back to us yet. Keep pushing and see if we can get into his DRS again.
35 Francesco Nenci Esteban Gutierrez Ricciardo, P8, is only eight seconds ahead of you, and he is slower.
36 Juan Pablo Ramirez Giedo van der Garde Multifunction four, map three. Do not use the right paddle. We need to save some fuel.
36 Paul Davison Jules Bianchi Blue flag, Hamilton.
37 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Chilton and Bianchi lapped cars ahead of Hulkenberg.
37 Mark Temple Sergio Perez It’s the front-left brake we need to keep cool. If you can cool it on the straights that would be good.
38 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton Message given twice.
Box, pit confirm.
38 Mark Slade Kimi Raikkonen We’re expecting Hamilton to stop very soon, he should come out two seconds behind you.
38 Dave Robson Jenson Button There’s some traffic ahead, Chilton and Bianchi, could be an opportunity.
38 Jenson Button Dave Robson How many laps on these tyres?
38 Dave Robson Jenson Button 17 laps on this set and there are 15 more laps to go in the race.
39 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Focus on track limits.
39 Mark Slade Kimi Raikkonen Hamilton is in.
39 Tim Wright Charles Pic Box this lap, pit confirm.
40 Jenson Button Dave Robson Are we still thinking Plan A?
40 Dave Robson Jenson Button Yes Jenson, Plan A. People have been doing 25 to 27 laps on these tyres no problem.
40 Tim Wright Charles Pic We need to improve the pedal-crossing, Charles. It is better turn one but we need more.
41 Brad Joyce Adrian Sutil Use your KERS out of this corner to see if you can get him.
41 Simon Rennie Mark Webber First sign of Red Bull’s gearbox problems which later spread to Vettel.
We have an issue: we need to short-shift in low gears, exit of turn two.
41 Juan Pablo Ramirez Giedo van der Garde A lot of cars around for blue flags.
42 Jenson Button Dave Robson Very big vibrations.
42 Dave Robson Jenson Button OK Jenson, understand.
42 Sergio Perez Mark Temple I lost a lot of time with the Marussia.
42 Mark Temple Sergio Perez OK, understood.
42 Rob Smedley Felipe Massa Keep it clean now, come on mate.
43 Kimi Raikkonen Mark Slade Can you ask what is OK how I overtook or not?
43 Mark Slade Kimi Raikkonen Raikkonen passes Gutierrez on the start/finish straight.
Stand by.
43 Kimi Raikkonen Mark Slade Because he squeezed me off.
43 Simon Rennie Mark Webber It’s gear two to three we need to short shift, exit of turn two.
44 Rob Smedley Felipe Massa We need three laps of four KERS lights before the end of the race. I would say let’s do them now and then we have full power all the way to the end of the race. So four lights please, for the next two laps. Pace anyway mate is very, very good.
44 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Short-shift into five and into six only on red lights.
45 Paul Davison Jules Bianchi We can’t do anything but stay mix three. Just have to try our best, mate.
45 Marco Schupbach Nico Hulkenberg We have three laps of fuel 11, use it to defend when you need them.
45 Ayao Komatsu Romain Grosjean Mix three, good job.
46 Mark Slade Kimi Raikkonen You’re not going to get full KERS this lap.
46 Simon Rennie Mark Webber I know we’re fighting but we need to short-shift gear two to gear three. You must short-shift gear two to gear three to finish the race.
46 Brad Joyce Adrian Sutil Sutil has been passed by Raikkonen and Hamilton.
Those two cars had a tyre advantage so we should be able to stay in front of Gutierrez.
46 Mark Temple Sergio Perez Turn four could be a good place to attack.
47 Ayao Komatsu Romain Grosjean Mix one-four.
47 Rob Smedley Felipe Massa Hulkenberg 4.2 seconds behind, pace similar so no problem from him.
48 Gary Gannon Max Chilton Blue flag, Bottas. We need revs seven to help us save fuel.
48 Mark Slade Kimi Raikkonen Do not use overtake button out of Parabolica. We are flattening the battery.
48 Rob Smedley Felipe Massa 1.9 seconds behind Webber. He and Vettel have been told to short-shift, they’ve probably got problems with their gearbox. I’m sure they have anyway.
48 Mark Temple Sergio Perez There is a backmarker ahead, there may be another opportunity when you go past him.
48 Andrew Murdoch Pastor Maldonado Six laps to go.
49 Rob Smedley Felipe Massa Seven-tenths in the middle sector you just took out of him, come on. Go mixture P6. Come on, boy.
49 Gary Gannon Max Chilton We think you are downshifting too early.
49 Gary Gannon Max Chilton We need to start lifting at the end of the straights to save fuel to get to the end. We’ll let you know how it’s going.
50 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Try to protect the fronts under braking.
50 Giedo van der Garde Juan Pablo Ramirez There’s something wrong with the engine braking.
50 Juan Pablo Ramirez Giedo van der Garde You are out of sequence with the paddle.
51 Francesco Nenci Esteban Gutierrez Big two laps now, push, push.
52 Rob Smedley Felipe Massa Two laps to go at the end of this lap. Hulkenberg 2.4 seonds behind doing 26.8s, around about four-tenths quicker.
52 Mark Temple Sergio Perez Let’s give it everything for these last three, see if we can get some points.
52 Gary Gannon Max Chilton We need more lifting, more fuel saving, just to get to the end.
53 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Last lap, just bring it home. We’ve got enugh issues, just bring it home, OK? Easy last lap.
53 Brad Joyce Adrian Sutil Sutil retired on the last lap.
Pits this lap we have a brake issue.
VL Christian Horner Sebastian Vettel Fantastic Seb, you’ve won the Italian Grand Prix again! Well done, brilliant drive.
VL Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Good job, mate.
VL Sebastian Vettel Guillaume Rocquelin Woohoo! Yes! Very, very good boys. Very good. Great race. Sorry for the lock-up in the first corner, made the first stint a bit tricky. Thank you.
VL Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Good job, mate, very tidy weekend. Nice work. Race result is yourself, Alonso, Mark, Massa and Hulkenberg. Enjoy this one, mate, doesn’t happen very often. Sorry, happens often to you! My bad.
VL Christian Horner Sebastian Vettel Actor David Hasslehoff was at the race.
Big A, Adrian. We were going to send The Hoff up but he’s not part of the team.
VL Sebastian Vettel Christian Horner Britta Roeske is Vettel’s public relations representative.
Send up The Hoff! Get Britta on the podium. I won’t go, then.
VL Christian Horner Sebastian Vettel OK, no problem! Adrian’s coming.
VL Sebastian Vettel Christian Horner Is there still somebody on the radio? Is there still somebody there?
VL ? Sebastian Vettel Yeah, mate. We’re just speechless mate. It’s been a tough one. I tell you what, since you’re bored, can we have 100% of KERS, please? Make you work ’til the end.
VL Christian Horner Sebastian Vettel That’s win number 40 for the team, Seb, 32 for you, moves you ahead of Mr Mansell. And yeah, I mean, fantastic. Good stop from the guys, today, fastest stops of the day and great team performance. Well done, really proud of you.
VL Andrea Stella Fernando Alonso A final message to Alonso in Italian.
Pi??? che lottare come leoni, non si puo fare, ed oggi, questo week end, l? abbiamo fatto/We can?t do anything more than fighting like lions, and today, this weekend, we did it.
VL Simon Rennie Mark Webber Stop the car, please. Slow down, downshift to first, then neutral, please. Stop at the pit exit if you can. Nice job today, mate.
VL Christian Horner Mark Webber That’s a very good drive Mark. With the gearbox issue we had you did really well there, thank you.
VL Rob Smedley Felipe Massa That was a very well driven race. Shame about the stop, getting jumped by Webber, but you did everything perfect. Thank you very much. Good job all weekend.
VL Marco Schupbach Nico Hulkenberg Yes, Nico yes! Well fought. Stop the car Nico, pull to the right of the pit lane exit. Good job mate, very good.
VL Nico Hulkenberg Marco Schupbach You too, guys. Thank you. Good effort.
VL Tony Ross Nico Rosberg So P6, order: Vettel, Alonso, Webber, Massa, P5 Hulkenberg, Ricciardo P7, Grosjean, Lewis and P10 was Button.
VL Marco Matassa Daniel Ricciardo Grandissimo, Daniel! Well done, mate. Congratulations. Cool the brakes. Fantastic job, congraulations, mate!
VL Ayao Komatsu Romain Grosjean Good job, good recovery.
VL Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton Just for comedy value: Lewis this is a radio check on the in-lap.
VL Dave Robson Jenson Button Great job, JB. That’s got to be one of your hardest-fought points. Not an esay race but some good attacking, some good defending. We got a point, well done mate.
VL Jenson Button Dave Robson I feel like I’ve been in a washing machine. You’ll see the flat spot when I get back. Not sure the one was the way to go. In traffic we were screwed a little bit.
VL Dave Robson Jenson Button Yeah, absolutely. One or two stop were close and maybe we didn’t quite get it right. Traffic was a bit annoying. But yeah, you’re right, ultimately we just didn’t have the pace. But let’s keep cracking on, we got a point and we can still make up a few places by the end of the season.
VL Jenson Button Dave Robson Yeah, obviously we need to have a good look at the starts, we lost a lot there.

Lap: Refers to lap message was broadcast on. There may be a delay between messages being said and being broadcast. PR = pre-race; FL = formation lap; VL = victory lap.
Message: Repetitive or irrelevant messages omitted. Notes in italics. Highlights in bold.

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