Marc Gene, Ferrari, Rudskogen Motorsenter, 2013

Gene does Ferrari demonstration in Norway

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In the round-up: Marc Gene does a demonstration run for Ferrari at the Rudskogen Motorfestival.


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A wet party in the Norwegian forest (Ferrari)

“Over 22,000 spectators watched the first demonstration of a Ferrari Formula 1 car on Norwegian soil.”

Only desi marshals at F1 Indian Grand Prix (News Track India)

“It has taken three races for the Indian marshals to get well versed with the ways of F1 and this time they will be performing the chores without overseas assistance.”

Jackie Stewart praises new F1 film Rush (The Telegraph)

“I think it will do very well for Formula One… particularly in the United States, where Formula One isn’t really recognised.”

Niki Lauda’s Courageous Comeback (F1 Speedwriter)

Niki Lauda on the 1976 Italian Grand Prix, his first race after his near-fatal crash at the Nurburgring Nordschleife: “I was fourth in the race which some people thought was quite good. But I hid the truth. In practice I was rigid with fear. Terrified. Diarrhoea. Heart pounding. Throwing up. Being scared is intolerable. I told myself you can’t drive a car like that. So I waited quite consciously for the car to slide and began with the precision work of handling the drift. After that it was not so hard. The worst was behind me. I had crossed the threshold and was once more at my normal rate.”


Comment of the day

@Foleyger’s thoughts on Rush. Add your review of the film here.

The opening scene was superb at the Nurburgring. Both Daniel Bruhl and Chris Hemsworth were excellent. I thought it was superb. The scenes after Lauda’s accident just showed how incredible it was for him to come back six weeks later.

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On this day in F1

Kimi Raikkonen claimed his third consecutive victory at Spa Francorchamps on this day in 2007.

He led a dominant one-two for Ferrari, reducing his deficit to points leader Lewis Hamilton to 13. Felipe Massa was second ahead of Fernando Alonso and Hamilton.

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