Mark Webber, Red Bull, Monza, 2013

Webber admits doubts over timing of F1 exit

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Mark Webber, Red Bull, Monza, 2013In the round-up: Mark Webber says he may be leaving F1 too soon but wants to make the most of his opportunity with Porsche.


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Mark Webber admits Formula 1 motivation was on the wane (BBC)

“I’m probably leaving F1 a year too soon but with the [regulation] changes next season [the introduction of turbo engines with a fuel limit] and the opportunity to join Porsche, it’s the best move for me.”

Rookie diary – Williams? Valtteri Bottas (F1)

“I’ve improved everywhere. On the technical side: making better decisions with the car set-up, giving better feedback to the team, working better with my engineers; and on the racing side: a huge load more experience in qualifying, at race starts and making pit stops, and a better understanding of strategies.”

Frijns makes management changes (Autosport)

“He has now joined forces with Dutch company Just Sports Marketing in a bid to boost his chances of landing sufficient funding to increase his appeal to F1 and GP2 teams.”

Scarbs on tech: Marussia’a Monza set-up (Motorsport Monday)

Chief engineer Dave Greenwood: “This year we haven’t had to do a specific Monza wing, it’s our normal high downforce rear wing, as it’s within out adjustment range.”

Ecclestone reveals truth on Indian GP cut (SportBusiness International)

“The trouble in India is a simple one. The rupee has devalued an enormous amount so it is all very political. We won?t be there next year but after that I hope we will go back.”

Franchitti: Adoration of Saint Jim (ESPN)

“The only sad link to the current era is an apparent need by one or two competitors to carry out days of intense pre-event testing that goes beyond establishing whether the scavenge pump works or the notchy gear shift cuts the palm of your hand to pieces. It may be no surprise to learn that some of these people work in F1.”

IOC upgrades FIA to full recognition status (FIA)

Jean Todt: “This is important news for the 130 National Sporting Authorities the FIA represents. Through their membership of the FIA, they now have the backing of the IOC to engage fully in the work carried out by their local Olympic committee. This will raise the visibility and status of motorsport in their country, and should help inspire more people to get involved.”

Regent quits FIA comms job to focus on Todt campaign (Adam Cooper’s F1 Blog)

“[Pierre] Regent was given the FIA job by Todt only at the start of June, replacing Norman Howell, who went to work for the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Regent was previously the FIA?s international relations advisor and Action for Road Safety project manager.”

Intervista a Robert Doornbos: io, l’America, Villeneuve e la Red Bull (, Italian)

Ex-F1 driver Robert Doornbos says: “Due to circumstances out of my control I was forced to sit out the past two seasons racing. But things are looking up for me now and I’m working on a come back at high level racing.”

Design Sebastian Vettel’s F1 helmet

“You could win the chance to have Sebastian Vettel, Infiniti’s director of performance and triple Formula One world champion, wear a helmet of your design in free practice and qualifying sessions during the US Grand Prix weekend.”


Comment of the day

@Geemac wonders if the new regulations for next year are too conservative:

The rule changes (which I do largely support) do also come with a hefty increase in the minimum weight of the cars. They now have significantly worse power to weight ratios than they did say in 2004 (which is also a nice round ten-year period to work with).

If the stats are to be believed, Toyota’s V10s were putting out about 900bhp in 2004 and the cars weighed 605kg, giving them a power to weight ratio of 1,488bhp/ton (If I have got my sums right). In 2014 they will have a power to weight ratio of 1087bhp/ton (again if I have done my sums right and based on about 750bhp and 690kg minimum weight).

Not exactly truck like performance, but 2014 is still a massive step back power-wise.

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Two of Britain’s top F1 drivers have their birthdays today: Damon Hill turns 53 today and Stirling Moss is 84. Happy birthdays to both!

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