David Coulthard, Red Bull, New Jersey, 2012

New Jersey still expect slot on 2014 calendar

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David Coulthard, Red Bull, New Jersey, 2012In the round-up: New Jersey race organisers expect to be on the definitive 2014 schedule despite being left off the draft calendar.


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New Jersey expect 2014 slot (Sporting Life)

“The calendar decision will be made later this month, and although I can’t guarantee anything, we fully expect to be on it.”

F1 Owner Courts Gulf Funds For $2bn IMG Bid (Sky)

“CVC would be a logical buyer of IMG. Since gaining control of F1’s shares in 2005, it has grown the sport’s profits significantly, to the extent that it has been planning a stock market listing in Singapore that could value F1 at $12bn (??7.9bn).”

Sauber backs FIA cost cutting stance (Autosport)

Monisha Kaltenborn: “We just need to have, and we’ve always said it, a federation that is very actively involved in this [Resource Restriction Agreement], because that gives the whole system credibility.”

Getting the ??exclusive? (The F1 Broadcasting Blog)

“I know that I have been critical of [Sky] in the past, but unfortunately this past week, it is evident that they have been shouting from the rooftops about their own team bringing viewers ‘exclusives’ that were broken by another paddock journalist beforehand.”


Comment of the day

@Andae23 on Felipe Massa saying he won’t give Fernando Alonso any more help:

Having one of your drivers saying ??I will not race for Alonso from now on?? on television and then saying ??He will definitely [help Alonso]?? is not very convincing to say the least??

Good on Massa for stepping up for himself. Ferrari have really treated him as garbage since Hockenheim 2010. Normally I don?t like drivers ignoring their teams? instructions, but in this case I can?t but think ??Go Felipe??.

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On this day in F1

Happy birthday to Marc Surer who is 62 today. The Swiss drivers’ F1 career was dogged by injuries: he broke his ankles shortly after his debut in 1980 and injured his legs again two years later.

Following a reasonably successful 1985 with Brabham, including three points finishes, he returned to his former team Arrows in 1986. But a serious crash in a rally left him with severe burns and claimed the life of his co-driver.

It also meant the end of Surer’s F1 career. He later oversaw BMW’s motorsport activities and now commentates on F1 for Germany’s Sky Sport channel.

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