Alonso advised Ferrari to hire Raikkonen

2013 Singapore Grand Prix

Fernando Alonso, Felipe Massa, Singapore, 2013Fernando Alonso says he advised Ferrari to hire Kimi Raikkonen after they decided not to retain Felipe Massa for 2014.

“I was always informed about the team?s movements, even at a time when the decision had not yet been taken,” said Alonso during the build-up to the Singapore Grand Prix.

“However, once they decided not to keep Felipe, they asked me what I thought and I told them that in my opinion, Kimi was the best out there in the market, especially when next year?s championship will see many changes and will require a lot of car development work in January and February.”

“I told the team it was important therefore to have a team-mate with a lot of Formula One experience and I am happy with the choice.”

Alonso dismissed the suggestion that having Raikkonen as a team mate will force him to raise his game. “I don?t believe any team mate can push me more than I push myself,” he said. “Having two champions will make no difference,” he said.

“Even when I came here, people said that it would be a difficult relationship with Felipe who had been here for many years. After four years together, I can say he is one of the best friends I have here.

“Anyway, I consider Felipe like a world champion as well. Remember, he was a world champion when he crossed the line in 2008, so it?s not like he?s a rookie driver.”

2013 Singapore Grand Prix

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Image ?? Ferrari/Ercole Colombo

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57 comments on Alonso advised Ferrari to hire Raikkonen

  1. pking008 (@pking008) said on 20th September 2013, 1:51

    According to our very own Boris Lalaland Johnson “utter rubbish” . Felipe was a world champion when he crossed the line when the other guy hasn’t crossed the line yet? Complete ********. You’ll find that Kimi is a different proposition next year. You just wait Alonso. For one, Kimi’s not interested in being best friends with no one like Felipe does.

  2. Alonso had no choice in the matter at the end of the day. LOL at the idea of LDM going to Alonso asking him advise him on the appointment of a new teammate.

  3. wsrgo (@wsrgo) said on 20th September 2013, 3:57

    Reading between the lines, Alonso doesn’t trust The Hulk.

  4. Lynden Wellesley said on 20th September 2013, 4:54

    I don’t think K.R is going to play the role of second fiddle to F.A. He tried it when L.H was a rookie and L.H with similar equipment outshone him .K.R is good for the team,not certain about F.A.

  5. NGC300 (@yassertariq) said on 20th September 2013, 8:31

    An advice that the wily Spaniard might rue later.

  6. You don’t need to be genius to understand why Alonso wants Raikkonen as teammate: Australia 2007- Hungary 2009…are more than 30 reasons why he want him

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