Massa: “I don?t help Fernando, I just help myself”

2013 Singapore Grand Prix

Felipe Massa, Ferrari, Singapore, 2013Felipe Massa has faced further questions over his recent claim he would not support team mate Fernando Alonso in the championship after losing his place at the team.

Massa made the comments in an interview with Brazilian television, leading Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo to insist: “He will definitely do so, giving us a hand for the constructors’ and Alonso for the drivers’.”

Asked again about his comments in the build-up to the Singapore Grand Prix Massa said: “I don?t help Fernando, I don?t help Ferrari, I don?t help anyone, I just help myself.”

“I plan to do the best I can for the last seven races, coming at the end of what has been a fantastic and very long career with Ferrari,” he added.

Massa said that with Kimi Raikkonen alongside Alonso next year Ferrari will have “a top quality driver pairing”.

Massa, who has partnered both drivers at Ferrari over the past seven years, said: “They are very different in terms of personality, as am I, because we all have our own character and I hope it all works out well for both of them and the team.”

He reiterated his desire to stay in F1 but said he doesn’t want to make up the numbers: “We are talking to some teams and we hope we can find the best direction for me and to find the best possible car.”

“I?ve said before I don?t want to be in Formula One just to be on the grid and part of the picture. I want to be fighting for the best possible results. I want to find the best opportunity to fight for wins, for the championship and for the best for me. I know I have a lot to give to a team.”

2013 Singapore Grand Prix

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61 comments on Massa: “I don?t help Fernando, I just help myself”

  1. troutcor said on 20th September 2013, 4:45

    A little hurt pride is understandable.
    But really, Felipe, the team gave you two seasons to recover from the accident – a more than fair shake.
    If he had delivered results as recently as the last three races, he could have saved his spot.
    I like Felipe as a guy, but well past time to go.

  2. don’t think massa actually helped himself whatsoever but we will see over the off season, don’t think any other team would want to hire and slow driver that can’t produce results with an average car and can’t even give any backup to any future teammate’s

  3. Well c’mon guys, all the greats make mistakes, ehem, Tiger Woods… Kobe Bryant?!? I think he’s just having one of those moments.


  4. Bobby (@f1bobby) said on 20th September 2013, 7:04

    “I don’t help Fernando, I don’t help Ferrari, I don’t help anyone, I just help myself.”

    Very mature Massa, and this after everything Ferrari have given him over the years.

  5. How is this any different than Alonso saying “No team mate can push me harder than I push myself”?

    If Alonso doesn’t need help; Massa should just be driving for the best result he can get for himself. If that helps Alonso, great. If that helps Ferrari, even better, but when a driver drives as a support for either a team or another driver they don’t have the edge that you need to win in F1.

  6. WarfieldF1 (@warfieldf1) said on 20th September 2013, 8:35

    Is he bitter because he is leaving or is he bitter that he was promised or believed he was promised the Ferrari 2014 seat. Maybe he feels he has been told too late to save his career at another top team!
    He has said over the past few days he has talked to McLaren? Could he bring something more than just his driving skills i.e. an insight into Ferrari technical direction that would help McLaren? And would he bring Smedley with him??

  7. petebaldwin (@petebaldwin) said on 20th September 2013, 10:00

    The WDC is over. A certain Mr Vettel is champion. If Massa can compete with Alonso, it shows how good a driver he is and might get him a seat. What benefit would it be for him to drive around helping Alonso now?

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