Drivers’ special Singapore helmets in pictures

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Jean-Eric Vergne helmet, Singapore, 2013

Three F1 drivers have donned special helmets for this weekend’s race in Singapore. Here’s a closer look at what they’re wearing.

Lewis Hamilton is sporting a white design similar to the one he used last year. Giedo van der Garde has also traded his usual colours for a white helmet.

Taking advantage of Singapore’s unique night race, Jean-Eric Vergne has a helmet which glows in the dark:

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Images ?? Mercedes/Hoch Zwei, Red Bull/Getty, Caterham/LAT

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16 comments on Drivers’ special Singapore helmets in pictures

  1. Jev’s helmet glows in the dark…handy if the lights fail for some reason.

  2. Bosley (@) said on 22nd September 2013, 10:19

    Got to admit, both Hamilton and Van Der Garde’s helmets look pretty cool. I like the simplicity of it.
    As for JEV, I’m going to be paying close attention on him to see if the glow in the dark works.

  3. ECWDanSelby (@ecwdanselby) said on 22nd September 2013, 10:34

    They’re all really cool, actually. Not usually a fan of changes, but yeah, I like these!

  4. Jarred Walmsley (@jarred-walmsley) said on 22nd September 2013, 10:59

    JEV’s helmet looks very TRON like, I really like it

  5. van der Garde has always had some nice looking helmets. This one is no exception.

  6. xjr15jaaag (@xjr15jaaag) said on 22nd September 2013, 12:29

    Where is Vettels helmet?
    I swear he was wearing a different helmet during quali…

  7. Colossal Squid (@colossal-squid) said on 22nd September 2013, 12:33

    Hamilton’s helmet looks fantastic. Nice, uncluttered and the white makes it really stand out. I actually have preferred his white helmets from Singapore 2012 and this year more so than his normal yellow helmet.

  8. On the BBC R5L commentary on Friday, Jennie Gow said that Jenson Button has a new helmet design for this weekend. I’ve not seen it in any of the TV coverage so far…?

  9. bull mello (@bullmello) said on 22nd September 2013, 16:20

    Supposedly the F1 technical committee is looking into a ban on the constant helmet design changes and considering allowing one change per season. On would think they have more important issues to ponder.

  10. Phil (@phil1984) said on 22nd September 2013, 16:24

    Loving Vergne’s helmet, that’s so TRON’esque.

    Next year they should combine this helmet with a suit like this: :D

    Quite flashy, wouldn’t you agree?

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