Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Singapore, 2013

Hamilton’s title hopes have “gone out the window”

2013 Singapore Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Singapore, 2013Lewis Hamilton says he is focused on beating Ferrari in the championship as he believes his chances of competing for the title are over.

Hamilton is 96 points adrift of Vettel after finishing fifth in today’s race.

“I’m a hundred points behind, right? That’s gone out of the window,” said Hamilton when asked about his title prospects following today’s race.

Hamilton said his objective now was “just trying to catch Fernando [Alonso] somehow, try and beat Ferrari.

“Just ride the wave that that we’re on a good wave, generally as a team for the year, much better than what they had last year so I’m happy I can contribute, just try and get the Ferraris.”

Hamilton said he was confused about his position during the race:

“I don’t think we can come away from this weekend satisfied,” he said. “I thought we were further ahead.”

“I didn’t see my pit board and I wasn’t told what position I was in so when Mark [Webber] was dropping back I thought we were progressing so disappointed to get the result we got considering how much we were pushing.

“Perhaps the strategy wasn’t as good as we had hoped but nonetheless the guys did a great job. I hope in the next races we’ll have a better chance.”

2013 Singapore Grand Prix

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