Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Singapore, 2013

Lauda adds to criticism of Vettel booing

2013 Singapore Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Singapore, 2013Niki Lauda has joined the criticism of the booing targeted at Sebastian Vettel following his recent race victories.

Some booing was directed at Vettel following his victory at Singapore today, though not as loudly as in Italy two weeks ago.

Lauda, a non-executive chairman of Red Bull’s rivals Mercedes, said the booing was “ridiculous”.

“These people don’t understand what the guy is doing,” said Lauda. “I honestly take my hat off at his performance because the guy was leading the race from the first lap on, out-drove everybody, he could have lapped everybody.”

“And if I could choose I would give him the world championship today for this drive because he is for me outstanding.”

Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo has also criticised the booing, as has Vettel’s team mate Mark Webber.

Vettel said he took the booing as “a compliment, that’s the way I take it, because they are jealous because we win in front of whoever they support”.

“I think it’s not worth thinking about it that much, in the end,” he added. “We love winning and we achieved that today, we can be very proud of that.”

2013 Singapore Grand Prix

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  1. Has it occurred to anyone that it might not be booing, but just a bunch of people chanting Red Bull! Red Bull! Red Bull!. I know from watching plenty of hockey in that past that sometimes it sounds like the crowd is booing, but that’s because the are chanting a certain player’s name.
    Admittedly it probably is idiots booing, but that type of idiot would stop if they thought it was heard as cheering for Red Bull. :)

  2. I honestly thought the booing would have stopped when we got in the Asian races due to lack of dedicated fan bases and the politeness of the Japanese.

    I think at this point it might have just gone beyond booing Vettel because he dominated but booing Vettel because other fans at other grand prix booed him when he won so now it is the norm. People say they boo because when he wins he pulls away immediately and stays in first but it just feels like an excuse at this point.

    1. Loads of Brits and Australians in Singpaore.

      1. This is not related to nationality.. British and Australian people are polite and appreciate success.. I think it is related to fans seeing their drivers get humiliated by Vettel’s dominance..

        1. Yes it’s not nationality, it’s the Ferrari fans.

  3. Michael Brown (@)
    22nd September 2013, 20:06

    Is it because Vettel is winning and the other teams/drivers can’t bring the challenge to Red Bull and Vettel? Should they slow down and let the others catch up to make the season artificially exciting? I know the season is dull, but Red Bull and Vettel are playing the sport the way it is meant to be played.

    1. Well said …

  4. Booing is not acceptable, that’s a given. However, to assume the current dislike of Vettel is just because he’s winning all the time is insulting the intelligence of some genuine fans. I can only speak for myself, but I can honest say that I used to like him but over the years things have gradually changed. I think its the broadcasting of the radio messages and the condescending tone of his voice that do not do him any favours.

    The “get him out of the way” radio message is the classic example. Not even Alonso has sounds that condescending when he wants Massa to move over.

    The Webber stuff after Turkey and Malaysia just adds to this. As well as “What is Daniel doing”, “These stupid overtakes”, etc… I don’t doubt his talents, and his amazing attitude off track, but I just don’t like the arrogant way he conducts himself when in race mode. I should add that no other driver sounds like this on the radio. That’s only my personal viewpoint however, but I felt I should mention it in order to stress that the current mass dislike is not all because he is winning. Its a combination of things.

      1. @zantkiller He hits the nail on the head. However it is much tougher to show personality in a cockpit with a helmet covering your face.

    1. You don’t have the faintest idea what Alonso sounds like on the radio, because none of us ever hear him.

      the current mass dislike is not all because he is winning.

      Since the current mass dislike predates the winning, that’s one thing you say I can agree with.

      1. You don’t have the faintest idea what Alonso sounds like on the radio

        I know @jonsan. I go off what FOM feed me. Unfortunately, that’s all I’ve got.

        Put it this way, the day FOM broadcast Hulkenberg saying “get him out of the way” to Gutierrez, I’ll probably change my mind. I’m guessing they don’t broadcast it because he doesn’t say it.

        1. Ah, come on, You don’t even need to hear Alonso’s radio transmissions to know the sort of person he is. He has a long track record in F1, and Vettels alleged personality flaws are nothing in comparison.

          1. @jonsan you are probably right. to be honest I’m not a big fan of Alonso either! I knew when I posted my comment there would be a reaction, but I’m just attempting to rationalise why I dislike Vettel these days…I’m not even completely sure myself so you can view my comment as an exploration of my own mind, attempting to figure it out!

            Booing is not acceptable at all..let me make that clear. But I also think its good we have feelings about the drivers, good and bad.

    2. To be honest, I think many drivers sound like him on the radio. It’s perfectly normal, too. They are under a lot of pressure, sometimes you say something you shouldn’t. A couple of weeks ago we were hearing Alonso calling his team “idiots”, so I don’t think that Vettel is any worse.

      My opinion is that people don’t like Seb because he is winning and they are trying to justify this feeling by saying: “I don’t like his finger gesture, that’s a sign of arrogance”, “His qualifying in Singapore was disrespectful and arrogant”, “multi 21” and so on. If Vettel had not won three WDC no one would care about those episodes and no one would boo him, I’m quite sure about that.

    3. @mazdachris No problem. We all get carried away now and again on here, myself included (far too often)! Thanks for the apology :)

    4. Yea, Alonso doesn’t asks his team to get Masa out of the way, that is in his contract. He just calls his team idiots.

  5. People need to show a bit more class.

    I’m a RBR fan and enjoy seeing Vet win but I don’t ever boo if Fred or Lewis top the podium.

    I respect all the drivers for their skill and ability.

  6. people boo because, after multi-21, Vettel said he would ignore team orders again if he wanted to demonstrating that he doesn’t respect his team, his team mate, or the sport. He may be the best driver, but I’m not going to invest my efforts in supporting someone with an attitude like that. I think he’ll come to regret his choices, and perhaps already is doing so, but you reap what you sow. Hey ho, boooooooo!!!!!

    1. On that basis, Webber doesn’t respect his team, his teammate or the sport either.

    2. On that basis, Alonso should be booed and pelted with rotten fruit at every GP. Remind me again why he isn’t?

      1. Because, here and now, people don’t like Vettel. End. Of.

  7. we understand perfectly what Vettel is doing. we r booing him cuz its too easy for him and boring for us.

  8. Someone please stop Vettel from winning and poles, its becoming boring.

    1. A lot of F1 fans don’t see F1 as a sport at all, they see it as a movie, or theater. So you get this attitude of “I’ve seen this exact same movie before! Boooo!! I want my money back”

      You don’t see this in other sports, in real sports. It’s unique to F1. If Man United win the league again this year some people will be happy and some will be unhappy. But you will not see any significant number of fans demanding that the FA step in and stop United from winning, on the grounds that “We’ve already seen United win and now we want to see a different outcome”.

  9. People are booing vettel simply because of his dominance. A lot of people want to see a new champion winning the wdc and the wcc

    1. Maybe they could go and start up their own ‘championship’ where the result of each race is decided and scripted before the start. You can have good guys and bad guys and sometimes the bad guys would win and you’d be al angry, and they’d come on the podium and start talking trash, but then their rivals would show up and all of a sudden there’d be an impromptu race because these guys are just so awesome and all want to race each other so bad, and in the end the good guys will win and everyone will be happy. And you’ll never be bored because they’ll make sure that in the script you have a certain number of overtakes and there’ll always be a battle for the win right to the last corner. We can call it the World Racing Federation.

      Or, y’know, if you think that sport is boring just go and do something else with your life. I’m so sick of reading week after week how so many people really think that the sport is being killed or whatever. Or that it’s too boring or that they weren’t entertained. Really surprising to see so many people saying how much they dislike F1 really on a site called ‘f1fanatic’ because you’d have thought that the site would generally be populated by, y’know, f1 fanatics. Who actually enjoy the racing, rather than just sitting there like Simon Cowell judging what he sees based on how entertaining he found it. Maybe a new site needs to be set up called f1whingers where all these people can just go and honk endlessly using phrases like “killing the sport”, at each other, getting worked up into a sad, impotent rage while those of us who really do love F1 can just look on, bemused as to why people who claim to hate F1 so much still bother tuning in week after week.

      1. You are talking about NASCAR, that is exactly what they do. And that is where to go to see “action”, forget about competition, its all choreographed for ratings.

      2. Exactly right

  10. The booing is ridiculous. I think everyone agrees on that.
    I think people just don’t want to see another Schumacher era. The problem is the way that they are showing this.

  11. I can’t see any reason other than the fact that he’s winning and dominating. But they’re making noise, so he’s doing something right. And if that doing something right is winning, then for hopefully for him, long may it continue.

  12. Is there anyone who has been at these races and can shed any light on who is actually doing the booing? And if there has been any reaction (negative or otherwise) from nearby fans?

  13. It’s more the Alonso fans that does the booing (or Ferrari fans) — one of those two as they wear red.

    1. I saw you on tv asking for id’s over there so I am sure your opinion is accurate.

  14. Vettel is unlikeable – it doesn’t surprise me at all that people boo him.

    1. I don’t mind being unlikeable if I am the youngest driver ever to get 4 F1 championships :D

  15. Vettel’s doing a great job – it’s just so dreafully boring. Give me 20 weekends of BTCC instead.

  16. At least the good thing for Vettel is that the Australian GP was last March, imagine Albert Park right now.

    1. The louder the boos are the better Vettel gets :D

      1. So… It is good for everybody, fans should keep booing then.

  17. I think most of you guys are totaly wrong when you think that people booing at vettel’s dominance… There are so many dominant drivers that are love and hated, but never booing to them…

    Valentino Rosso did the biggest dominance ever in MotoGP, and everybody loves them… The biggest party in MotoGP would happen if Rossi would win every single race…

    People Booo Vettel because of his personality, because his imaturity, because his favoured against Webber (especialy when webber is seen as a cool dude), because of his finger that a lot of people hate, because he is a PR robot, because he has no personality… that’s the main reason, but of course, being very sucessfull adds up to the hate…

    A lot of people dislike schumacher, he won more than double of championships that vettel won… but you didn’t hear the booing vettel does…

    Get in your head… People don’t like Vettel because who he is, not because of his performance…
    Alonso, Schumacher, Hamilton, Kimmi can won 5 straight titles and not get a single boo…

    The boo got especialy noticeable after malasya this year…. when you get in the podium and say that mark should win, and after that say’s he didn’t know anything about the radio orders, then he have heard the orders, then he says that he would have done the same thing…. well… a mess… like I said, PR robot…

    1. With this… I agree that Booing is a very dirty thing in a noble sport like F1… But like me, I also don’t feel any love for him, and even if he doesn’t win any race or sason at all from now on, people will still hate on him…

      1. There is something very seriously wrong with people who love or hate any F1 driver. (Their immediate friends and family excepted) I don’t love or hate any driver. Or any sports figure. Or any public person. People who imagine that they do have such emotions for somebody they have never met need to get a life.

        1. I agree with you, there is something very seriously wrong with people who love or hate. I tell myself every night, We should be vulcans!

          But I must confess I love Alonso, Nico and Button, I like Hamilton and I hate Vettel’s finger, I also love Nadal and Federer but I hate Djokovic, I really like Valentino Rossi and Marquez but I hate Lorenzo and his “lorenzo’s land” flag.

          I must admit I will never ever be Vulcan, I will remain Human for a while and I will support free spech for everyone to cheer or critisize anyone.

          1. I must admit I will never ever be Vulcan, I will remain Human for a while and I will support free spech for everyone to cheer or critisize anyone.

            Waaay to miss the point. Human feel, indeed. But they also think. And the point was, that logically, it’s nonsense to have strong feelings (love or hate) for people we don’t know at all or don’t affect our lives in any way. That was the point, and a very valid one.

            Talking about human/vulcan nature (bringing ST references into this, seriously?) or bringing free speech into this is missing the point.

    2. You just hit the nail on the head. The booing I believe started in Australia this year. I thought that would be an isolated incident, with him being so unpopular with Aussie fans, because of how he is treated better within the team than Webber, his general attitude etc. I guess things like multi 21 set the rest of the world off.

      I’m sure as he grows up his attitude will change, and with time so will my attitude of him. But he’s not a child any more, he’s 26! Who knows, maybe that’s how he will be the rest of his life.

      1. I don’t like vettel very much (almost a hater), but you know? honestly I think he’s not that bad as it actualy shows… I think he’s a bit of a spoiled driver that had a team that fell in love with him… There was a bunch of factors that contributed to his “not so good image” including some outside factors like his team that tends to favour him, and the fact that webber’s car is breakind down all the time…

        In malasya I saw the vettel that everybody hates, but in a way I felt sorry for him, because I saw a kid that was “lost” in his atitudes and mind, a kid that actualy wants to make people like him and be a enjoyable person, but seems to somehow put his foot in the wrong places…

        I think more than anyone, Vettel is on of the drivers in the field that would suffer more from booing, I bet he suffers a lot from this, because unlike a lot of drivers, he’s a driver that loves F1 ands is fully focused on it…

        1. @oliveiraz33

          the fact that Webber’s car is breaking down all the time

          Which isn’t a fact.

  18. @keithcollantine I did say I thought the boos were harsh for Vettel. But F1 does need to be more competitive than it is at the moment. Not even Schumi in the 00s was able to lap over 2 seconds a lap faster than the rest.

    1. it is related to having fresh supersoft compared to old medium.. Pirelli reported that the difference between two compounds is 2 seconds

  19. The New York Yankees, the Detroit Red Wings, the New England Patriots, Red Bull Racing. All teams that have had dynasties in the past 20 years, and all of them have been hated to a certain degree by the fans of their sports. It is the nature of sports and something that we should all get used to. I am not saying that I agree with the booing, because I don’t. I am a Red Bull fan, and there are times that I don’t like Vettel, but he is delivering wins to my favorite team, and to me that is all that matters. One day he will leave and I hope they will find someone else to replace him that will deliver as many wins.
    When it comes right down to it though, when one team dominates, it is frustrating for the fans of other teams, but it also becomes more meaningful when someone finally beats them, especially if it is an underdog.
    People are going to boo, but like another commenter said, years from now those same people who are booing will end up telling their kids how they watched a legend.

  20. Marc Porras (@)
    23rd September 2013, 1:54

    No doubt that SV is the quickest and most talented driver, I feel that he lacks modesty, when he wins and he wins often…he shoves his fore finger in everyone’s face and F1 fans don’t appreciate that l. We watched you win Seb and already know you’re #1. Nothing wrong with celebrating vigorously just have a bit more class and the booing will stop…he’s learning that the hard way.

    1. The celebration excuse is right up there when it comes to stupid reasons for disliking vettel.

      1. +1, for a moment i thought Porras was joking.

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