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Rate the race: 2013 Singapore Grand Prix

2013 Singapore Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Jenson Button, McLaren, Singapore, 2013What did you think of the today’s race? Share your verdict on the Singapore Grand Prix.

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2013 Singapore Grand Prix

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218 comments on “Rate the race: 2013 Singapore Grand Prix”

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  1. Webber just slated the amount of tyre management been done on sky.

    He looked less happy about the tyre management than he did the fact he got a DNF.

  2. 5/10

    Horrendously dull for most of the race. Safety car split strategies and made it interesting for the last 10 laps or so

  3. Driver’s Championship is over…
    I will sell the car and put all the money on Vettel to win… maybe I’ll make 3 or 4%

  4. oh man. this could have been one of the best races but mark, gro’s failures really made the race boring. what a mighty drive from Seb and Alonso as well. as a seb fan, loved the race.

  5. without the SC, I feel Vettel would have lapped Alonso.

  6. I definitely enjoyed it more than the few previous races. I think long races like this is exactly what F1 needs a few times per season: even if it feels boring after half an hour, there’s still plenty of time left.

    Once again, the tyres themselves were probably enough to spice up the race, there was no need for DRS (Webber sailing past everyone in the end).

    8/10, because it left me with a satisfied and happy feeling.

  7. that’s it for me. I’ll pay attention again in 2014. there were 3 or 4 overtakes that were ok and that was it for this race. i don’t like this type of F1.

  8. 6/10 so just above average for me. 15 exciting laps out of 61 doesn’t suddenly make it that much better. But then again it felt like we spent an eternity behind the safety car. Lapped cars should just filter to the back instead of going round to catch up.

    1. @davef1 A good idea which someone said in the chat on F1Fanatic Live. Let the backmarkers pass through the pits. Than they’re at the back without having any danger of them getting tangled with the ones who are passing. Easy and quick.

  9. Good race, a little disappointing for the championship that Vettel ran away again but there was some good racing further down the field.

  10. 7.

    SC saved the race.

  11. Gave it a 6. Too many times this year I find myself typing in the rate the race articles ‘it wasn’t much fun, but the last couple of laps were good and the midfield battles were interesting’.

    I never really minded DRS and the way the tyres were until recently, but DRS was fairly useless on this track (it helped Raikkonen’s awesome overtake by about absolutely nothing) and at this point, I’d welcome ever-lasting tyres from Michelin; just so we can have a complete race, instead of 90% of the race being about tyre preservation; then having some fine racing.

    Also, the booing has to stop. What kind of backwards person goes to spend a small fortune on going to a race and boo Vettel for winning. When you bought the ticket, you were fully aware you might not like the outcome. Man up and clap for a guy who destroyed the field, yet again.

    1. @npf1
      Monza and Spa weren’t about tyre preservation at all, yet they received very low ratings, many people desperately wanted a more aggressive tyre choice.

      The thing is, with Vettel’s and Red Bull’s form, with ever-lasting tyres they would dominate even more, their car is clearly the best. And the only reason why Vettel has “only” 60 points more than Alonso is that Red Bull was struggling a lot in the first part of the season with tyre degradation.

      1. @yobo01
        Monza and Spa maybe not as much, but the tyre talk is getting to my head at this point. What we saw today was a driver like Alonso basically managing his tyres to secure second. Was it the right thing to do? Yes. Does it give us enjoyable races? Not so much.

        The only reason there was any racing going on at the end, was because there were drivers with fresh tyres and older tyres. Of course tyres have always been instrumental in F1, as is strategy, but to see teams stretch out tyres that last 20 laps to 40 laps, because it’s faster to give 75% for 40 laps, than 100% for 2 stints of 20 laps, is not the kind of tyres I’m interested it.

        To me, more aggressive tyres would mean tyres you have to push 20 laps on, going easy on them for 40 laps isn’t going to work. That is exactly what was going on earlier in the season, but now, they’ve managed to make the tyres last, while also slowing down the actual race pace.

        I’d prefer early 2013 tyres (if they were safe) and ever-lasting Michelins to what we have now. Teams could still run into trouble with getting the tyres up to temperature, and I’m sure the overtaking committee could figure out some rule to have at least one pitstop in there.

        I’ve always been against ‘rules-against-dominance’, when it was done to Ferrari, Michelin or Red Bull, so I don’t really think we need tyres to undermine Vettel or Red Bull.

        1. @npf1
          I think we had to expect this kind of strategies in Singapore. In street circuits like this you don’t necessarily go for the fastest strategy, but the one that doesn’t get you into traffic. The only one who could push today was Vettel, but only because he had a very big advantage.
          It was the same in Monaco, everyone was cruising around in order to do only one stop.

      2. Mind you, I don’t mind drivers not giving 100%, but giving in 2 seconds per lap isn’t exactly giving it 95% or even 90% either.

    2. British people at Silverstone were booing Vettel. That’s okay. But when other do that – it is becoming unacceptable? Double standards.

  12. This one shouldn’t be another 5/10 race.

    Vettel blew away the field by 30 seconds which is unheard of in the current era, but you had really awesome battles from 3rd on down, a ludicrous pass from Raikkonen to take the final podium place with a bad back, a great closing drive by Massa to get to 6th, Alonso had another dynamic start that lead to him finishing 2nd. 7/10 race. Nothing insanely dramatic, but not the worst race of the year either.

  13. Vettel, Kimi and Alonso did what they do at best and then there were the rest. Hopefully Vettel does this next year as well just to see if anyone has change of hearts about Vettel’s ability.
    Thanks Mark for the fireworks. 30 second gap after 2 safety cars? What better way to mock the opposition. 8/10

  14. I gave it an 8. True Vettel’s lead was never in doubt after turn two, but the safety car really spiced things up as teams went on divergent strategies. There was plenty of tension and drama further down the field to make up for the processional way Vettel went about securing victory.

  15. 7.
    The second part of the race was quite interesting. The Safety Car mixed everything up, and it was very cool to see Vettel pushing to open the gap and the different strategies. Shame about Grosjean, he was ahead of Raikkonen and on the same strategy, it would have been good to see him fighting for a podium position.
    Singapore looks stunning as always, too.

  16. About this race… Looking forward to next year for engine failures and driver errors… F1 is getting TOO boring… I loved the sport for years and always saw all the races, even during the ‘Black’ schumacher era… for the beauty of it – the cars, the speed, the overtakes, the crashes…. and will continue to do so, but I hope to see greater fights on track and for both Championships…

  17. For the first 30 laps, I’d have struggled to give it over a 2. I started watching late and found myself fast-forwarding on Sky+. Brundle got it spot on when he commented on the collective groan when Rosberg ran wide and let Vettel past.

    The second half was good though and was much more enjoyable. It was great to see cars catch up to each other and race instead of just waiting until the DRS zone.

    Purely for the 2nd half and the lack of DRS influence, it deserves a decent rating.

  18. What happened to Webber in the end? I did not catch what the commentators were saying about it. All I saw and heard was that some kind of pressure was dropping in his car, and with 1 lap to go, his engines just when on flames.

  19. Maybe AN should design one car for everyone level the playing field.

  20. the low rating trend shall continue.

    this time however we had some interesting battles at the end of the race!

    what a shame to see grosjean retire, it would’ve been intresting to see what he could’ve done with a spare set of unused super softs. possibly a podium.

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