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Rate the race: 2013 Singapore Grand Prix

2013 Singapore Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Jenson Button, McLaren, Singapore, 2013What did you think of the today’s race? Share your verdict on the Singapore Grand Prix.

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2013 Singapore Grand Prix

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  1. I thought that compared to some of the great races we had in years past , it was bleak and boring. I did the laundry in between, and missed not a thing (probably makes me think less bad of it because I didn’t sit through 90 minutes of nothing much happening waiting for it to happen). But compared to the worst, and with the start and end it had, it wasn’t all bad, nor was it the worst race I have seen at all.

    So I have to say, somewhere between a 6, adequate, to a 7, thanks mainly to ROS’s great start, some small fights here and there, and RAI, but also the reliably great Ferrari starts; no thanks to Mercedes having a naieve strategy (though yeah, it did give us ROS,HAM tyre-advantaging through the field at the end), GRO having an unreliable car, and Vettel in his Red Bull being just impressively much too fast for anyone to catch him.

    I am not quite sure if I should be glad that DRS did absolutely nothing or annoyed that on a track for which it was introduced to mitigate trouble overtaking (in the race here really only RAI earlier on, then tyre-difference allowed that) it didn’t do a thing but still isn’t dropped for something better like changes to fight the cause of that.

    If races were like this all year I’d have a problem, but I’ll consider this one of those races that make me hope for better ones – no likely not until Brazil I agree – and train me to be again more appreciative of someone leading with a car a second faster then the rest

    I did after all enjoy those races in the early 90ties when a occasionally car would lap the field when the single team/driver competition had a bad day. Yeah, I do really hope Newey screws up next year or others do a stellar job, seeing Vettel fight for wins with the others is more fun.

  2. It was ok – a 7 – bit of excitement towards the end with WEB, ROS and HAM coming through but that was just tyres, got a bit bored again, think I am loosing my obsessive passion for F1…..

  3. I gave it a 3/10 based on the winner, who we all knew beforehand and lack of overtaking (read, tyre preservation). There was a solid 15 laps of racing but that couldn’t cut it for the poor spectacle before that. Tough for the Mclarens that couldn’t keep up and Webber pulling the shortest straw yet again.
    Also I’m a bit surprised of how the booing is perceived. I do not second it but I find it an viable reaction from paying spectators and team fans praising one team or a driver in particular.
    Evidently, locale plays little in the equation, Singapore doesn’t have a racing tradition like Italy, which was widely the claim two weeks ago with the same phenomenon in Monza

  4. JB fighting for a podium did it for me.

    1. Oh yeah, was cheering for him to get a podium!

  5. Weak race. 5/10. If it wasn’t for Ricciardo, probably the worst race of the season. The first 10 cars (except Vettel) were just following each other. Nobody wanted to attack anybody. Pure parade for the first 10 cars ! The race was saved by Alonso’s start (which contributed a lot to his P2), Kimi’s P3 (from P13) but the SC helped him without doubt, and the last 10 laps action (thanks to SC too). Man of the race for me: Alonso. He managed (with some little luck too) to finish 2nd with obviously the 4th fastest car on this track or 2013. Kimi was great too, but he benefited a lot from the SC period, while Lotus was somehow faster than Ferrari here (Grosjean pre-race times are proof enough).

  6. The first half of the race was about as interesting a wallpaper conference – 1/10, the second half picked up considerably, 8/10.

    I have to average that out so it only makes a 5/10.

  7. Good race IMO. Safety car was out for quite some time but the last 1/4 of the race was just thrilling.

    Great drives by Seb, Fred & Kimi… was gutted for Grosjean & Webber (although seeing Web hitch a ride with Fred was awesome)

    8/10 for me.

  8. Tremendously uneventful up front and for a 2 hour race it didn’t seem like much happened elsewhere. But there was some great battles and excitement further down the field towards the end, so I’m giving it 6/10.

  9. This race was about as interesting as a race can get, without a battle for the win. 8/10

  10. 6/10 – The battles in the last 10 laps were exciting to watch, but this was hardly a consolation for the 50 preceding parade laps with Vettel scampering off into the distance unchallenged. The battles were for points positions but Alonso and Vettel were too far away for any big points dramas

  11. 3/10. I grew up watching MotoGP, World Superbike and more recently British Superbikes. I quit watching F1 the first time in the late 90’s because it had become such a borefest, and by and large it hasn’t changed since I started watching again around ’07 except by artificial means like DRS and manipulated tyre life. Apples and oranges but motorbikes provide a far better spectacle than Boremula 1, and yet the recent developments in Indycar suggest this shouldn’t necessarily be so. The cars need to be designed to allow closer racing but Formula 1 has become so safety-conscious it will never happen.

  12. 7/10
    The whole race was boring, but I waited till the end hoping for something. The Safety Car period gave us that, but until not long before the end it didn’t look like it. Vettel remained miles ahead, but then when the tyres went off we had some interesting, albeit predictable, battles, such as Button vs. everyone, Perez vs. everyone and the poor Gutierrez dropping out of the points. Webber’s problems at the end spiced things further up, but when his car caught fire we weren’t meant to see it, unfortunately. In the end, no surprises, but for a few laps towards the end I wasn’t sure there wouldn’t be.

  13. 1/10 Boring race. Vettel looks more a tourist, than like a race driver.He is not interested into driving, he looking after something. F1 is not race anymore, this is like a walking in the park.

    1. Vettel looks more a tourist, than like a race driver.He is not interested into driving

      I think we’re seeing different races then.

  14. 1/10. I turned off once Vettel stormed away from the pack after the safety car. Dull as dishwater. If I wanted to watch a load of cars at high speed maintaining a 2 second gap, I’ll go stand on the hard shoulder of a motorway.

  15. 5 those last 11 laps were good but the first 50 was the worst of the season.

  16. Was I watching a different race? I can’t understand anyone giving it 7/10 or better, it was abysmal. 10 fairly exciting laps at the end don’t salvage it from the 51 utterly boring ones.

  17. First Hat trick wins of the Year,
    Hat Trick in SGP and
    A Grand Chelem……. That calls for a special mention for Seb !!!!!!!

    WOW That is Amazing for the young man.

  18. 5/10 – sat in the stands and simply most boring race I’ve watched live – start exciting, by lap 10, thinking already this race seriously needs a safety car, mid-race we get one, makes very little difference, last 10 laps pretty exciting – the rest well lets not talk about that shall we….

  19. 4/10. Pretty boring race to be honest. People simply keeping a gap, hard to overtake. And in my oppinion unjustice (some people got lucky, some the very opposite). Felt the same way today as after the Monaco grand prix .. bored.

  20. Dominating! People used that word a lot in recent years and now they get to know what it means.
    (What’s to follow? “unstoppable”, “godlike” and “wicked sick” maybe :D )

    1. Haha! Can we say Vettel’s on a “rampage”? :D

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